I’ll bet…

Everybody – well almost everybody – has had face to face contact with an ET in normal everyday life without even being aware of it. There is a huge cadre of what we might term sociologists from all over the galaxy here, living and working on the planet, in normal, everyday positions, doing normal everyday jobs (not just the corporate – guberment ones) that are just experiencing human culture for what it is. (And yes…. They look just like us.)

I surmised this about a couple of years ago when one of my bucket list points was fulfilled. I wrote about it in the article called ‘A Fine Sense of Distraction’. I have found that if I hold it in my mind as an intension to pay attention – like be on the lookout for – these people I am usually made aware, in passing, that they are there. One day I was coming out of the grocery store and actually thinking about the subject of those who walk among us – rather loudly, and as I stepped into the street towards the parking lot I of course looked up and (aside here: I am an old woman – I look it. I don’t give a rats ass how fancy I look at the grocery) coming towards the store is a very cute (hot) guy in sun glasses who very pointedly lowers them on his nose, quirks the corner of his mouth in a cute (did I mention hot) smile, raises the sunglasses back into place and walks on by into the grocery. (another aside here: I said mentally ‘you eat our food?’ cause I was stunned to have this happen at the grocery. And understood back, ‘what else would we eat?’ with laughter)

He definitely wasn’t responding to my looks and for the brief 3 or 4 seconds in passing that is all he saw – unless – unless he heard my mind. What I perceived mentally, was just enough to say- ‘Hi! You found one of us’, with a lot of humor ( I get the idea that those who are studying us find a lot of things funny – compassionately because they understand, but funny), because they know the easiest way to rattle the bars of my cage and distract me is to be ‘cute’… obviously they do not want to have a 12 hour conversation in the middle of a grocery store parking lot, which if I could have been anything other than stunned and beguiled would have happened.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that this happens to me, it probably happens to all of us all, all the time. I know damned well that any guy half my age would not be interested in me in ‘that way’, and I think it’s a device to distract, just to make sure that I don’t pull some idiot move and blow their cover. I am not sure whether these people are from off planet, or the inner planet, or extra dimensional…. Who knows? And I am not sure that it matters. I feel that what does matter, is a mutual curiosity. Wouldn’t it follow that if you are curious enough to think about these things, that others would be too? And that in a limited, rather safe way without stepping on the prime directive that these particular people uphold, that some form of exchange can happen. I think so. But you could also say I have quite the imagination… or you could widen your scope of what you are willing to know and actually have happen and… who knows?

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  1. Reminded me of Ingo Swann’s experience when he noticed a hot woman in the supermarket, realising she was alien, made a breif connection but had to abort because of goverment agents. The book is “Penetration”

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