I’ll bet…

Everybody – well almost everybody – has had face to face contact with an ET in normal everyday life without even being aware of it. There is a huge cadre of what we might term sociologists from all over the galaxy here, living and working on the planet, in normal, everyday positions, doing normal everyday jobs (not just the corporate – guberment ones) that are just experiencing human culture for what it is. (And yes…. They look just like us.)

I surmised this about a couple of years ago when one of my bucket list points was fulfilled. I wrote about it in the article called ‘A Fine Sense of Distraction’. I have found that if I hold it in my mind as an intension to pay attention – like be on the lookout for – these people I am usually made aware, in passing, that they are there. One day I was coming out of the grocery store and actually thinking about the subject of those who walk among us – rather loudly, and as I stepped into the street towards the parking lot I of course looked up and (aside here: I am an old woman – I look it. I don’t give a rats ass how fancy I look at the grocery) coming towards the store is a very cute (hot) guy in sun glasses who very pointedly lowers them on his nose, quirks the corner of his mouth in a cute (did I mention hot) smile, raises the sunglasses back into place and walks on by into the grocery. (another aside here: I said mentally ‘you eat our food?’ cause I was stunned to have this happen at the grocery. And understood back, ‘what else would we eat?’ with laughter)

He definitely wasn’t responding to my looks and for the brief 3 or 4 seconds in passing that is all he saw – unless – unless he heard my mind. What I perceived mentally, was just enough to say- ‘Hi! You found one of us’, with a lot of humor ( I get the idea that those who are studying us find a lot of things funny – compassionately because they understand, but funny), because they know the easiest way to rattle the bars of my cage and distract me is to be ‘cute’… obviously they do not want to have a 12 hour conversation in the middle of a grocery store parking lot, which if I could have been anything other than stunned and beguiled would have happened.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that this happens to me, it probably happens to all of us all, all the time. I know damned well that any guy half my age would not be interested in me in ‘that way’, and I think it’s a device to distract, just to make sure that I don’t pull some idiot move and blow their cover. I am not sure whether these people are from off planet, or the inner planet, or extra dimensional…. Who knows? And I am not sure that it matters. I feel that what does matter, is a mutual curiosity. Wouldn’t it follow that if you are curious enough to think about these things, that others would be too? And that in a limited, rather safe way without stepping on the prime directive that these particular people uphold, that some form of exchange can happen. I think so. But you could also say I have quite the imagination… or you could widen your scope of what you are willing to know and actually have happen and… who knows?

Media-touristy Circus

I got a kick out of Jimmy’s opening thoughts on Fade to Black last night. So the guberment is closed. Notice how everything is still running, people are still working, there are no riots in the streets and no mass-idiocy going on.

So, since the same thing happened Dec.17th 2017 when they announced the flying ships on radar were not ours and they tried to make a media circus of that, I propose they pay for the shut down by opening up a section of Area 51 as a tourist destination.

Just think of it! We will not freak-out about seeing the aliens, we would want our picture taken standing next to one. Then we’d want the t-shirt and hat to go with it, maybe a jacket too. We’d have to get the kids something so we’d purchase the alien replica with LED eyes that cycle through the rainbow – the perfect night light for all ages and maybe that remote control UFO for under the tree next Christmas. And who wouldn’t want the walking talking fuzzy logic AI reptilian mini-robot too, to say nothing of stopping at the cafeteria for some real honest to goodness replicated food – just like on Star Trek (“Earl Grey hot!”)

We might even decide to spend the extra money on the super-duper Bob Lazar tour where his history is told while you walk through a lovely exhibit that uses holograms like Star Wars (“Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi!”) and at the end you get your picture taken with the Sport Model ship.

There could be a 3D theater where you get to see and feel what it is like to ride in a saucer and maybe for the really well off – an actual ride!

Just think of all the marketing ideas that could come out of it… Aaaaaand nobody would freak – not a single person, and they’d have the top tourist destination in the world, for a while that is, until Trump opens his new Trump Tower hotel on the moon (a 1000 stories high).

They’d have the national debt paid off in no time…

Thoughts on Retrocausality in the Superposition of the Future-self: when time turns into visual-spatial story

‘Say wha?’

Ok, in plain words, think about telos, or final intent (a goal). An intention is an idea about what you want to have happen in the future (time – which is an artifact of consciousness) which creates a visual-spatial representation or story in your mind’s eye.

When the story forms in your consciousness it is in a superposition quantumly; instead of watching it happen in the here and now, you are watching it happen in the future.

Once you watch it you then know what it is you have to do to create it and you make your first steps; or, once you watch it you collapse the wave form out of its super position and backwards into time to the here and now. Interestingly enough, once you take the first step in the here and now, the universe conspires to help you out and you get synchronicity.

You know what my mom used to call all of this? Imagination.

However, the recent studies done by the consciousness crowd like Dr. Dean Radin, Mitch Horowitz, Dr. Eric Wargo, Cliff High, Dr. Stuart Hameroff, Sir Roger Penrose have begun to show us that our ‘imagination’ can have temporal effects, that its effects are definable by quantum concepts (loath to say math, or consciousness here…) and that if you get the combination correct, understand how all the parts work together, you can actually create real here and now effects that seem like magic. Dr. Dean Radin’s latest book “Real Magic” is one such chronical of scientific studies on intent and its use, as is Mitch Horowitz’s book, “The Miracle Club: How Thoughts Become Reality” is a solid attempt to bench engineer that information.

But heavens!!!! WE MUSENT EVER CALL IT MAGIC! Except that MJ12 does – or did, and Steven Greer says they did in the corporate side (PFM) and Gordon White will outright tell you that is exactly what he does, so will the Shamangineer, and many others.

We are poly-temporal. It means we can and do experience many times as places/story, depending on our state of mind. We are also multidimensional and we experience this through polytemporality, in other words, where ever we are in our minds it will come into consciousness temporally as story.

We convert frequency into time, space and reality.

Reality runs 10 to the 23rd power times per second. This like would be a very high RF energy wave running into the potential points in the quantum hologram and producing a ‘snap shot’ or collapsing the wave into a particle which IS our reality/snapshot and it all happens so fast that we don’t notice when we are a non-materialized wave.


As we learn more about frequency harmonics we will be able to understand that consciousness is the carrier wave for the universe. They have found it in the very small unit of the cell in its microtubules: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiLplTc8rQY, https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4010966/.  In this video at 26:28 you can even ‘hear’ what the electric pulses found in the microtubules sound like (what’s the sound of consciousness???) “Quantum Consciousness and its Nature in Microtubules”. They have found it in the vastness of space as plasma of sorts, a la Electric Universe (The Thunderbolts Project). Even matter is a product of two wave forms crossing in harmonic resonance as Cliff High has humorously and yet quite lucidly demonstrated in his video “Wine Glass Shattering for Fun and Profit”.

Once we get the hang of it, the full scope and picture of it, well, we too can begin to have some fun – not just the royalty of the planet that has all the toys at the moment – but us too.



Proj. Blue Book – the new teaching tool

I’m gonna have fun with this series.

Where the X Files was set up as science fiction, Proj. Blue Book is set up as dramatized fact. Both programs are part of the ‘Conditioning (not disclosure) Plan to educate the minds of the sleeping minions of earth. We could nit-pick the hell out of this show and get all snotty about it, or we can sit back and enjoy it – because it’s done fairly well, and watch as they educate the unknowing, and nit-pick HOW they are doing it; now that would be educational.

We will still have our questions, especially those of us who found this info in the 60’s because there was one spin on it then and there is a different spin on it now. Think about it. (That’s what research is for) Also, this is a great way to lend credence to the issue when you are discussing the topic with friends and family because History Channel has creds, the web site they set up as an adjunct to the program has resources and they have just plopped a readymade teaching tool right into our laps.


They even, right off the bat with the first show have brought the consciousness aspect of this by using a great old Jazz standard song that they butchered…”How High the Moon”, lyrics by Nancy Hamilton and music by Morgan Lewis. It was first featured in1940. Ella does a great version, but so does Sara Vaughan. There are no accidents, however I cannot find a mention of the song as part of the historical acct. but, song use to convey messages in contactee experience is fairly common. As Grant Cameron has been heard to say about the early days, one of the things mentioned in reports was that there was a ‘mental component’ to the UFO Phenomena.

Either way this is going to be fun – fact, drama, fiction, it’s still a teaching tool.

Now, let’s put all this free educational information to good use, shall we? Go tell your neighbors 🙂

For your perusal:








A crack in the ceiling

There is a way, in my own experience, to maintain a small crack in our armored state that is open to other perceptions or dimensions or realities, or states. I know, make some sense here… some people travel to other places in their minds, some people astral travel to other places, some people use technology, some people are used and abused with no control or choice over their experiences. Me, being a proponent of ‘both-and’ plus grounded in the biological modality of doing or achieving these things, feel that it can be done while in the normal waking state, being attentive to your inner perceptions and from a position of control and choice over the type and intensity of the situation. Once decided upon and locked in, even in sleep your choices hold and can not be subverted.

In the metaphorical back of my mind, I leave a tiny crack in the ceiling for a small discrete channel of variable frequency go out and come in, sort of like sleeping with one eye open, (it’s a ‘mom thing’) that can be noticed when there is a change and then focused on. Once focused on, there can be information exchange, conversation and perception. This way, you are on call, can receive calls (so to speak) but never vulnerably open too wide. No storm can come through by throwing a door wide open from vast pressure differences, sort of.

I like this because at this level of control I am comfortable. Just like the door to your house, its normally closed and outside unknown people can’t just come wandering through your house at their own whim. It works, it also makes you a very small target, instead of a very shiny object out there in the multiverse, and unless you are an astral warrior, you want to be on the side of dull and boring.

I have some very firm astral barriers from years of practice due to being scared out of my skin almost literally as a child. Took me forever to understand how to do it too, mainly because as a child, everything has authority over you -and we teach our kids this

I have been listening to a lot of people detailing the hoops they had to jump through to have the contact they have, in whatever form they have it, all the bells and whistles they employ to achieve it, and although maybe it’s just simple to me, (but I have a suspicion we are all like this) or maybe I’m just boring enough that not a lot of personages knock at my door, however, IMO (of course) it’s easier than all that. But we, having thousands of years of conditioning to ignore this part of our selves keep looking for keys, technique, tools, or philosophies to get the door open because we think it’s not already under our own control. Just like our children, out in that bigger realm, everybody else has control over us, but us. And…. It’s not true!

You must notice though, that we have been trained to think it is so. Now why would that be? IMO (yet again) because understanding this part of our selves would be the very fastest way to lose control over the earth population. This is one control program that has been in effect and training us for at least the last several thousand years. Also, unbelievably, there are sort of watchdogs in the otherspace to discourage those that find it, usually because we glow so brightly there until we learn to tone it down a bit that we are easy to spot. Easy fodder for hypospace, instead of hyperspace.

There are rules in my space… and they involve things like where my space starts and ends and how far you may intrude upon it, who you are and what you want and what your intent is. Just as people are obvious in physical form – so they are in otherspace. I don’t like being shut down, nor do I like being an open house, so that’s why there’s a crack in my ceiling – lol so I can hear the phone ring, but not offer it to anybody who happens to wander by.


So if you are like me, an armchair researcher, and you listen to every relevant video you can, by all the credible researchers, you begin to hear a narrative underlying all the information. What seems to be emerging to me (of course) is the importance of the consciousness factor this year. But also, as a subtext to that, how the manipulation of our consciousness is being done. Which brings me to an idea that has come up with everything I have watched lately. That being the engineering of the giggle factor – the outlandish, the absolutely off the charts science fiction stuff out there – and that to me, I’m thinking might be worth another look at. Why you might ask? (just the opening I was looking for)

Because the further out-there the story is, the more truth it might have – if (and it’s a big if) you can excavate it from the carefully crafted bsht sounding it. I noticed this happening to me about 5-6 years ago, especially with Project Camelot videos. They were intriguing and very believable, and yet when the interview was over I found myself re-righting my reality, perceptions, back to normal with a sigh, thinking, ‘Wow. Good ideas, but out there…’ Yet they left an indelible memory mark in my brain. Then sometimes months later or years later only to hear the same stuff again from Richard Dolan, Joseph Farrell, LMH, or Grant Cameron and others having the first time I heard it connect with the second and third time,  from very different sources, I find am having to reconsider the picture. Then an interesting thing would happen, oddly, the information would click into a greater perspective and I knew I taken a leap in understanding, sometimes so much so, that I didn’t understand why I didn’t see it before that.

I don’t know whether this is part of the slow drip conditioning (yes, conditioning not disclosure) plan, however, I am now beginning to find those types of correspondence points with some of the most outlandish information I have heard. Hmmmm

And the picture grows. So does the wacky connection of the information, as it builds a bigger and more inclusive picture of the whole mess. It’s almost as if the directive is: if it seems absolutely insane, give it another look.

Just my 2 cents for the day…




noun: ubiquity

  1. the fact of appearing everywhere or of being very common.


The idea that we are separate from the core matrix of the universe, is the number one fallacy that keeps us blind to reality.

The real reality is that we are not – which in turn means that everything we label ‘phenomena’ to feel safe in our little cocoons, is also part and parcel of the human condition. However, if you really look at it you find that ‘phenomena’ are ubiquitous. The ways in which we have been distracted from this reality are legion, and we are schizophrenic trying to not look at it and how it intersects with our daily lives – the million different little ways we have been taught to guard against it – ignore it and push it away.

My experiences started very early. I have had both kinds, nasty-scary and wonderful and life enhancing. I am an extreme empath, whether it is because the experiences woke that in me when I was little, or because I was born that way (there is a family history of sensitivity on both sides) and that attracted the experiences is, 65 years later, a moot point.

In listening to Reinerio Hernandez on UFO News Network Sunday talk about the results of the FREE project study, I felt I needed to point out that if you breathe on this planet, you have had more interaction with ‘phenomena’ than you recognize or would even want to. We all do, every day. In a way, I agree with Grant Cameron on this, all the 3d hoopla is mainly to get our attention. And in a way what I think the human race is going through is a retraining process to gradually get us to pay attention to the fullness of our own human perceptions. We are not alone. We are not separate. We never have been – ever. In trying to put my life into some sort of understanding in this regard, it has been confusing because the bulk of my contact has been telepathic and phenomenally based – occurring in my mind and imagination… Totally unprovable to anybody else.

I have often wondered why this is, why I have not had, or cannot remember 3d contact or interaction except sometimes in my dreams, throughout my life and the answer seems to be because I wish it so. That is what I can tolerate because I was so badly frightened in early child hood. I have had the characteristic downloads all my life, real conversations, shared experiences, telepathy and more the older I get. I would actually like to get some therapy on very early experiences, to be able to put an adult perspective to them, because I was so very young and I don’t remember the actual event, just the fear it caused. Therefore in accordance with my deepest truth and will, most of the contact I have had has been telepathic, or in dream states and meditation except for when I have mentally asked for it. Only once or twice have I been in contact without asking for it, and it has always been for help, or encouragement, one time was even physical. I have about blogged these.

It has taken us a very long time to get to the point where we can entertain ideas like non-local consciousness and quantum perspectives on things like: that the dream state may even be another reality, there might be a door way to other places in an altered state etc.  In the 1950’s talk like this wound you up in a nice cozy padded room. It’s been a long road, but finally, here we are.

The disconnect we feel between ‘waking-real’ reality and ‘phenomenal’ reality is a control mechanism, a false construct pounded into our heads by every institution on this planet. It’s time to get over our selves. Time to realize that every moment of everyday, waking, sleeping or in an altered state we are bombarded with phenomenal reality we ignore and turn a blind eye to. You cannot see the wind, you do not expect it to take visible solid 3d form, and yet we feel and see its results everywhere…

There is no great secret, or special training, or single piece of information needed to put yourself back together. You already are of one piece with all the equipment needed to function multidimensionally right now at this very moment. I realize science likes to know why a thing happens and academians like to make records of the things that happen, but we have been able to breath since we walked the earth without knowing how and why we did it and your connection to things beyond the 3d world is the same way. There is never a time when I am not in communication or in ‘touch’ with another intelligence.

Greys – must have been positive because I had a dream of hugging a friend grey I hadn’t seen in a very long time.

Humans – they are fun, funny and everywhere in real 3d.

Energy beings – I have been drawing them since my 20’s. The wings on these beings are the emanations of their heart chakra – huge and lovely.

Reptilians – I felt for the first time in the 70’s and have been drawing in the last 5 years – everyone who sits for a portrait in my mind’s eye while I have drawn them, has been polite and intrigued.

Telepathic contact – I have had much – with everybody. Number one rule in this realm, if you are being nosy, expect to be nosed back.

But I try not to be a bother, it would be like a mom with a full cup of coffee in her hand and the kid joggling her elbow to get her attention. However, the instant I ask, I get a response. I don’t think I have ever felt alone my entire life time. It’s kind of like two people in the same room each doing something on their own – you know they are there even if you are not currently directly engaging each other.

My point is that, there is never NOT (I know double negative) other phenomena going on. It’s time we just went there. Really.


It is Ubiquitous.

Blue Sky

So, I was on the way home from the grocery store musing on the many theories being talked about for the blue sky incident in NYC plus all the incidents in Louisiana on the 27th of December. They include:

Some sort of beam technology similar to the type that started the fires in Cali

Large coronal hole connection with earth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_fUHBAEoso

Aliens and end times.

Dark Journalist drew historical parallels .

Joseph Farrell danced on the end of the twig with grace and aplomb.

So, on that drive home down the back roads of Indy, I mused, especially about the alien part… and I just wanted to draw attention to the thought that; if you were an advanced species (far more than we are) would you do something like that? Especially considering that you are hyperdimensionally equipped and could blink in or out in a thought – even in an emergency… Ahem    The idea made me giggle at it’s absurdity.

However, if you were a really stupid faction of some nasty, illiterate, uneducated bunch of ashls who don’t give a flying fk about anything except themselves (you know, your garden variety psychopath) and you were trying to cover something else up you definitely would do something like this.

My two cents.

Btw, Mr. Farrell has a really interesting end of the twig on this one. I kinda like it.


Ps. My idea on blue sky…

The Unknown Quantity

2019…. Quite the unknown quantity.

Not like last year where you could try to fool yourself and say unknown, because we all knew the same old games were being played and that we, especially, were being played. As a matter of fact we knew the entire planet was being played, and upon reflection, we still are being played. It’s an endless game and quite frankly, I think we are all ( Mother’s words here ) sick and tired of it.

I wonder, since now the new paradigm is consciousness, if how we think about it will even matter, if once more we aren’t being led by our noses down the garden path of yet another new and shiny aspect of the same old bsht?

I agree that you can either learn or complain – but we are not learning, we are being shifted sideways trying to look at the same old information in different ways, but there has been NO NEW information, nor do I expect that there will be. In this manner we are held within the same old (and boring) paradigm. Further, if we really are talking the consciousness twist in 2019, then, it would seem that it would be an entirely personal one pointed fact-finding mission because materialistic perspectives don’t work in consciousness.


Breaking through the paradigm has to do with exposure to frequency phenomena that actually alters DNA (which IS your frequency carrier wave) and your personal resonation such that your perceptive ability widens to allow a wider personal reality and world view. But which would come first, the chicken or the egg – would exposure to paranormal phenomena create the expanded perceptive ability, or would the person, by altering their consciousness using tools like meditation ( or being a kid) etc. increase their perception thereby allowing the recognition of paranormal events? (which for some reason increases exponentially once a paranormal event occurs)

Is it part of the new paradigm of expanded consciousness to discover how to produce these states, how to go in-and-out flawlessly without going through mental gymnastics and to effortlessly combine it with our everyday living state? Will this be the year that we all – through the hundredth monkey effect – just spontaneously begin to notice ‘other’ stuff?

Whatever it is, you can bet that you will be able to spot it if you can figure out what we are NOT supposed to be noticing, what the juiciest LARPS and limited hang outs are and untwist all the BS, always remembering you are being played on just about every level you can be aware of – and many you have no clue about.

Nothing is ever what it seems (and well beyond your ability to detwist it)

There is NEVER a straight answer (NASA was NOT the first agency to think of that)

Nothing stays the same (how can it, blinking in at 10 to the 22n power times per second. )

The only place to find truth is inside your heart

Nobody is going to eat us (nasty GMO’s)

Nobody is going to take over the planet any worse than it already is (already over run by the cockroaches)

We will all wake up tomorrow (much to some people’s great chagrin and disappointment)

There are already thousands of races – inter-extra-outer 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th dimensionally – here amongst us where they have been for eons (can we just get over it already??)

Yes, Marsha, there IS a breakaway civilization, we do live all over the galaxy and there is marvelous technology we don’t get to play with. (bah humbug)

And I find myself asking, “What is the Point?” if we can’t step outside the paradigm and ask a really interesting, really new question for 2019 we are doomed to the same old bather for yet another year.