Proj. Blue Book – the new teaching tool

I’m gonna have fun with this series.

Where the X Files was set up as science fiction, Proj. Blue Book is set up as dramatized fact. Both programs are part of the ‘Conditioning (not disclosure) Plan to educate the minds of the sleeping minions of earth. We could nit-pick the hell out of this show and get all snotty about it, or we can sit back and enjoy it – because it’s done fairly well, and watch as they educate the unknowing, and nit-pick HOW they are doing it; now that would be educational.

We will still have our questions, especially those of us who found this info in the 60’s because there was one spin on it then and there is a different spin on it now. Think about it. (That’s what research is for) Also, this is a great way to lend credence to the issue when you are discussing the topic with friends and family because History Channel has creds, the web site they set up as an adjunct to the program has resources and they have just plopped a readymade teaching tool right into our laps.


They even, right off the bat with the first show have brought the consciousness aspect of this by using a great old Jazz standard song that they butchered…”How High the Moon”, lyrics by Nancy Hamilton and music by Morgan Lewis. It was first featured in1940. Ella does a great version, but so does Sara Vaughan. There are no accidents, however I cannot find a mention of the song as part of the historical acct. but, song use to convey messages in contactee experience is fairly common. As Grant Cameron has been heard to say about the early days, one of the things mentioned in reports was that there was a ‘mental component’ to the UFO Phenomena.

Either way this is going to be fun – fact, drama, fiction, it’s still a teaching tool.

Now, let’s put all this free educational information to good use, shall we? Go tell your neighbors 🙂

For your perusal:


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