Direct perception vs. metaphor; what if the only way we can perceive anything is through metaphor? It would make a thought a metaphor of a metaphor and story, a third generation of that metaphor… therefore what I think and think I know could be so wrong due to what I was taught, my whole cosmology could be off.

For instance, I was very young when I began to be aware of the ‘Space Brothers’ – Adamski young… back in the 50’s and I was not even a teenager so I was also very impressionable. Then came Star Trek and 2001, and I remember struggling with 2001, because it didn’t fit the meme of ET I had already consumed. At the very bottom of my cosmology I want ET’s to be what I learned back then and I realize I have always struggled to fit them into that vision. I struggled to survive in this world back then, and the hope that vision presented helped me to hang on.

This morning I saw that the Space Brothers meme is still quite alive and functioning in my subconscious and getting in the way of any true perception I’m trying to have. In thinking through the dream that I awoke with I realized that my programming was still going strong. I was standing outside with a whole group of people, looking at the sky as Grant Cameron was explaining about the long, classical mother ships in orbit around the planet in bands that were ‘protecting’ us that we could actually see in broad daylight. Well, in decoding that, I realized this could actually be the Starlink project and strings of satellites as the motherships. Then the idea struck me – what if they actually were a weapons based platform to actually protect us from an actual threat from space?

Then I laughed, because in considering that the next thought was (and I’m sure a lot of you have thought about this) what if, the ET meme is actually the last ‘ace’ up the sleeve of the deep state? They do have us so nicely programmed – could the ET meme be their master plan to foist a one world government on us? Everything stops as we all turn our eyes skyward. Even the smallest child on the planet knows what an ET is these days – they’ve only spent the last 50 years educating us about it. We are fully brainwashed, prepared.

Then all they would have to do is bring up ALIEN viruses and the vaccine meme will light on fire! I wouldn’t put it past those buggers to pop that on the planet, as we have also been trained to be so highly xenophobic. We are also stupid enough to fall for it. Then all they’d have to say is that 5G is a protection net for our own good and a space defense platform; it is the wackiest sci-fi plot ever and it just might work…

Then, with 5G in place and everyone vaccinated against the alien virus, imagine that it might be a way to directly implant, feed into the minds of the public, synthetic telepathic contact that makes us all feel like we are all in direct contact. We would never be able to distinguish the real from the unreal. Its been a hundred year training program, and its been very effective.

A big lie (German: große Lüge) is a propaganda technique. The expression was coined by Adolf Hitler, when he dictated his 1925 book Mein Kampf, about the use of a lie so “colossal” that no one would believe that someone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously”.

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

― adolf hitler

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And as the world falls a part, and governments crash and people die from strange viruses and food shortages, we will all be standing looking at the sky with our jaws open…

Don’t feed the memes…(again)

Over the past couple of weeks, just as the riots broke out and because I’m old, I smelled at rat. I remember protesting in ’68. I remember Kent State. My boyfriend was at UofI and he and a whole bunch of people stood with arms linked around the big glass windows of the science dept. so that it was not wrecked. I remember. So I knew a mischief of rats were involved… (a mischief is the word for a group of rats, and I think it is quite fitting.)

There was quite a disconnect for me because I remember that we had been there and done that already and some of us still have the T-shirts to prove it.

Astrologically most of this was predicted and I listen to Laura Eisenhower and Austin Coppock and they were making sense, and then today Clif High also made some sense from the theoretical plasma universe theory and woo energies from space effecting human brains and agitation. So when a friend of mine who’s political opinion I respect brought up the three days over the solstice as an unprecedented time for incoming energies and their confustication by others, I got caught in a planetary meme the like of which I really hadn’t ever experienced before. So just to be clear a meme is:

The word meme was coined by Richard Dawkins in his 1976 book The Selfish Gene as an attempt to explain how ideas replicate, mutate and evolve (memetics).[1] The concept of the Internet meme was first proposed by Mike Godwin in the June 1993 issue of Wired. In 2013, Dawkins characterized an Internet meme as being a meme deliberately altered by human creativity—distinguished from biological genes and his own pre-Internet concept of a meme, which involved mutation by random change and spreading through accurate replication as in Darwinian selection.[2] Dawkins explained that Internet memes are thus a “hijacking of the original idea”, the very idea of a meme having mutated and evolved in this new direction.[3] Furthermore, Internet memes carry an additional property that ordinary memes do not: Internet memes leave a footprint in the media through which they propagate (for example, social networks) that renders them traceable and analyzable.[4]

Common Attributes

There are two central attributes of internet memes: creative reproduction of materials and intertextuality. Creative reproduction refers to “parodies, remixes, or mashups,” and include notable examples such as “Hitler’s Downfall Parodies,”[5] and “Nyan Cat,” among others. Intertextuality is demonstrated in example of a collision of Korean culture “Gangnam style” and “binders full of women,” a 2012 Mitt Romney presidential debate’s assertion, in Psy’s meme with “my binders full of women” written on it. This indexes intertextual practices in political and cultural discourses of two nations.[5] Internet meme – Wikipedia

The interesting thing at this point in time to me was just how fast this all burned through the population. The main theme of the meme was not it’s obvious context, but its underlying effect, that of divisiveness. Of any kind, and no, I’m not listing them – that’s not the point. Interestingly enough there has been actual study on this rapid fire transmission of memes and their use to insert (inoculate, vaccinate) ideas into the culture and it’s called a Viral Meme:

An epidemiological approach is adopted to develop a model of viral meme propagation. The successful implementation in the modelling of meme spread as reflected in Internet search data shows that memes may be treated as infectious entities when modelling their propagation over time and across societies.

All thanks to the speed of the internet and social media-idiocy. And yes, I bought into it myself for aprox. 2 days and I did what I did fifty plus years ago and linked up to the energies and sent white light…etc. I couldn’t figure out why I felt so ill, sick, tired and depressed. What I wanted to do was hold Gaia in light and love. What really happened was that I got trapped in a huge energy vortex – created through the use of the meme (I’m almost certain) that was sucking up the energies of BOTH sides – what ever those sides were. So above what ever the names used to describe those sides, the meme created a huge vortex of energy that was going somewhere to do something totally different from those names. Once I pulled out of any ‘sided’ perspective I noticed, because I felt better, physically and mentally. Now I don’t feel like my very life force is getting syphoned off through a firehose .

This is interesting, because the amount of people feeding this meme is enormous, and a huge amount of energy is going somewhere, is feeding something immense. It’s a mischief….

Thought it deserved an FYI….

P.s. I debugged with this – music always helps me. Sjaella – Northern Lights (Ola Gjeilo)

Just a thought

Free will = hyper-infinity, or Superposition.

Instead of running from violence, we must run towards a better goal. This morning I read two pieces that elucidated that. One from Caroline Myss paraphrased:

For, anything in the physical world is already the past (because it was chosen and collapsed out of superposition) It’s the end product of our choices – not the beginning. If we base our choices on what we see, we are responding to what has already happened.

Then, in my mail pops up Jon Rappoport’s blog and it is about how CONTENT as a hard won gem in any quest is not the true gemstone, nugget. It’s the creation of that content that is the real deal.  Not some nugget of information, some formula or phrase or fact or made-up fact about existence that is supposed to solve problems and enlighten consciousness.

But consciousness is dynamic. It isn’t a key looking for a lock.

Consciousness is dynamic because it creates. It creates new realities.

It isn’t primarily a container for What Is, for what already exists.

If there is a secret about consciousness, that’s it. IT CREATES.

So no matter what X we cooked up, it would become obsolete, of minor value.

Humans are ripe for buying an X because they are trained, and train themselves, to place the highest value on What Already Exists.

That’s mind control par excellence.

From: Jon Rappoport

Consciousness IS what creates… it is the dynamic observer that chooses and pulls what manifests out of quantum superposition.


End of Story

I can’t help but notice the similarities between covid and UFOs. Whether they are real, or not. Whether we are being told the truth or not. Whether they are being used for social manipulation, or not and on and on. To those of us interested in the UFO question for more than 10 years, this pattern should feel familiar, this ‘put it out there -n- pull it back’, almost solve it, but then don’t… ad-freak’in-nauseum!!! If they think what they’re doing with covid right now will drive most of us screaming for a vacc, think again! It will be like the day that even the pentagon admitted UFOs are real – everybody will yawn… it will be the boy who cried wolf one too many times… ‘fool me once shame on you – fool me twice shame on me’ sort of thing. If they actually farce us with a second wave, the researchers WILL at that point discover the connection to 5G in such a way that the entire world will know, and they will also know who perpetrated it and why.

Its safe to say that we are as misinformed about covid as we are about the UFO, and just as some people persist in outright silliness around the UFO subject, so they do around covid. NOBODY listens to even our best researchers, somebody always has dissenting opinions, with a lot belief and a lot of fear behind them. Same with covid… We the idiot people, know nothing of the science behind these two subjects because in each case we have been purposely misinformed and redirected.

IMO its not just the governing system that has hidden it all, or the powermongers, there is, as Joseph Farrell says, a third (maybe even fourth, fifth…etc.) force in the mix, however I’m sure what I think that force is, is different than what Dr. Farrell thinks it is.

What if you wanted to conduct a coup, a war without anybody noticing, what would you do? On a planet that had just finished a world war that was so destructive that everyone in living memory said “NEVER AGAIN!”, it would have to be a stealth war. One that was over before any one noticed. Better yet one that nobody ever even found out about. Since wars are about ideals and modes of living you would have to figure out a way of changing those values without giving it a way.

It would have to be a war of quiet infiltration, so stealthy that; no eye blinked, no eye lash even batted, so slow that the values would have to change over generational time. So slow that while everybody knows how you got to the ‘new’ values, you don’t remember why. After all, the ones that could warn you have mostly died out. You would also have to consign your ‘oldsters’ to some form of laughability, or change them with things like dementia – disempower them into oblivion, or just outright kill them…stealthily.

Then you could begin the slow infiltration into the very societal structures meant to help the population, that the population trusts; the schools, the medicine, the law, the science, the higher learning, the arts, and begin the slow removal of key information, training up the next generation to be a little less able to think while teaching the wrong information.

Then you infiltrate big industry, big pharma, big ag, and begin to slowly poison the food, water, medicine, and products the population use, very slowly against them, and blame it all on them – and their life style. You legislate against home grown, natural medicine, herbology,  you get in the way of mom and pop small businesses and entrepreneurship, such that it is strangled to death, you offer cheap nutrient products filled with poisons undercutting the real products, then cheapen the things necessary for life like clothing and home goods and offer them at expensive prices while making the real quality items totally unavailable by cost. Then you legislate to allow big industry to dump toxic waste any where and when they want, to poison the environment. Add to that the chemtrails in the sky raining down heavy metals on the ground and us and our food, because of global warming, which if we believe them  – is our problem too.

When you have the medical field totally trained in allopathic methods to the exclusion of all other methods you begin the slow poisoning of the population focusing on the very young and the very old, two populations that have no voice. The very young will grow up to be sick thus making an entire adult population weak and ill. Because nobody remembers and no progress has been made in other ways to treat the sick and the ill – because it has been made illegal, the populations bows to the medical gods in the white coats who’s training amounts to ‘do this for that’ and the human population becomes sick from a three way direct assault on their bodies: environment, food and medicine – all things that should have helped to keep us well.

And not to leave out the mental, emotional and spiritual part – actually the easiest to manipulate, you begin to brainwash the population by ‘breaking’ the churches, the courts of law and the arts, using mass media to lie to them, tinkering with everyone’s emotions so that there is nothing to turn to in the coming turmoil. You psy-ops them till they become psy-clods.

In short, you zombify them. The excuse will be, “We didn’t know!” until one day, its too late. So here we are, almost the entire structure of society destroyed, taken over, mangled with little to no casualties, hardly any push back because nobody remembers the values their parents and grand parents stood for, here we stand; ready-made body-machines. Taken over without war – without even a peep. This is the compromise of the human soul, and we don’t even know it.

End of story.

The War That Never Ended

(The ‘mass hypnosis matrix’ theory) maybe the easiest way to not alarm 7 billion souls is to not let them know what has happened? However we’ve all known for centuries that something doesn’t fit. We’ve all looked up in the sky, waiting, knowing. So many stories talk about our ‘creation’, about how our bodies were crafted and why; and its always about war.

The origin point of our genesis was always : War. Every civilization has risen and fallen on war. (the ‘colonists’ theory) We came here to this planet as refugees of war. We were running from an enemy and needed to hide out in this solar system from a great galactic war. Or, we were a bunch of traumatized souls who were given bodies to heal from a war. There has also always been somebody who has saved us – shepherded us taught us all we needed to know to survive, given us medicine, math, husbandry, because we were too ‘something’ -dumb, ill, traumatized- to have discovered it for ourselves. (the ‘savior’ theory) Always saviors have taken pity on us. We call all those stories our creation myths.

Every culture from every corner of the earth has them. They are carved in rocks. They are coded into megalithic stone buildings. They are written, sung, chanted, and woven into the identity of humanity. Its all there, the story, the history – not myths – but real. In today’s world these stories are even given through channels, those who down load information into the 3D. In the past it came through shamans and oral histories passed down for centuries.  Today many call it fantasy as they watch it play out in movies and books, but it’s there. And, its always, war.

I sometimes think catastrophism (another theory) is a form of war, and I sometimes think that we are seeing the buildup to yet another one, just as we are finally climbing out of the pit from the last one. It makes us like a wounded soldier with memory shock from battle; we don’t know who we are or why we were fighting, just that we were and we are still collectively stunned.  As a species we don’t live long enough to put it together. We finally realize that our lives are very short, for some reason, that even at 80-90 years old, we have just spiritually gotten out of our 20s, finally gotten our feet under us and then we die. When we come back, there  are no memories. We live as perpetual teenagers, never really being able to grow up. (the ‘stunted growth, neotenic’ theory)   Wash, Rinse and Repeat.

And we are not sure what to do about it – we realize something is off but not how to fix it. There are people who try to keep a history, in art and lit and song, but it always winds up reading like code that we have lost the key to. Some people speculate that it all gets recorded in our DNA and passed down through the centuries that way – but we don’t know how to read that yet, and it looks like we will not survive long enough this time to figure it out! We do know we have to hurry. We race against time, evolution and…enemies that bring….war. Maybe we wouldn’t be so destructive if we could just remember the longer cycles of our history?

Ok, so maybe there are forces out there that do not want us to remember, that think we are the scourge upon the earth – and we might be. But would it be that way if we could remember?

Would we be better able to cherish this earth, or would we be horrible to the earth and creation? (so here is where the ‘Jail Planet’ theory comes in) Right now, it is certainly obvious that we are ruled by criminals on a prison planet where the  authority is the worst of the worst. We never get to the rehabilitation part because its dog-eat-dog and if you don’t want to live that way you simply become a casualty of….WAR….

I’m really over it, but it seems that a preponderance of people here aren’t. It seems like a game that they all love playing, but really is nothing more than a bunch of looters out to grab what ever they can to take to their caves and go crazy over trying to protect. All stemming from a war dressed up like a disaster millenniums ago that we can’t remember.

(So here comes the ‘Insane Asylum’ theory) The above thought would make anyone insane and we all know it – that we are insane. Insane describes the inability to sense – be aware. Once again, we blew up our home planet and two of its moons, one of which is now Mars (war) and the other, the asteroid belt. The lives on them were totally destroyed, the souls were saved but were in such a state of shock as to be incoherent. Those souls were put in lesser bodies to spend centuries healing on this planet, knocked back evolutionarily several thousands of years to re-evolve in bodies that supposedly gave them all that time to heal. They got a do-over. But it had to go slow, because the shock made them insane – us, insane.  My thought was that there were already people living here and they agreed to help us out, but now we have over run the place and are making a mess of it.


(Which segways us into the ‘It’s time to leave the planet or perish’ theory, or ‘the renters lost their lease for bad behaviour’ theory) Maybe we only rent space on this planet and that’s why it costs so much to just live here. Maybe that’s where the planetary debt comes from and where part of the trillions of missing money is going to. Maybe that’s why we have income tax, birth certificates declaring us as chattel and social security numbers, oh, and if they have their way, now chips in our bodies – the mark of the beast, not in satanic terms, just that we are classed with the cattle and the dogs.

We have evolved but to our worst potentials. (‘skewed evolution’ theory here – why our DNA is constantly tinkered with) But what if we are just that nasty? We could be looked at as marauders too – that just came and took the place over – who knows? Well, who’d want us out there the way we are at the moment? Gee, some of the most world classed criminals taking it off the planet spreading the mess to the rest of the solar system and beyond? No, nope and no!

I used to think we were mostly good,  I had hope for humanity, but now, not so much. Given half a chance we could have improved. However, we persist in doing the wrong thing, the easiest thing, taking the shortest route regardless of who we hurt. It’s what we can get, not what we can build. It’s about what we can stockpile and collect in perpetuity in preparation for the next…war…because racial memory tells us: There Will ALWAYS Be A Next War. So many theories; and its always war, catastrophe, illness, insanity but never sobriety.

The message has always been: MANKIND IS FLAWED.

We have forever needed tweaking, prodding, teaching, parenting, enlightenment, ascension…. Why are we flawed? Are we flawed really, or do we just think we are flawed for some reason? How did we get that way? Why did we get that way? All of those theories above are attempts to figure it out. Is it a lie that we are flawed? It seems the whole race knows its flawed too – like we are born with that knowing. How did it get into our souls?

All religions and spiritual systems start out with the assumption that we are flawed and every system has a way to fix that and if you just hand over your sovereignty to them you might have a chance of learning it. However, you are probably too flawed to do it well enough to become un-flawed. Is the possibility of being un-flawed so far out of our grasp that we turn away from it? If left to our own selves is it possible that we would have discovered our own innate goodness instead of our flawedness? However, we all know we are stupid, blind, and wrong…

We are so flawed that we need super heroes in our cultural stories saving our bacon, because we certainly can’t – which makes us: Victims and leads us directly into looking for a savior. It certainly depowers us, keeps us from being responsible for our own lives and convinced we need a controller to survive. Here’s the rub, if religion and laws aren’t working – are broken – then we must be convinced to ask for leadership because we are…. Flawed.  It seems the CV social experiment was in most part a way to judge how much of the world pop is willing to simply swallow, hook line and sinker, any line of bullshit given them by the one percent, our saviors. How much of John Q. Public will be fearful and behave? How much more division and descent will it take to get us all to kneel to the fear?  Aaaaand we are back to hidden enemies and endless war…

“We are Groot”

So there is another theory I’ve heard – the human race has a problem with it’s DNA that has always required some form of correction.

Its interesting to me that life always needs tweaking – but does it? Yes, you can make a garden and we as humans think its beautiful, but I’m sure the plants had their own symmetry that to them was beautiful. In our eyes it looked chaotic, but the plants understood their very own order.

When we began to impose our order upon them, they willingly went along. They didn’t perceive that they were being changed, formed, cultivated to our needs – did they even know we were there? For millions of years on this planet they have given us shelter, warmth, light and food. They gave up their lives, changed their DNA, their own order for our needs.

To us we never questioned if they did this willingly, or if they even knew that it happened to them. This is one order of beings supporting a whole order of intelligence (magnitude) above it. In many ways this might be what is happening here on planet with homo sapiens-sapiens.

Trees, I’m sure, can’t with their bodies or their intelligence even cognize what or who we are, and we can’t ask them if they do because we don’t know how. Heck, all we can do is use metaphor to even think about it. We, in all our glorious little busy thoughts, our millions of buzzing minds may be the equivalent of our trees to an otherness that we seek to discover.

In the sense of my garden, there can be mutual care and love, enjoyment of each other, or as we have done wiping out whole species – paving a garden to make a parking lot: making whole species poisonous with glyphosates, making GMO’s, use the plant world with out any regard to balance or recognition as something there for our own whim… (I wonder if grass screams when you cut it?)

Whereas, it has been shown that Deep Harmony, practiced unity with nature, works better at a place called Findhorn- a little garden of eden – and it was proved that the plants will tell you what they need and willingly work in concert with an entire order of magnitude of beings above them.

Detection – discovery of any life form, what ever shape or intelligence needs perception. Trees don’t say, “Hi! I’m a tree!.” they are simply trees and we only perceive them through their attributes – their shape, their tallness, their shade. We only think about them through their usefulness to us.

In one sense we need to look in the same manner for all the life forms we are searching for the same way. Maybe we can’t find them because we don’t speak ‘Tree’… and maybe because we keep looking for the wrong thing instead of simply perceiving? Maybe it really is an ‘order – of – magnitude’ problem? We keep expecting to find another us, instead of asking ‘What is there’? Instead of letting nature or life inform us, we do it backwards.

How do we perceive nature, the ET, ED, UFO, ghost, spirit? How do we open dialog?

If we can’t use our exterior senses to perceive because they don’t go far enough – render enough information, then we need to use our interior senses instead. The ones that speak in metaphor, emotion and inner vision. We already have begun that in some sense because we all know something is there, we all feel it. However, we have all been trained to fear – even hate that part of ourselves, so its hard to do. (isn’t that interesting???)

When we try to puzzle out who and what we seek, we make the age old, huge mistake of envisioning them in our form – like us, and we may be right or we may be vastly wrong.

I’m sure a tree doesn’t ‘see’ us like we see us, the tree maybe perceives our energy. But it doesn’t have our eyes. We can’t make this kind of mistake if we wish to really understand. Maybe we are missing the kind of ‘eyes’ we need to find what we seek?

We are Groot.

If you get my meaning.


So hubs wakes me up around 3:22 am and it’s just cool enough temp wise in the room to want to roll over and settle back to sleep. But I am getting this urging to get my ass out of bed and go look at the moon. I roll over to my other side and lazily ask the question – but what’s there to write about – I just wrote yesterday?  And I get this really clear bright flash in my mind that says, well what if Randy Cramer didn’t get it exactly right? By now, I am shocked. I begin to wonder what if??? And I feel this humor because they know they got my attention… 🙂 So at 4 am I finally roll out of bed, wander downstairs, turn on the coffee pot and realize that somehow fat cat got stuck in the garage last night, went to let him in after I had filled his food bowl so he wouldn’t be loud, set up my outside table to write and got my coffee.

Problem is, by that time the entire aha was fading, esp. after all the rigamarole. But I did try. The essence of it was:

There is a great human family waiting for us out in our solar system that have come from our earth, some recently, some centuries ago. We think we are so superior down here and we are not. All the falderal going on right now, the cv, the poison environment, the GMO foods the sickness the vacc issue, the transhumanist crap – it’s all of our making. Even our own kind of the recently out in space ( the laughingly called ‘secret space program’) have no part in the mess down here. They wait for us to wake up and create some order and clean up the criminals. Its ALL our shit.

However, Randy Cramer explains it like we are powerful, we are worthy of thinking of ourselves as  better – but we are not. What’s coming next is to teach us that we aren’t and to teach us not to be afraid of what is out there. But we have to get over ourselves first. The power people down here don’t want anyone else more powerful than they are on this earth. The power people killed all the hidden off planet people they could identify in Wuhan. It wasn’t a virus – it was a targeted sneak attack with a frequency weapon. These people have been walking amongst us forever as our friends and next door neighbors and we never noticed. But the old regime in china has because there has been some underground help offered lately and they don’t cotton to being messed with. Then to hide what they’d done we were given the meme of a virus. We are all vulnerable to that kind of control and attack. Then certain very suggestable people were used to promote the viral meme, while certain other people were outed by their own behaviour. There you have it. All because of assumed primacy.


Today though, I heard a theory that this recent plan to ‘kill-off’ the world pop is to make room for colonists…. However, there is plenty of room on this planet… but I know people would like to be able to come here and live and or vacation, while certain others of us would give our right arm to get into space and help create the future. None of which can happen as long as the current power mongers are unwilling to give up their power….

Re-cognise (recognoscere): despite a bad case of planetary hiccups

Latin|   Re: again      cognoscere: know

June 4th at 4 am: full bright moon, with Saturn and Jupiter flying behind like a tail on a kite…

It would be too soon for every point in time to become now in the universe – too soon for that type of convergence, at least for me. The diversity, the many nows are all too fascinating, so I guess, until I am all done experiencing them I need time. Time to explore different constraints and the talents, the knowings, those constraints create.

I often wonder where-when-who my parents are now. If they are reborn, or if, because it’s all simultaneous – it’s a weird dichotomy for someone who is in time to try to configure in their brain. Outside of time all is now, however, living inside of time expands a minute to minute awareness. Looking at my dog who is resting beside me and my garden, I realize that I am not the only one who is currently ‘inside time’. But reaching for the feeling of my parents I realize I can still feel their livingness somewhere/when inside me. They exist.

They say you choose your life – I chose an interesting one, not a peaceful or a happy one – but interesting. It has taught me much about compassion, sameness, forgiveness, loss and especially the many faces of love. I feel like I have sooo much more to learn, but I also feel like I just might have done what I came to do – this time.

I came in with a lot of wisdom – either that or I have had tons of help from lots of friends to know what I just seem to know. Grant Cameron talks about consciousness raising or opening experiences that include NED’s and ET or ED or paranormal contacts. I don’t remember having much of any of that, but I seem to know stuff that I don’t know how I know it…

For example the first time I ever heard of a sentient ship was I listening to an interview of David Adair by Kerry Cassidy – the very first one – years ago on a trip to Chi town and I was on I65 at 80 miles an hour crying because I remembered – I felt it so deeply in my soul it hit like a blow. It wasn’t just a reaction to the idea like, oh that’s cool – it was like a full frontal memory/knowing slamming into my awareness – I knew what that felt like and I loved it, in fact, I missed it terribly. Do I remember being taken up to the ship and being taught how to fly the craft? Nope! I remember knowing, valuing – loving even, being with an intelligence that was a craft, but I wasn’t abducted and taught that – it just ‘was’ in my being. I recognized the experience –

Something in me remembered.

This is how I ‘know’ stuff, all through my life. Many inner shaking things come to me that way. I recognized Adamski’s message about frequency domains (dimensions) when I read it. I recognized the alien message in Star Trek when I saw it – I knew it all my life, but Star Trek said it. I met the planet one ecstatic morning driving to work on a particularly gorgeous day when my heart was exploding from the sheer beauty of it, and I ‘felt’ the earth, The Gaia. Her.

Which makes me wonder if there is part of me in each frequency domain living a life there with all its experiences and this recognition I feel so strongly is a sort of a bleed-through? Unity of some of the selves? Which led me to consider: just like time is simultaneous, but we live within it so we experience it differently, if space wouldn’t be the same as time: everywhere is right here… it would make the simultaneous transition from place to place of these crafts and beings an easier thing to puzzle out, surely. It would almost have to be true if its true about time because: space/time – time/space.

Once I had a dream about learning to change my frequency to go anywhere at any time and I was terrified of not remembering how to get back to where I left – i.e.: getting lost. Really, I was worried and heart hurt about loosing those I love and never seeing them again. The lesson ended at that point – of course. Thinking about that dream I realized that moment to moment I change, yes, because of what ever experience/information/perceptions I had where ever/when I would go to, that I would be changed anyway, that I could never get ‘back’ to ‘from whence I came’. But time does this to us while we sit still moment to moment: we and all around us are different and can’t go back, but we don’t have to be lost. Nope, we don’t. What the heart loves cannot be forgotten and that is your beacon through time and space. Re-cognition/remembrance, love, perceptions, feelings. Connection. There is no back to, only love connects, so you can’t loose anyone. So, my parents are not ‘here’ but they exist because I can feel them inside me. They exist, just not in my current frequency focus. They are a different frequency.

So now I can understand how you travel dimensionally – if its everywhere just like it’s everywhen then you don’t have to worry about getting lost – you just recognize the when/where and it’s there because so are you. I can feel that in my gut – I ‘know’ it. I just don’t know how to ‘how’ it… but someone else will because if I can finally ‘get-it’ others have too and someone will figure it out – this was a big energy/download that was floating free in the air this morning… it gives me hope the planet it coming right along, despite a bad case of the hiccups.