Thoughts on Retrocausality in the Superposition of the Future-self: when time turns into visual-spatial story

‘Say wha?’

Ok, in plain words, think about telos, or final intent (a goal). An intention is an idea about what you want to have happen in the future (time – which is an artifact of consciousness) which creates a visual-spatial representation or story in your mind’s eye.

When the story forms in your consciousness it is in a superposition quantumly; instead of watching it happen in the here and now, you are watching it happen in the future.

Once you watch it you then know what it is you have to do to create it and you make your first steps; or, once you watch it you collapse the wave form out of its super position and backwards into time to the here and now. Interestingly enough, once you take the first step in the here and now, the universe conspires to help you out and you get synchronicity.

You know what my mom used to call all of this? Imagination.

However, the recent studies done by the consciousness crowd like Dr. Dean Radin, Mitch Horowitz, Dr. Eric Wargo, Cliff High, Dr. Stuart Hameroff, Sir Roger Penrose have begun to show us that our ‘imagination’ can have temporal effects, that its effects are definable by quantum concepts (loath to say math, or consciousness here…) and that if you get the combination correct, understand how all the parts work together, you can actually create real here and now effects that seem like magic. Dr. Dean Radin’s latest book “Real Magic” is one such chronical of scientific studies on intent and its use, as is Mitch Horowitz’s book, “The Miracle Club: How Thoughts Become Reality” is a solid attempt to bench engineer that information.

But heavens!!!! WE MUSENT EVER CALL IT MAGIC! Except that MJ12 does – or did, and Steven Greer says they did in the corporate side (PFM) and Gordon White will outright tell you that is exactly what he does, so will the Shamangineer, and many others.

We are poly-temporal. It means we can and do experience many times as places/story, depending on our state of mind. We are also multidimensional and we experience this through polytemporality, in other words, where ever we are in our minds it will come into consciousness temporally as story.

We convert frequency into time, space and reality.

Reality runs 10 to the 23rd power times per second. This like would be a very high RF energy wave running into the potential points in the quantum hologram and producing a ‘snap shot’ or collapsing the wave into a particle which IS our reality/snapshot and it all happens so fast that we don’t notice when we are a non-materialized wave.

As we learn more about frequency harmonics we will be able to understand that consciousness is the carrier wave for the universe. They have found it in the very small unit of the cell in its microtubules:,  In this video at 26:28 you can even ‘hear’ what the electric pulses found in the microtubules sound like (what’s the sound of consciousness???) “Quantum Consciousness and its Nature in Microtubules”. They have found it in the vastness of space as plasma of sorts, a la Electric Universe (The Thunderbolts Project). Even matter is a product of two wave forms crossing in harmonic resonance as Cliff High has humorously and yet quite lucidly demonstrated in his video “Wine Glass Shattering for Fun and Profit”.

Once we get the hang of it, the full scope and picture of it, well, we too can begin to have some fun – not just the royalty of the planet that has all the toys at the moment – but us too.



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