…”I know nothing! Nothing…”

Everything we have ever thought has been wrong… (paraphrase)

-Giorgio A. Tsoukalos

There has been the truth and then there has been the ‘world’ that everyone tries to live in. There is the accepted narrative and then there is what is real. It’s as messed up as a bad dream. In trying to grasp the bigger picture, including the phenomenal unseen part of this world that lives outside of the accepted narrative, I had had to re-look at the dark side of things and I am still of the opinion that maybe the dark side is the dark side because it wants to stay hidden, ergo, why we don’t ever see it, much less perceive it.

I seem to run into people destined to teach me about the real dark side of the human psyche, probably because it’s as natural as breathing for me to see most people as good. My belief structure begins with hope, not facts. I’m considering it a disability at this phase of my life. Trust me. There is a lot of entropy, mayhem and nastiness I just don’t have the heart for anymore.

We are caught in a reductionist system where there are no rewards and if you manage to get ahead, they manage to take it from you. It took me 65 years to look. It’s interesting how you must see the dark, or run and hide in a system, religion or the acceptable narrative – a mind cage, but once you look the ‘dark side’, even if it has cookies, is just as structured as its opposite. Either-or, is not out of the mind cage – it’s just the other side INSIDE of the cage. So when you look for truth, you can’t find it. It doesn’t exist in the mind cage because the mind cage’s whole purpose is to hide the truth.

This place, this earth in all its various dimensions is a Nexus Point. (People tend to use this word to describe the point where different things or ideas come together or intersect. From ) Some pretty wild and odd beings exist here right along with all us mundane people, and we don’t have the faintest idea of the whole reality of it. All sorts of energies cross here, are attracted here since the beginning of time even before the electric currents coalesced into matter, beings of all types were drawn here. Drawn here when this place was just an idea in the greater attractor, when it was building this system.

It occurs to me that the beings that do not live in 3D, even some that do, could be so different in their apprehension of the ‘real’ that we would have no way to decode it even if we were mighty telepaths. We are caught in our infancy in a world primarily made of fancy glittery toys both literally and figuratively, most of which were designed not to teach us, but preoccupy us so we don’t bother mommy and daddy… Even so, imagine if we were immortal, I still don’t think that you could figure out how this 3D system worked because you would only see it from the point of view of living in a body – you might be more sophisticated about it but…

We expect any life form we come across to conform to our sense of reason and values like; good and bad and to feel and act like we do. BIG, big mistake. Cliff High explained it once and I have never forgotten that the vagus system supports the development of our emotional lability (movement and variation) it’s almost like another operating system in tandem with the brain and spinal nerves. And that without this very structure we wouldn’t have any emotion or the values feelings engender. Imagine a species that didn’t understand our emotion that didn’t have a mammalian vagus nerve system – they would be unable to find meeting ground with us, much less understand our thoughts and short hand in our minds or our moral codes and ethics. Their understanding would have a completely different set of values depending on how they perceived reality and what their structures of organization were capable of real-ize-ing.

At this level, we cannot call judgement down upon them, or their actions, and we may meet many like them. The only way we will be able to communicate or coexist is to dialogue and explore what and how they see and perceive the matter structures around them and their lives. And yet, we expect all that we find out there to conform to our structured organization, when even upon this earth there are those that exist entirely differently than we do.


What if these marvelous bodies we wear were actually constructed to be Avatars? What if they were so perfect that we forgot that fact? What if one of the modifications to the Avatar was to insert the vagal nerve system (which some cultures actually identify as the second spine) to actually create the pathway to being-ship – to emotional intelligence – to being ensouled?

What is the difference between high order emotional intelligence and just high intelligence? Maybe sensation = more data, because emotions contain a key component of perceptual information and add another depth or dimension to awareness?

This allows the blossoming of ethics, morals and impulse motivation. It is usually the reason behind almost every action. The why. The intention (inner-tention). The want/need/desire/emotion at the back, the origin point for every motivation or action. Without it, we would not know right from wrong, or have any sense of fairness.

Fairness means to be impartial or just. In Sanskrit the word is: sakshi, meaning wittness or the observer. It also means being unbiased, neutral and integral (whole or undivided). The advantage of this perceptual position is a higher perspective to discover an overarching governing principle or wider understanding of the observation for guidance.

However, there is still an emotional component. There is still a heart behind the intelligence seeking the larger picture for understanding, or the search would never occur in the first place because why would they care enough to even think that way? Why would they ask why? Why is the emotional resonance of understanding, of attempting to stand in another’s shoes… in my books there really is no true neutral position, unless you have psychopathy. That is a prime example of intelligence free of any higher developed emotion.

The crux of knowing right from wrong is how it “feels”. The ability to dream, to create, to survive on hope comes from our emotional intelligence. This type of intelligence is going to be very important in dealing with getting to know other species. It will also be very important to know whether other species have it or not, because then we will know if understanding is possible in the way we are used to operating, or if another structure is needed to understand those we might potentially meet.

We really have no idea at all, do we?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9q1vinVqSo https://youtu.be/3HA1kBiafm0