So if you are like me, an armchair researcher, and you listen to every relevant video you can, by all the credible researchers, you begin to hear a narrative underlying all the information. What seems to be emerging to me (of course) is the importance of the consciousness factor this year. But also, as a subtext to that, how the manipulation of our consciousness is being done. Which brings me to an idea that has come up with everything I have watched lately. That being the engineering of the giggle factor – the outlandish, the absolutely off the charts science fiction stuff out there – and that to me, I’m thinking might be worth another look at. Why you might ask? (just the opening I was looking for)

Because the further out-there the story is, the more truth it might have – if (and it’s a big if) you can excavate it from the carefully crafted bsht sounding it. I noticed this happening to me about 5-6 years ago, especially with Project Camelot videos. They were intriguing and very believable, and yet when the interview was over I found myself re-righting my reality, perceptions, back to normal with a sigh, thinking, ‘Wow. Good ideas, but out there…’ Yet they left an indelible memory mark in my brain. Then sometimes months later or years later only to hear the same stuff again from Richard Dolan, Joseph Farrell, LMH, or Grant Cameron and others having the first time I heard it connect with the second and third time,  from very different sources, I find am having to reconsider the picture. Then an interesting thing would happen, oddly, the information would click into a greater perspective and I knew I taken a leap in understanding, sometimes so much so, that I didn’t understand why I didn’t see it before that.

I don’t know whether this is part of the slow drip conditioning (yes, conditioning not disclosure) plan, however, I am now beginning to find those types of correspondence points with some of the most outlandish information I have heard. Hmmmm

And the picture grows. So does the wacky connection of the information, as it builds a bigger and more inclusive picture of the whole mess. It’s almost as if the directive is: if it seems absolutely insane, give it another look.

Just my 2 cents for the day…

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