The Spectrum



noun: spectrum; plural noun: spectra; plural noun: spectrums


      • a band of colors, as seen in a rainbow, produced by separation of the components of light by their different degrees of refraction according to wavelength.
      • the entire range of wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation.
        noun: the spectrum
      • an image or distribution of components of any electromagnetic radiation arranged in a progressive series according to wavelength.
      • an image or distribution of components of sound, particles, etc., arranged according to such characteristics as frequency, charge, and energy.

Just because we have only a limited itsy-bitsy piece of understanding about the whole magnetic spectrum we think we have to define our wholeness within an even smaller quanta. In the second bullet point of the above definition, we could, if we accepted we didn’t stop at our skin ( the whole non-local thing) learn to become aware in various ways of the rest of the human condition, not just the teensy bit we have been told to notice. The same goes for the UFO field, the paranormal field, medicine, consciousness: it doesn’t even really have to be a fringy topic – actually everything has somehow morphed into this type of thinking lately.

Spectrums can go way outside of the left/right expected norms – obviously – at one end of our sight we have heat, and at the other we have ultra violet. Just because we can’t see them it doesn’t mean they don’t exist or can’t have meaning in our world – otherwise we’d freeze and there would be no tanning beds or ways to search for dog pee…

It just is utter ridiculousness to me that people today can’t seem to wrap their heads around this concept. It seems that empiricism has created a new cage that most of us feel comfortable in. (empiricism = if you can’t see it or measure it, it’s not real), either that or we are terrified to be the first to show that we just might have an out of the box thought – about out of the box things!! (‘Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!’ Is now ‘Ghosts and Daemons and ET’s Oh My!!’) Not to mention how this tendency has been weaponized in politics of late. (Bread and Circus) Grant Camron likes to remind us that UFO’s don’t need lights to fly and that the meta-materials are dropped for our benefit, not because a ‘ship’ is malfunctioning. I have to say I agree.

We have been taught to latch on to either-or thinking like it’s heroin of the mind. While being encouraged to forget anything we have ever experienced about the both-and. Both-and is the spectrum. Both-and is being able to say, I’m waiting for more data and being able to recognize that data when you get it even if it doesn’t fit that ‘ideal’ idea you have of what you want to see in your head.

There is nothing intelligent about limiting your options or closing down or boxing in your information because it will not fit what you want. Not only that, IMO, real intelligence involves being able to make analogies between systems to learn new things. Real intelligence realizes those systems interact, or are ‘entangled’ such that if you jangle something over here, way over there in a totally sometimes utterly unrelated way, you get a result from that jangle – and being able to see it, catch it, and use it.

At the rate we are going, pretty soon we will not be able to understand anything anymore. As it is the schools are teaching our children to become morons and the GMO’s and vaccines and wifi are helping. Just wait until 5G is wide spread. Speaking of education, of course we can’t understand and don’t know what type of beings we are communicating with mentally and these beings are a spectrum – just like we humans are, so for those who do this type of thing (channelers, psychics and CE-5 ers) because we can’t allow ourselves the option of functioning that way and thus expanding our perceptive abilities and knowledge base, but if we could, that would enable us to do so much more with a choice in the matter. Imagine being blind walking down the city street and making a wrong turn into a blue district and what kind of trouble you could run into with no intension of doing so.

Here’s a little idea – what if we all feel this impending pressure that something is different and at the tipping point because the technology they have now and are using – the black world tech – actually changes the frequency of energy throughout the world and we are all waking up because the very thing they are hiding from us is causing it? Think spectrum….

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