4:14 a.m. I am awake and not going back to sleep…

I think everybody has empty spaces.

I think everyone may have ‘riders’.

I think we are not what we apprehend we are or think we are.

We end up putting so much attention on the ‘I’ part, the me, that we forget to live in concert with life.

I certainly do. I realized when I woke that I am still trying to be spiritually better THAN – wiser THAN… and this part of me is desperate. This part of me still thinks that is the key to freedom in this place. In thinking so, I shut out the all-that-is. I like to pontificate (express one’s opinions in a way considered annoyingly pompous and dogmatic).

I did an inventory, went through my behaviour of late. I have not been kind to those that stumble, who have chosen such hard lessons. It is hard to remember that I am seeing illness and not a true soul expression. I respond with protection and deflection, and it’s not about the truth of what I see, it is about how I choose to handle it and I slip up on living this all the time.

I trespass on my own ethic.

We all do, we use the excuse that we are only human, but it is time to grow up, examine our behaviours and maybe decide on some changes. Sometimes to do that you have to venture down into the dark to emerge into the light. We our selves are riders in the physical bodies we inhabit for they are intelligences themselves, actually colonies of intelligences acting in concert and the body lives without our input. We merely ride within them. And they work their literal asses off for us. We ‘think’ we are the body – we misidentify as the body and when disease robs us of the choice to be as we would – as our time in this body has taught us, this misidentification becomes dominant. I wittness a soul lost and in pain with no ease to be found as the moments take the ego (the me part) further and further from being in this now. We as a race also struggle with this by design or neglect – tis a mystery.

As this loss of spark – joy/passion is dulled by the dust of countless years, we form empty spaces and in these spaces we collect riders. Some we are born with, some we acquire through our choices. But they are there, none the less. We are usually too busy to notice, to self-absorbed to want to notice.

These riders are… many things, a spectrum of intelligences of all kinds that find attachment through frequency harmonics. They mostly ride along journeying the journey with us. Sometimes helping, sometimes hindering but always in concert with or in harmony with the dominant attitude of the ego and the over-arching soul lesson in the current incarnation.

These riders, these intelligences, I am convinced, are INDIGENOUS.

Indigenous to this earth. They have lived here side by side with us forever. They are the unseen. Unrecognized. Just as our trees are smart and our animals are smart – these intelligences are way smarter than us, some of them, and they choose to be hidden, for the most part. They are ‘both-and’ – good and bad – happy and mad – they are just like us – some of them are very angry at us – others of them wish to help us grow up – all the things you could ascribe to ET intelligences, so do these intelligences exhibit.

But here’s the thing, if you have been stuck here on this planet with us assholes, and your historic name was Jinn, Fae, or angel/demon, would you want to make friends with us? I think not. Gee, capture a genie and you get three wishes! Is it any wonder those wishes are a trickster lesson??? How would you like it if the whole world thought you looked like Tinkerbelle? And if I was an angel stuck here, the first thing I would want after I was over humanity and its idiocy would be a bottle of great single malt and a smoke… I would want someone to perceive my humanity – to know me rather than want something from me. To talk to me instead of fear/worship me. To be something other than invisible or usable to a human.

But that is too much to ask for humans.

(I’m a human too – I feel really rotten about this and what I see happening around me everyday. The decision to come off the mountain and into practice was the hardest one I’ve made, and probably sometimes, the stupidest one too as I feel like I wander the deep dark forbidding Mordor.)

Have you ever wondered why this mystery has accelerated, become so dominant in society recently – this ET/consciousness/phenomena? (in the recent 100 yrs. or so) IMO, because: we in our scientific hubris began tearing apart (literally shredding) the space time continuum and probably their environment. (like ruining the rain forest) We needed to be stopped because we are not advanced enough to even consider that other life forms live here that we cannot see and because we began to destroy their world! Just look at what the humans have done to date, what the invasions of other indigenous humans by humans turned out like – how we treat others as things…. If I were them I would not expect any difference towards myself. I’d hide and never come out. Wouldn’t you?

That is until their ecosystem and their world began to be devastated by the hand of human kind. That even attracted the real ET’s for the same reason. Then I’d want to step up my game and begin to educate the human population about my presence so that one day soon, the devastation would stop. I’d be forced to reveal myself, in one way or another. It would have to be a program of education to start and it would have to occur within the populace as a whole, not with the governing bodies. Grass roots. It would have to appear from out of the murky twilight of our minds like an idea who’s time has come. Because after centuries of hiding in specifically constructed spiritual/social/thinking structures that didn’t allow looking/seeing, the opposite now has to occur.

Some of this (a lot of this) is not all love and light – there are some intelligences out there who are pretty pissed off at some of the humans who are always screwing things up for their own and nobody else’s gain. And through time many have been hurt and betrayed on purpose for human gain – slavery – used as a commodity. Same as humans use other use humans, or animals, or the planet or anything else they come across that suits their fancy…

So what’s new?

(but, what do I know?)

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