This is the “BIG-D”








Social media and videos


TV movies & broadcast media












plus a million more…


You name it, in one way or another you can link the ‘alien’ factor to the above. Different strokes for different folks – there is a way to get this information disseminated to every sector of the earth population.

So I haven’t been paying a lot attention to the current on-dit (gossip) about all the in fighting in the marketing sector of the alien presence, or who said what when – but it’s as good as a 1950’s movie rag. I dipped my toe into it for a minute this morning and for those who love that stuff, it’s an ooey-gooey, lovely, cinnabon-esque mess.

And you know what? It finally dawned on me that it doesn’t matter one whit who is right and who is wrong – the point is, has it got your mind on the ‘alien’ question????  Has it got your attention?  Hmmm????

Filtering up from the bottom of our everyday lives – from our subconscious awareness, the ‘alien’ element is silently creeping into mainstream awareness and consciousness. Like that 100th monkey effect, it’s on its way into normal culture, soon to be a regular piece of information, in the stealthiest campaign ever.

Just stand back and look at all the areas of so called normal life the idea has crept into. Take a really good look. Just the fact that you can look and see it says volumes. So folks, this IS disclosure. One day this idea of real aliens will just BE in our culture without any debate or thinking, and everybody will just nod their heads when you bring the topic up like it was something they learned in their mother’s womb.

Good or bad? Who knows, but mark my words – THIS IS THE BIG “D”. You are living through it right now at this very moment.

Heads up!!


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