Hunting the Smell of Chocolates

Thoughts are energy.

All energy is a frequency, a wave. That wave has peaks and troughs. How often those ups and downs happen is called resonance.

Resonance is a unit of frequency…a note. Pluck a string on a piano and the guitar in the same room with a string in ratio (harmony) to that note will sound.

With that in mind, it behooves us to examine our daily thoughts and judgments, our errant ideas and day dreams that float through usually without our notice. Inspect each and every one of your thoughts and intentions (especially intentions because they are thought below thought…) with that in mind. What is your resonance? It is a sort of meditation.

Therefor finding your bliss is like hunting the smell of chocolates that gently waft through on the wind. Sometimes it’s so insubstantial that you must stop and breathe deeply, anchor the deliciousness and follow where it gets stronger. I agree with Mitch Horowitz on what you dreamed when you were a wee little thing is what eventually shapes your life. So I hope you dreamt big. I hope you dreamt love. Those are the things that lead to all else. Your magical child has kept all those dreams for you. So, go hunt the smell of chocolate.

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