What If?

What if

  • The trap we are caught in on this earth, this scientism point of view, is the cage itself?
  • We have been trained to be terribly afraid of the paranormal and any interaction with it – but that we have an entire side of our brains as a dedicated instrument to handle that world, the same way our left brains handle to nuts and bolts world? We are supposed to terrified of it so much so that we medicate those who can do this naturally to prevent them from doing it?
  • Our whole cultural world is structured with its acceptable behaviors and ways of seeing and doing against any intrusion of the right brain function -(wanna talk schizophrenia???) that we have been convinced from the moment we are ‘normalized’ into society that this is abnormal and that you could -50 years ago -get ‘locked-up’ in an asylum for such ‘behaviors’ – or today medicated to the hilt?
  • What we call disassociation or a dissociative event is actually just the functioning of the right brain in a very normal manner, but because of training we are scared sh*tless of it?
  • Shifting to this state of mind should be as natural as breathing and once we get used to it, it will become a both-and experience in which no shift is needed? It might just be a seamless state of being in a true normal brain?
  • That everything we do, that is considered a normal everyday experience is purposefully engineered to keep the very loud left brain spinning on all eight cylinders (with no muffler), so entrained that it has locked out the right brain by its very loud ‘busyness’?
  • There are many legends of the way people used to be – in greater unity with the earth, greater unity with each other and greater unity within the self. But in abandoning the entire right side of the brain – in turning the lights off in there and leaving – so to speak – it echoes in emptiness. And in so doing, it becomes our ‘dark’ side and it invites others to ride along within it hidden and unknown?
  • What if the so called disassociation that happens in a paranormal state is nothing more than walking through a door – or busting through the fence of ideas that keeps us restricted to ‘normal’ perceptive life? Instead it is higher functioning not malfunctioning?
  • What if the function of meditation is simply to be able to find the spot to walk through to that place and what if NDE’s are an explicit experience of what it is like to be in that mind without the noise of our everyday trained mind?
  • What if contact with the ‘para’ (meaning: beyond) normal and UFO’s and its increase of the frequency and intensity of those experiences once you’ve had one is simply acclimatizing the experiencer to such awarenesses thus making them easier in the future? (Practice makes it easier?)
  • What if once you have had an experience of this nature your DNA (which is a record not only of how to rebuild the body but also the experiences that the body has had) changes for good, thus making the actual perception of such things easier?
  • What if, the way we are, just as we are, we are already built to be this way and it takes no diet, practice (yoga, meditation…) thought pattern, whistle or bell (crystals, singing bowls, clothing etc.) to get there, what if all it takes is the apprehension of an idea, that V8 moment, that cracking open of the door that lets the light in and you go, “Oh my…”
  • What if enough of us have that V8 moment that it begins to leak into the subconscious consensus and one day we all just ‘get it’? I think that has happened already because I have noticed these ideas becoming easier and easier to apprehend and to talk about with others, because they get it – whether they’re aware of it or not – It’s noticeable!
  • What if it could be that easy? I’ve posited that on 2012 we did that jump and we are taking our good old time to discover it.

Maybe it is just that easy.




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