The ‘Area 51’ Social Experiment … party

What does social experiment mean?

A social experiment is a type of research done in fields like psychology or sociology to see how people behave in certain situations or how they respond to particular policies or programs. Informal, personal, and humorous experimentation, such as pranks, is sometimes also referred to as a social experiment.   From <>

By now, to most of us (I would hope) it is obvious that the Face Book hoax to storm Area 51 was a very sneaky way to take the temperature of the peanut gallery on whether people wanted some real information about aliens. I would say that the answer to that question is an overwhelming, big, fat;


While there is no accounting for how people would really act if they were face to face with any being that is different from them and right now this is a game with no consequences, this tells some people that a huge part of the population wants to know. Couple of questions here, though;

  1. what if they find that ‘aliens’ – people who look just like us are all over the place on a daily basis, living amongst us? We are still dealing with our racial bias to the rest of the people who live here that we do know about…ahem
  2. what if the ‘aliens’ (gasp) look different, (sigh) really different? Will we end up having to deal with the cat calls of demons and such?
  3. what if they have special powers and everybody wants their own personal ‘alien’ to solve all their problems? Or fix the earth etc..?
  4. what if they are not physical but energy and we can’t see them and nobody believed the truth when they were told it?
  • for that matter –
  1. there is the point that we have been so lied to that they could parade anything out in front of us and we wouldn’t believe it??? Hmmmm?

The possibilities are endless.

But we sure want to know – or think we do. That much is a very obvious result of the experiment. What a sneaky way to take a national pole on this.

Stepping back a few feet – with the current national spin on UFO’s in the media, and the advent of TTSA and the Wilson Docs, the only thing that we are currently choking on IS the alien question. Not that we have stuff we’ve all paid for with our tax dollars that is flying around in the sky that we know nothing about officially (yeah, we expect our gov’t to be innovative and all) but we are having problems with real beings. Maybe beings that were copied from pictures that were made of foam and then shot on film and pretended that it was real – but presented with the slightest possibility that there are real beings, we find it hard to swallow – not how they were treated – but that they exist at all. Which I find curious in light of the Area 51 experiment. We, the people who supposedly have a bit more information are the ones choking on this. Now, I understand that’s primarily an effect of point number 5 above, but really, how many of us are secretly signed up to the ‘Storm Area 51 Event’?

Funny though, now that they have their results they also have a whole bunch of people who will probably show up – and they better get ready to throw a Great Big Area 51 Party. Real. Party. Charge admission, supply food, facilities (porta potties, water), have some camo guys do a couple of talks on various topics, mingle and make folks welcome. I even blogged about this already:

Media-touristy Circus

I got a kick out of Jimmy’s opening thoughts on Fade to Black last night. So the guberment is closed. Notice how everything is still running, people are still working, there are no riots in the streets and no mass-idiocy going on.

So, since the same thing happened Dec.17th 2017 when they announced the flying ships on radar were not ours and they tried to make a media circus of that, I propose they pay for the shut down by opening up a section of Area 51 as a tourist destination.

Just think of it! We will not freak-out about seeing the aliens, we would want our picture taken standing next to one. Then we’d want the t-shirt and hat to go with it, maybe a jacket too. We’d have to get the kids something so we’d purchase the alien replica with led eyes that cycle through the rainbow – the perfect night light for all ages and maybe that remote control UFO for under the tree next Christmas. And who wouldn’t want the walking talking fuzzy logic AI reptilian mini-robot too, to say nothing of stopping at the cafeteria for some real honest to goodness replicated food – just like on Star Trek (“Earl Grey hot!”)

We might even decide to spend the extra money on the super-duper Bob Lazar tour where his history is told while you walk through a lovely exhibit that uses holograms like Star Wars (“Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi!”) and at the end you get your picture taken with the Sport Model ship.

There could be a 3D theater where you get to see and feel what it is like to ride in a saucer and maybe for the really well off – an actual ride!

Just think of all the marketing ideas that could come out of it… Aaaaaand nobody would freak – not a single person, and they’d have the top tourist destination in the world, for a while that is, until Trump opens his new Trump Tower hotel on the moon (a 1000 stories high).


So, now it’s in their lap. I wonder what they will do?


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