The Sleeper


It’s not so much that that we have to wake up, as to just pull our heads out of our asses.

There should be a light on behind those eyes. You don’t actually have leave the planet to break-away, once you see the spell you are under and shake yourself free of it so that you could be walking around lit up all by yourself but not a part of the hypnosis – the dream – not asleep.

I spent some time in the dream last night with people who were like me, somewhat, talking about this. I was so fired up when I woke up! It requires no one else to waken – no school of thought, mystery school, special teaching, system, dogma or anything else. It just requires that you know there is a dream – you perceive (and I hate to use this word) the difference between sleeping and awake and at the same time be able to identify it in others out in the world.

You don’t have to be special or smart or ‘enlightened’ – nothing weird, you just need to ‘see’ it. That is what I learned last night in the dream of the dreamer. It used to be that the ones awakened in the dream were separate, they walked with a better understanding through life and didn’t expect that there were others or that they were different – until the internet where diverse people could finally communicate. As of late I have been trying to delineate this odd differentness I’ve noticed. This was going to be called ‘Seclusion’, instead, I’m putting it here.

I have been in a sort of homespun seclusion for the last two years for a number of reasons and I have spent a lot of time in my home in my back yard, surrounded by huge loving trees and flowers – within their protective cocoon. I do errands and such, but not much where it will bring me into direct contact with, well, people. Regular people. I am friendly with most of the people who work in the places I do my errands and they are friendly with me. These are mostly older adults my age over 60… these people have a different ‘feel’ to them than the younger people out there.

These people didn’t get a million vaccinations when they were young. They grew up with a different ethic towards how you treat people. They ate mostly wholesome home grown or ethically grown foods and they weren’t chemtrailed on until the 80’s – well after their brains were developed. They knew about the consequences of their actions and they didn’t expect a free ride or instant fizzy fame. There was no internet, much less an internet of things and they weren’t literally swimming in an artificial soup of created man made frequencies. They didn’t have their noses stuck in any kind of device all day and they actually went out to play …barefoot! They earthed without knowing how special it was, because everybody did. They were part of the ‘Out the door at dawn, and back at dusk, bike riding, swimming, sprinklering run the neighborhood gang’ that were fortunate if they owned an AM battery operated transistor radio. I’m part of that gang.

When effects creep up on you so slowly that you don’t notice you become inured – accustomed, programed to them. You never notice how big the change is until you get to stop – or hide, the equivalent of going into the cave on the mountain top like a sage, where it all stops and you have a chance to get reacquainted with yourself and how you feel. Occasionally you wind up off the mountain for supplies and it is then you get to see what is really going on with people. What I have noticed is stunning. (to me) It’s been in my face – like a slap. That means I’d better take notice.

The young work force in the 18-28-ish age range have no respect for anything they do. They put no personal effort into the world. (most of them) They are self-righteous and if they look at you and assess you have no meaning to them, as in there is nothing you can give them – or they’d want from you, they are downright obnoxious in their behaviour to you. It’s almost as if they are addressing you with the same uncouth attitude they use on social media. It’s like that type of thinking and behaviour is now the norm in the ‘real’ world. And if you have grey hair, you are a non-person, you don’t count and they are extra obnoxious to you.

I don’t like that I am seeing the social media behaviour of ‘I can say anything to you because you can’t come through the phone and smack me for it’ out in the world. It means that that behaviour is being normalized in the culture. (damn me for not seeing that it was a possibility!!) Maybe it’s because people spend so much time on social media that that type of thinking is now dominant in their minds? They are trained, programmed, accustomed to it such that it is now indistinguishable from polite society?

The other thing I am seeing out in the world is this emptiness in people’s eyes – like they are not even there – like nothing is in there. That is scary. Very. Scary. It’s like they are dead inside. Hollow, even. There is no light, no perception, no connection – nobody home.

Two years ago, I was too busy and immersed in the out there world to know or notice this. I didn’t see it. There is the possibility that it could have gotten this bad in two years – about the time 5G was trialed here in Indy, maybe it’s the combination of both? Either way, half the people are entitled little children and the other half are not home.

(Wild speculation – the sci-fi writer in me thinks maybe we have been slowly peopled by automatons switched out in the night by aliens. The young entitled ones know it’s a waiting game before they have the planet all to themselves – except for diverse pockets of real people they can’t get to, like us old people who are still real people. Lol)

I do, however think there is a very insidious mind control program going on. Program, the main word here, through the use of 5G and everything else that is out there detailed in the notes I just published from 5 years ago, that was already old before the internet. That is why I am concerned enough to write this because if the patents and the research was old in the eighties imagine what it has morphed into now.

This is why I expect to see things like the last two shootings happen. Why I expect more weird things will be happening.

With that in mind, I think there are break away societies that are not only technically advanced, I think there are break away people, groups, societies and civilizations, (those words only delineate how many people in a given group) that are more along the lines of soul advanced. There are quite a diverse number of groups out there to whom the technology revolution is meaningless. They have understood that the societal structure is bogus, meaningless and an opium, a deterrent to waking up.

Sadly, there are people who walk through life with ‘eyes wide open’ who never think to meet others like them, or who have troubles with the sleeping masses and never think to see the difference in themselves or know they have awakened. They come up out of the dream, change their focus and think it will solve for X and willingly go back under. Others write, create music or art to handle the pain this causes, or they use. (alcohol drugs addiction) It is Occam’s razor every day to them. There are the artists and the poets the dreamers who are more than likely to be singular break always (single walkers). There are people who are already awake and take it upon themselves to help some of the most vulnerable, creatively great single walkers and they are the great muses.

Once you awaken, IMO, part of graduation is to understand what being awake is, not get caught in just another part of the dream, your new design for the perfect life. When you separate yourself from the rest of the people, sometimes we call Ego in to take over, and ego loves the dream. Ego reigns forever in the dream. This can set you up for the greatest illness of all, that of discounting those asleep to the point that they become ‘things’ instead of people who sleep. There is a fine line between waking and hubris, which is a dream of its own – a trick to send the awakening back to sleep into yet another dream…one yet harder to awaken from.

We, on this planet are allowed to have as many dreams as we want – being that this a free will planet – sort of. To slide back into the game in different positions, to ‘be’ anything we want and each time we slide back into oblivion – unawareness – we become the dreamer with in the dream that is dreaming the dream….

How many layers of sleep-dream are there? Maybe it depends on which symbolic structure you place yourself within, identify with? Or, what you ‘think’ you are /(ego) as what you have identified yourself as, the name you have given yourself. But that is not the entire real. For Example, have you noticed that 5G tech and 5D tech have become interchangeable? There is a sort of entanglement in the two terms going on. I’ll just let that sit there…

Being awake in the dream is just as hard as waking up in the morning to an alarm clock. Both require a certain amount of attention, continued notice to manage, but we must.

Take a look at all the things that don’t make sense to you in your life that the world says this is the way it works, and yet it doesn’t, no matter how hard you try. There you will discover a piece of programing that is designed to keep you trying in an endless loop. Then look at what is really going on inside you because that is the doorway out. Unless you still need that nap?

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