No injuries when I awoke. I made it to 5:30 am.

I caught Kerry Cassidy’s live stream yesterday. She had on someone who’s in the asteroid-planet X camp. They talked about how all the observatories are closed bc CV. And speculated that all the earth’s wonkiness is being caused by the gravitic disturbance of a larger body. That CV was a ruse to keep us in shelter bc of the incoming debris of the planet X. Which of course had me thinking of Carol Rosin’s time line and Randy Cramer’s time line that he has talked about in recent interviews. I’m not sure why his time line has stuck with me – but it has.

    • Virus
    • Civil war ( we are piss poor at that – all we want is peace)
    • Super Power war (we don’t want that either)
    • Alien invasion
      1. Blame it all on them
      2. Limited air to ground action
      3. Excuse to get rid of all the underground bases
      4. Will be with an insectoid race (who are our friends and bc hive mind, when the die they are not lost they are just reborn)
      5. To get people to focus on a planetary level
      6. And…. Bring out some of the ‘big tech’
    • New aliens arrive who are very human to ‘help’
    • We win: We break through the glass ceiling on three important points
      1. ET embargo
      2. Trade embargo (with rest of the solar system and other places)
      3. Consciousness embargo

I even dreamt of friendly bugs with big fractal eyes and proboscises night before last. They were friendly.

Is CV the event? Is the asteroid debris part of the event? Is this currently the event, the happening, the whatever? (so right here is when the answer came through)

Whatever because we are stuck here. Whatever because if you live 3D, then your main task is to BE 3D. To live well, to ‘come up to snuff’ where the planet and the human organism (the entire planetary biomass of all 3D who live here) are healthy for the earth. THAT is what must be done by us. 3D work.

Even if you are a ‘so-called’ ruler or steward and hate the rest of us useless eaters, guess what? You are 3D too. Because of your hate and separatism, you have managed to make quite the mess, and “Until you clean your room up, you can’t come out of it.” It’s one of those JUST-DOOO-IT things,  Git-er Done…

I guess that message has already been delivered. I’m feeling like they are such children, they don’t even know how to delegate or use the resources they do have. All they can do is mess people up for their own glorification, manipulate and lie, tying hearts and minds up in confused knots.

That is why I republished the ‘The deer’s cry’ yet again – “At Tara in this fateful hour”… because it is a fateful hour on all levels: spiritual, magical, physical – all of it, because it is now.

Wake up now.

Look now.

Cast the light now.

Extend the love now.

Invoke your souls now.

Stand as one planet now.

Now is exactly the time.

Now is gathering.

Now is here.


All the peoples on this planet, corporeal and not, earthlings and others,

All who reside with, within, and around,

It Is Now.


Not someday, not when and if, not maybe – but,



No more waiting: for Q, for the ET’s, for the Gods,

No more sitting, watching, or gnashing of teeth,

We have arrived at that time.

It is now.


We are the magic

We are the protection

We are the power

We are the healers

And we must all activate because,


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