I know Nothing….

After 65 years, I know nothing. Nothing at all. And it looks like when I die, I will still know nothing. And IMO that’s the plan. Information is power, and the last thing that earthlings are allowed to have is power. So we get our brains packed with bull sh*t. from you tube, from social media and the nightly news, the daily news, you name it – not a single source of real reporting or information anywhere. As a matter of fact, I’m just like them, I’m all opinion sourced from opinion… do I really know anything?


And neither do the rest of us. We think we know. And we proceed from there. Oh yes, we have all had our experiences, we have all had our downloads, but how do we place these all within the greater view of things? WE DON’T KNOW. And if the gdmd touted ‘they’ have anything at all to say about it – and ‘they’ do – we never, ever will.

We are all stuck in a system that feeds us irrelevant, meaningless garbage to use an old term: GIGO. Garbage in: garbage out.

(In computer science, garbage in, garbage out describes the concept that flawed, or nonsense input data produces nonsense output or “garbage”. The principle also applies more generally to all analysis and logic, in that arguments are unsound if their premises are flawed. Wikipedia)

And really, being in my sixties, I’m over it. I’m done hearing about the Pleadians, the repts, the greys, the good, the bad and the uglies. I don’t want to hear about ascension, harvesting, the end of the world, or the exploding sun. I simply want to see the pattern, know the history – the real history – and be able to assess where we are today.

Who gives a flying frick if there are aliens out there, or walking among us. If they were here to cause problems we would already know about it. But – WE KNOW NOTHING! If there was an invasion – even a very quiet one – we would already know about it – but we don’t. These things would be self-evident. (supposedly) I mean, there are no riots in the streets, there are no mass suicides, there is no mass hysteria, religions are not dead, cats are NOT sleeping with dogs… all things they in their high and mighty wisdom 70 years ago were sure would happen; and their only excuse for hiding the knowledge…????


So, (here I go again based on nothing but reaction to false information from all the media) IMO, we are caught in a woven cage of GIGO on a daily basis, unable to even get one true fact, smothering in factoids.

(A factoid is either a false statement presented as a fact or a true, but brief or trivial item of news or information. Wikipedia)

I feel like I have been in a nasty dumpster, covered in slime and stinking to high hell, searching for that one bit of evidence, that one piece of clarity that could solve the case. And well, today, I didn’t find it. Today I am just down right tired of stinking.

There has got to be a way to beat ‘them’ at this game. I’m open to suggestions…knowledge is power but if the only knowledge you can get is GIGO… then what?

Knowledge is power, knowledge is money, which makes knowledge valuable, but only if its the right kind, and only if you are not wasting your brain cells and energy on wading through garbage, hoping for that glimmer of something useful amid the trash.

Did I mention that,

Knowledge is Power


I just got done listening to Jeffery Mishlove interview Russell Targ about his book, The End of Suffering” The interview is called Non-Duality. Sometimes while I am doing house work, I just put on Jeffery Mishlove’s channel, ‘New Thinking Allowed’ and let it run because he explores all sides of the consciousness question with an emphasis on phenomena through a huge spectrum of how to look at it – all the angles.

Anyway, Russell Targ brought up a point that I was taught so long ago that I forgot about it but use it like I do my lungs for breathing. And that is to Allow. When remote viewing, you need to set your mind up to simply allow it to happen. When healing, you simply need to allow the energy to do its job. When you are hooking up with nature, outside, or your puppies, there is no procedure…you simply allow the connection.


Which begs the question that we are set up to do this and it really is just that simple. As simple as breathing. It shouldn’t have to bring up beads of sweat on your forehead and make your face red in concentration.

Just as easy as breathing, inhale… and on the exhale allow. I also use the term reach – which is actually the intention to touch, in combination to make a connection. This works so well that a couple of times I have surprised myself and once or twice the people I have reached for because they felt it too. ( and yes, some of those were not indigenous to earth…jus’ say’in) (don’t care whether you believe me or not either – ’cause I believe me… lmao)

But really this is about the word: Allow.

It seems to open a door in the limited little cage we are in and makes the whole process just that much easier.



Just a Sunday thought…

Alchemy is the bench engineering of the soul

I got a tickle out of Mr. Weidner last night on Fade to Black. (around the 2:12:02 mark) He practically said that when he was talking about the practice of alchemy. Bench engineering: it’s kinda like the tinkerer in his garage playing with magnets and electricity that happens on something that works. Then he sees if he can do it again, and then he refines it to get it to do precisely what he wants. Lols, it’s called MacGyvering it! And in a great sense it’s about playing, tinkering, having fun, letting the world show you how it works.

There are those of us out there who have ‘tinkered’ with our selves this way too – through thought, yoga, meditation, art, music, drugs – we are constantly ‘playing’ with life, energy and our capabilities. We are quite literally ‘bench-engineering’ ourselves. Without any and I mean any basic knowledge of how we really work, or how we really function. But we are paying attention to what happens and we are using intent to want to know how we work beyond the physical to focus our awareness such that the information is then delivered, or made obvious to us. There is never a time that a mental plea for information is not answered. “Ask, and ye shall receive.” is a true-ism.

Yes, when your focus in life is to learn this stuff, and you go to religious, spiritual, academic sources, to schools and repositories of information, to groups and to gurus, asking to be taught, asking to be given what you think will lead you to the answer, there is a price. When the irony of it is, this information is all there for the asking from the inside out. In other words, no one can tell you and 90% of them out there will not tell you, and the other 10% will lead you to the inner path. The books, the schools are really an impediment to the real ‘A-ha’ moment which can only come when you turn on the inner light and see. They can support and direct but they cannot not give you the gem you are looking for – you must do that. And you realize that it is only the first step – that the information nexus that turned on at that first light is only the first step in a vast array of truths to be seen. There is no graduation there is only the next step, the next level. It’s the real NeverEnding Story.


Life is alchemy.

Alchemy is information.

Information is consciousness   and,

Consciousness is the unified field.

ps. the books are inside you

Hiding in the quantum superposition.

I have been at this ‘UFO’ thing for close to 60 years, and the texture and content of this awareness has changed many times since then. It has changed internally according to my growth and maturity and understanding of the subject. The subject it’s self has grown and morphed into many things and changed also.

The one thing I have learned is that:

THIS IS NOT AN EITHER OR REALITY!   IT’S A BOTH-AND REALITY. (in fact, it’s a many faceted beautiful thing)

The question is not: is it, or isn’t it a UFO. It’s not: is this true or false. No, I think, IMO, that as long as the question floats in the quantum superposition, it is an infinity of possibilities and until enough minds collapse that superposition, it will remain that way. (Which leads me to wonder if all of us together comprise a huge quantum computer – metaphorically – that until enough minds are engaged a thing/event/or experience cannot manifest…? But that’s another article…)

You’d think that with all the attention on this subject, there would be a superposition informational field collapse, and that has not happened. So the next question is why not? IMO, like a lot of others out there right now, my feeling is that we are seeing a subject with many sides to it and only looking at a few of those sides, therefore, the phenomena can’t collapse out of the super position, because we are not truly observing it…

Just a thought.

Also, a more daunting thought, what if this whole ball of wax really is a fractal, meaning there are as many sides to this as you could imagine and more – like we are misinterpreting the entire world. Which laughingly I think we are. But it would put off solving the whole equation till the metaphorical end of time. Sigh

There is a branch of study called Hermeneutics which boils down to the interpretation of …. well, interpretation.

Hermeneutics (/ˌhɜːrməˈnjuːtɪks/)[1] is the theory and methodology of interpretation,[2][3] especially the interpretation of biblical texts, wisdom literature, and philosophical texts.[4][5]

Modern hermeneutics includes both verbal and non-verbal communication[6][7] as well as semiotics, presuppositions, and pre-understandings. Hermeneutics has been broadly applied in the humanities, especially in law, history and theology. <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hermeneutics

Kinda like how to think what we think and how to determine who has the truest truth, sort of thing. Progressive thought to day kinda side steps this by allowing a personal truth to be truth, understanding that we all have different, although sometimes strikingly similar, experiences of the same thing. Like the allowance for some people to feel that a thermostat set to 68 degrees is just fine, while others feel a chill at that temperature, or five people at an accident describing it 5 different ways. Back in the day, a hermeneutic was the one person who could tell you what the gods meant.

The early usage of “hermeneutics” places it within the boundaries of the sacred.[11]:21 A divine message must be received with implicit uncertainty regarding its truth. This ambiguity is an irrationality; it is a sort of madness that is inflicted upon the receiver of the message. Only one who possesses a rational method of interpretation (i.e., a hermeneutic) could determine the truth or falsity of the message.[11]:21-22 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hermeneutics>

Which is what we all see with the experiencer side of the UFO phenomena, or any phenomena for that matter. There is a little ‘wild around the eyes’ of those of  us who have been through crazy, but are definitely not crazy. In this instance John Mack would be a hermeneutic.

IMO, it’s going to take all of us looking and seeing together to begin to allow this ‘what-ever-it-is’ to take shape and come out of super position and be. Maybe it is because this weti (what ever it is) is a misapprehension in the first place? Or maybe it takes many eyes and many hearts to see it for what it really is…

Or, maybe it’s just up there hiding…


The only ultimate power there really is…

What would it feel like to be telepathic in a room full of fools?

What would it feel like to be telepathic in a room full of psychopaths? Or maybe just a few?

What does is feel like to walk into a bar of drunk ppl stone cold sober and stay that way?

What does it feel like to have all your teenagers and their friends together for a sleepover and you are the responsible adult?

What if that room that everybody’s stuck in is a virtual room?

When you are listening to a pod cast, a show host, you know how there is always something in the voice that conveys way more than just what is being said – like you can sus out how they are physically and emotionally?

Take that once more removed and use only words to do the sussing. Now that we have twitter and chat rooms attached to videos and pod casts, we have a community of people that come together with their minds in a virtual room on one topic. We create a virtual meeting space that exists for the time of the event, however, sometimes this virtual room/meeting space continues for some time afterwards. We have all learned to convey our thoughts and feelings pretty succinctly in words/type/print over the last few years since this phenomena began and this makes the experience even more cohesive. Now imagine that this type of communication is very like telepathy, in that we don’t have to all be in the same place physically and we are all communicating all sorts of ideas to each other along with our feelings.

Then bring in this idea we have discussed about people feeling way more brazen about saying over the internet things that go way beyond the pale into rudeness and downright idiocy – all because the person they are saying it to is not standing in front of them ready to punch their lights out. Factor in that the respective emotional age of those people is between 5 years and 8 years old. Then factor in the reasons people stir the pot – for attention etc.… and you have a perfect recipe for kindergarten behavior and the need for naps and cookies. (throw in some thumb sucking and a soft blankie or two – you get the picture) and don’t forget, kindergartners don’t deal very well with grey areas – they want things like; yes – no, black-white, belief or hate ad nauseum. Their tolerance for indiscriminate, open ended ideas and constructive questioning and debate is zero. If you give them the fantasy they will believe it until an authority figure tells them, like mom or dad, that Santa Clause isn’t real. Metaphor is NOT one of their strong points.

Now place all of this into the category of real telepathy, where by rule of polite conduct you don’t barge in on others unless you follow those rules and imagine the above. Imagine what a head ache those who refuse to follow even a polite ethic in virtual reality would be in a real reality where there was organic telepathy, and you will know WHY organic telepathy is not a planet-wide ability like breathing or seeing… yet. (or imagine being in that bar fully sober and be glad you can walk out at any time…)

It has been said often that the internet is practice for if-and-when real telepathy becomes a fact. I KNOW there are those of us out there who would fling themselves off the planet just to get away from the zoo that would be. But if telepathy is a quantum entangled state (lol) it wouldn’t matter how far you went, you would still be in the middle of it – if you chose to listen. If you chose to notice…

I’m almost sorry I dipped my big toe into this mess yesterday, except in struggling to understand the why it all happened, I’ve learned a lesson. I hate suffering. I don’t care if some people think it’s the only way we grow. I still hate it. I hate pain, causing it or having it. Yes, sometimes we have to have it to learn or to alter our behavior maybe to save our lives. I still hate it. And…I would do–no-harm if I could help it. And sometimes I can’t. And yet, in cases like the falderal that has been going on, it also has to be sorted. Sorted for understanding, sorted to stop the damage, sorted to learn from it, sorted for prevention…sorted. And to those who have done the sorting and to those who got caught in the falderal, I salute you. You have my sympathy and admiration for your courage.

Pathology is always hard to understand and assess fast enough to catch it before destruction happens because most people are nice and because they are the unsuspecting victims of bad behavior. Once again we have pain on both sides because the perp’s bad behavior is born from the roots of pain and the unsuspecting are not ready for what is coming at them. There are consequences for both. The perp is found out and must be accountable for the action, the victim learns not to be so innocent in a world that will crush that light out of them.

And once again we are faced with choice. Choice before action, choice before thought, choice before emotional response. Choice comes out of an ethic and empathy. You are an adult because you can choose at a creative, ethical level. Children cannot – they want absolutes. Those who can choose have a gift in the awareness of that choice.

Because, choice is the only ultimate power there really is.

And there is always a choice to be found in everything.

And for some strange reason this little planet seems to be where you go to learn it.


This is the “BIG-D”








Social media and videos


TV movies & broadcast media












plus a million more…


You name it, in one way or another you can link the ‘alien’ factor to the above. Different strokes for different folks – there is a way to get this information disseminated to every sector of the earth population.

So I haven’t been paying a lot attention to the current on-dit (gossip) about all the in fighting in the marketing sector of the alien presence, or who said what when – but it’s as good as a 1950’s movie rag. I dipped my toe into it for a minute this morning and for those who love that stuff, it’s an ooey-gooey, lovely, cinnabon-esque mess.

And you know what? It finally dawned on me that it doesn’t matter one whit who is right and who is wrong – the point is, has it got your mind on the ‘alien’ question????  Has it got your attention?  Hmmm????

Filtering up from the bottom of our everyday lives – from our subconscious awareness, the ‘alien’ element is silently creeping into mainstream awareness and consciousness. Like that 100th monkey effect, it’s on its way into normal culture, soon to be a regular piece of information, in the stealthiest campaign ever.

Just stand back and look at all the areas of so called normal life the idea has crept into. Take a really good look. Just the fact that you can look and see it says volumes. So folks, this IS disclosure. One day this idea of real aliens will just BE in our culture without any debate or thinking, and everybody will just nod their heads when you bring the topic up like it was something they learned in their mother’s womb.

Good or bad? Who knows, but mark my words – THIS IS THE BIG “D”. You are living through it right now at this very moment.

Heads up!!


What If?

What if

  • The trap we are caught in on this earth, this scientism point of view, is the cage itself?
  • We have been trained to be terribly afraid of the paranormal and any interaction with it – but that we have an entire side of our brains as a dedicated instrument to handle that world, the same way our left brains handle to nuts and bolts world? We are supposed to terrified of it so much so that we medicate those who can do this naturally to prevent them from doing it?
  • Our whole cultural world is structured with its acceptable behaviors and ways of seeing and doing against any intrusion of the right brain function -(wanna talk schizophrenia???) that we have been convinced from the moment we are ‘normalized’ into society that this is abnormal and that you could -50 years ago -get ‘locked-up’ in an asylum for such ‘behaviors’ – or today medicated to the hilt?
  • What we call disassociation or a dissociative event is actually just the functioning of the right brain in a very normal manner, but because of training we are scared sh*tless of it?
  • Shifting to this state of mind should be as natural as breathing and once we get used to it, it will become a both-and experience in which no shift is needed? It might just be a seamless state of being in a true normal brain?
  • That everything we do, that is considered a normal everyday experience is purposefully engineered to keep the very loud left brain spinning on all eight cylinders (with no muffler), so entrained that it has locked out the right brain by its very loud ‘busyness’?
  • There are many legends of the way people used to be – in greater unity with the earth, greater unity with each other and greater unity within the self. But in abandoning the entire right side of the brain – in turning the lights off in there and leaving – so to speak – it echoes in emptiness. And in so doing, it becomes our ‘dark’ side and it invites others to ride along within it hidden and unknown?
  • What if the so called disassociation that happens in a paranormal state is nothing more than walking through a door – or busting through the fence of ideas that keeps us restricted to ‘normal’ perceptive life? Instead it is higher functioning not malfunctioning?
  • What if the function of meditation is simply to be able to find the spot to walk through to that place and what if NDE’s are an explicit experience of what it is like to be in that mind without the noise of our everyday trained mind?
  • What if contact with the ‘para’ (meaning: beyond) normal and UFO’s and its increase of the frequency and intensity of those experiences once you’ve had one is simply acclimatizing the experiencer to such awarenesses thus making them easier in the future? (Practice makes it easier?)
  • What if once you have had an experience of this nature your DNA (which is a record not only of how to rebuild the body but also the experiences that the body has had) changes for good, thus making the actual perception of such things easier?
  • What if, the way we are, just as we are, we are already built to be this way and it takes no diet, practice (yoga, meditation…) thought pattern, whistle or bell (crystals, singing bowls, clothing etc.) to get there, what if all it takes is the apprehension of an idea, that V8 moment, that cracking open of the door that lets the light in and you go, “Oh my…”
  • What if enough of us have that V8 moment that it begins to leak into the subconscious consensus and one day we all just ‘get it’? I think that has happened already because I have noticed these ideas becoming easier and easier to apprehend and to talk about with others, because they get it – whether they’re aware of it or not – It’s noticeable!
  • What if it could be that easy? I’ve posited that on 2012 we did that jump and we are taking our good old time to discover it.

Maybe it is just that easy.




Consciousness IS the unified field: or Don’t Worry, Be Happy

…it’s not about neg. or pos. or happy or sad, it’s about the inevitable march forward of our conscious awareness…


I would love to see science prove what we know in our inner heart. However, the schizophrenic split between science and consciousness – the world of the seen and unseen, has been weaponized. And of course, it’s on purpose. But we have a defense…

Once again, I was listening to the recent interview dropped by Natasha Nyxx with Grant Cameron. Grant seems to be the only person willing to be open about the real truth at the moment. Everybody else will tell you a tid bit – but that is all – whether they know the whole story or just tid bits… I listen a lot, to an eclectic selection all with one theme, that of the consciousness thread running through it. From Richard Dolan and Joseph Farrell, to the Dean Radins of the world, through Gordon White. I have blogged about the necessity for cross disciplinary studies from the quantum super position to psychology, parapsychology and religious perspectives. Everybody has their own ‘name’ for these things but they are talking about the same thing. Why? Because it really is the same thing.

The visible-invisible split has been used to cage the human experience. I have written about the biggest psy-op in the world and this is it. Our minds have been messed with – really badly messed with. We have been taught to use only one part of our wholeness. We are schizophrenic.

Otherwise, were we to know our wholeness our unity, we would realize this world and ourselves much differently. But, we have a defense. There is something called the hundredth monkey effect, the morphogenic resonance. It doesn’t just happen with monkeys on an island. I watched this happen back in the 60’s much to my dismay over gemstones. Back in the day there was a place in the ‘burbs of Chicago, called the Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary art. It was in my neighborhood and mom and I and my sis used to go there just to look at their amazing displays. They had a gift shop where you could buy polished, faceted stones which every time we went – we got to buy some. They were cheap. I still have several pieces that I made back then that are lovely. I could afford them. Then enter Shirley MacLaine and the first main stream book ever written about a modern day awakening. She wrote about quartz crystals and the use of other gem stones to heighten states of consciousness and voila’! The price of quartz points quadrupled overnight. I was furious and felt cheated. I had bought them all my life – I was a rock hound, and suddenly I couldn’t afford to even look at them, much less purchase them.

Before Shirley MacLaine’s foray into consciousness raising, if you talked to anybody about auras, crystals, or meditation in mid-western Illinois, people thought you were crazy, FUBAR and gave you a wide berth plus the evil eye. Then in less than a year everything Shirley talked about was like, ‘Yeah, vibes, crystals, meditation, auras – I knew all about that’ and if you asked them how they learned it, to the last person they all said, ‘I just Know.’ like they woke up one day with it all inside their heads, while the few of us into this line of thinking had been struggling against the current for years.

That, my friends, is the hundredth monkey effect in the everyday people world.

Back in the seventies just try to tell a scientist or academic about information popping into the subconscious meta-culture of the people like magic and they would have simply sneered at you and sent you on your way. I know, I had it happen – lots. Bring it up today and you quite possibly would get a lecture on quantum super position… jus say’in.


From my point of view, I see the world already in a great state of progress. The more of us forerunners that can understand and progress, the more this consciousness raising can happen. Day after day as the real-reality is apprehended and understood the raising of the whole is being done. We, the forerunners, who have been rolling that rock uphill against the wind on an icy slope are making this possible. I have seen this happen for the last forty years – once I understood the principle. All of a sudden a little new awareness creeps into the hearts and minds of the masses and becomes a claimed ‘I-always-knew-that’ fact. When you ask them how they knew that, they can’t pin point it – just that – well, now that I think about it, I always knew that

This all relates back the Grant Cameron’s assertion that if you want to know about the answer to the UFO question, you have to understand consciousness. I have been saying for years that:

Consciousness IS the unified field.

What Grant says about downloads and contact modalities is correct too, from my point of view, because my first contact/download/telepathic experience was at 5 years old and brought on by extreme distress and yelling a question to god or whomever was out there and getting a full sensory/experiential answer that I remember 60 years later in total context. And it was all about love and unity, understanding and compassion. And I was only 5. It so profoundly changed my life, so totally colored my perspective that just about everything I did linked back to it. The experience simultaneously saved my life and my five year old heart and opened me to the rest of what came next in my life.

The lynch pin to the whole mess is Consciousness. Well, that and understanding that we already have a consciousness and part of that is connected to everything, everywhere, every time and yes, we still have to live it out here and share what we know to lovingly bring every other consciousness up in awareness and understanding that it is all – we are all inextricably connected, interwoven by this life force called consciousness.