I may be crazy…

One single group of people keep showing up at the core of this whole mess. “They say” it’s for our own good to change the world.

Tom DeLonge @tomdelonge


Everyone will know the reality soon, and unfortunately it’s just not something to laugh at. It’s pretty unnerving, with some bad news, some good news, and with that in mind- all we can do is deal with it honestly and openly.

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I want to know “who” they think they are that they can judge my own mind and soul? It irks me.

It’s like they are manipulating the information for whatever reason, softening a blow of some sort. Well, there are times when information should be less than fantastic because that’s a “wake-up call”. Maybe we all need to smell the coffee?

It’s called learning – the hard way in the school of hard knocks. We need to know the scope of things so we can decide for ourselves instead of making up stories in our heads and guessing. If you face a hard truth, you grow from it, you do things you never thought you were capable of. I’ve seen it happen.

It’s obvious when there is manipulation going on. It feels so wrong. And yet, it’s as if that is the sum total of the lesson because that is all that is going on. Spin. Ultimately you can’t ‘save’ anybody, you can’t soften a blow because it is a blow, a strike, an action of harm. But with enough information ducking is a good option.

So this must be damage management? Damage that has already occurred? Or damage on its way that we have yet to feel the sting of?

And see?? Here I go imagining, guessing at what it will be. Experience has taught me that what was in my mind, my fears, are always worse than whatever it turned out to be. To quote Billy Joel:

You may be right

I may be crazy

But it just may be a lunatic you’re looking for

Turn out the light

Don’t try to save me

You may be wrong for all I know

But you may be right

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