noun: ubiquity

  1. the fact of appearing everywhere or of being very common.


The idea that we are separate from the core matrix of the universe, is the number one fallacy that keeps us blind to reality.

The real reality is that we are not – which in turn means that everything we label ‘phenomena’ to feel safe in our little cocoons, is also part and parcel of the human condition. However, if you really look at it you find that ‘phenomena’ are ubiquitous. The ways in which we have been distracted from this reality are legion, and we are schizophrenic trying to not look at it and how it intersects with our daily lives – the million different little ways we have been taught to guard against it – ignore it and push it away.

My experiences started very early. I have had both kinds, nasty-scary and wonderful and life enhancing. I am an extreme empath, whether it is because the experiences woke that in me when I was little, or because I was born that way (there is a family history of sensitivity on both sides) and that attracted the experiences is, 65 years later, a moot point.

In listening to Reinerio Hernandez on UFO News Network Sunday talk about the results of the FREE project study, I felt I needed to point out that if you breathe on this planet, you have had more interaction with ‘phenomena’ than you recognize or would even want to. We all do, every day. In a way, I agree with Grant Cameron on this, all the 3d hoopla is mainly to get our attention. And in a way what I think the human race is going through is a retraining process to gradually get us to pay attention to the fullness of our own human perceptions. We are not alone. We are not separate. We never have been – ever. In trying to put my life into some sort of understanding in this regard, it has been confusing because the bulk of my contact has been telepathic and phenomenally based – occurring in my mind and imagination… Totally unprovable to anybody else.

I have often wondered why this is, why I have not had, or cannot remember 3d contact or interaction except sometimes in my dreams, throughout my life and the answer seems to be because I wish it so. That is what I can tolerate because I was so badly frightened in early child hood. I have had the characteristic downloads all my life, real conversations, shared experiences, telepathy and more the older I get. I would actually like to get some therapy on very early experiences, to be able to put an adult perspective to them, because I was so very young and I don’t remember the actual event, just the fear it caused. Therefore in accordance with my deepest truth and will, most of the contact I have had has been telepathic, or in dream states and meditation except for when I have mentally asked for it. Only once or twice have I been in contact without asking for it, and it has always been for help, or encouragement, one time was even physical. I have about blogged these.

It has taken us a very long time to get to the point where we can entertain ideas like non-local consciousness and quantum perspectives on things like: that the dream state may even be another reality, there might be a door way to other places in an altered state etc.  In the 1950’s talk like this wound you up in a nice cozy padded room. It’s been a long road, but finally, here we are.

The disconnect we feel between ‘waking-real’ reality and ‘phenomenal’ reality is a control mechanism, a false construct pounded into our heads by every institution on this planet. It’s time to get over our selves. Time to realize that every moment of everyday, waking, sleeping or in an altered state we are bombarded with phenomenal reality we ignore and turn a blind eye to. You cannot see the wind, you do not expect it to take visible solid 3d form, and yet we feel and see its results everywhere…

There is no great secret, or special training, or single piece of information needed to put yourself back together. You already are of one piece with all the equipment needed to function multidimensionally right now at this very moment. I realize science likes to know why a thing happens and academians like to make records of the things that happen, but we have been able to breath since we walked the earth without knowing how and why we did it and your connection to things beyond the 3d world is the same way. There is never a time when I am not in communication or in ‘touch’ with another intelligence.

Greys – must have been positive because I had a dream of hugging a friend grey I hadn’t seen in a very long time.

Humans – they are fun, funny and everywhere in real 3d.

Energy beings – I have been drawing them since my 20’s. The wings on these beings are the emanations of their heart chakra – huge and lovely.

Reptilians – I felt for the first time in the 70’s and have been drawing in the last 5 years – everyone who sits for a portrait in my mind’s eye while I have drawn them, has been polite and intrigued.

Telepathic contact – I have had much – with everybody. Number one rule in this realm, if you are being nosy, expect to be nosed back.

But I try not to be a bother, it would be like a mom with a full cup of coffee in her hand and the kid joggling her elbow to get her attention. However, the instant I ask, I get a response. I don’t think I have ever felt alone my entire life time. It’s kind of like two people in the same room each doing something on their own – you know they are there even if you are not currently directly engaging each other.

My point is that, there is never NOT (I know double negative) other phenomena going on. It’s time we just went there. Really.


It is Ubiquitous.

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