The Unknown Quantity

2019…. Quite the unknown quantity.

Not like last year where you could try to fool yourself and say unknown, because we all knew the same old games were being played and that we, especially, were being played. As a matter of fact we knew the entire planet was being played, and upon reflection, we still are being played. It’s an endless game and quite frankly, I think we are all ( Mother’s words here ) sick and tired of it.

I wonder, since now the new paradigm is consciousness, if how we think about it will even matter, if once more we aren’t being led by our noses down the garden path of yet another new and shiny aspect of the same old bsht?

I agree that you can either learn or complain – but we are not learning, we are being shifted sideways trying to look at the same old information in different ways, but there has been NO NEW information, nor do I expect that there will be. In this manner we are held within the same old (and boring) paradigm. Further, if we really are talking the consciousness twist in 2019, then, it would seem that it would be an entirely personal one pointed fact-finding mission because materialistic perspectives don’t work in consciousness.


Breaking through the paradigm has to do with exposure to frequency phenomena that actually alters DNA (which IS your frequency carrier wave) and your personal resonation such that your perceptive ability widens to allow a wider personal reality and world view. But which would come first, the chicken or the egg – would exposure to paranormal phenomena create the expanded perceptive ability, or would the person, by altering their consciousness using tools like meditation ( or being a kid) etc. increase their perception thereby allowing the recognition of paranormal events? (which for some reason increases exponentially once a paranormal event occurs)

Is it part of the new paradigm of expanded consciousness to discover how to produce these states, how to go in-and-out flawlessly without going through mental gymnastics and to effortlessly combine it with our everyday living state? Will this be the year that we all – through the hundredth monkey effect – just spontaneously begin to notice ‘other’ stuff?

Whatever it is, you can bet that you will be able to spot it if you can figure out what we are NOT supposed to be noticing, what the juiciest LARPS and limited hang outs are and untwist all the BS, always remembering you are being played on just about every level you can be aware of – and many you have no clue about.

Nothing is ever what it seems (and well beyond your ability to detwist it)

There is NEVER a straight answer (NASA was NOT the first agency to think of that)

Nothing stays the same (how can it, blinking in at 10 to the 22n power times per second. )

The only place to find truth is inside your heart

Nobody is going to eat us (nasty GMO’s)

Nobody is going to take over the planet any worse than it already is (already over run by the cockroaches)

We will all wake up tomorrow (much to some people’s great chagrin and disappointment)

There are already thousands of races – inter-extra-outer 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th dimensionally – here amongst us where they have been for eons (can we just get over it already??)

Yes, Marsha, there IS a breakaway civilization, we do live all over the galaxy and there is marvelous technology we don’t get to play with. (bah humbug)

And I find myself asking, “What is the Point?” if we can’t step outside the paradigm and ask a really interesting, really new question for 2019 we are doomed to the same old bather for yet another year.

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