A special kind of tipping point, or a massacree…

If you are from a fantasy world where the best opportunity is chosen for the planet and not just some of the people, this Area 51 ‘party’ could become a special kind of tipping point for a whole new paradigm in the UFO field.

It’s really hard to change the minds of a million people especially when they all have a bee up their bonnet. It helps to gently redirect a hoard of people when they are already in motion. Right now the opportunity exists to do that energetically on social media and other media outlets before physical action towards the destination has occurred.

To be very simple about this, IF nothing is done and people end up at the destination THEN there will 2 options, a positive outcome or a negative outcome.

We have all speculated about the negative outcome, social media has been peppered with all sorts of crasicity, ignorance and usual low vibe junk. What about planning for a positive contingency instead? I know a wrote a tongue in cheeky article yesterday about this, but in reality I was serious.

IMO I don’t see any way to prevent people from showing up especially because there are some out there that would just love to turn this into a gov’t against the people massacree and will show up just to help that along. HOWEVER, if we could just analyze HOW MUCH MONEY IS MADE AT THE LARGE UFO CONVENTIONS, hire some really savvy people from Vegas to get this together in a month or so, you could create one of the biggest mass turn arounds in positive feeling for the gov’t private tech and research sector ever, re-instilling a great deal of trust back into the people for the entire situation. In fact, TTSA should have thought of this.

Talk about money makers and missed opportunities. Ahem.

  1. this would put a severe limit on any kind of shenanigans that some thought they would get away with.
  2. it would create (dare I say it) unity in the community
  3. ramp up respect in the mass culture for the dollars spent and research done
  4. be one of the biggest air shows in history (without compromising the hidden stuff)
  5. be that opportunity to introduce to the public some technology they couldn’t figure out how to show before
  6. it could ALL occur OUTSIDE the gates.
  7. it might cost a bit of money – so charge admission
  8. the grass roots folksy approach would go a million miles towards softening opinions towards the current mess
  9. it might help the idiots in control see that people are willing to help out with their money if we could see some cool tech. I’d pay. (bucket list)
  10. it’s just a better way to do it. Go with the flow. Utilize the gathering to create the …’spin’… you’ve always wanted on the subject.

Hell, can’t you see a great opportunity when its staring you in the face?


Or, it could go a lot like this:



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