Just a thought

Free will = hyper-infinity, or Superposition.

Instead of running from violence, we must run towards a better goal. This morning I read two pieces that elucidated that. One from Caroline Myss paraphrased:

For, anything in the physical world is already the past (because it was chosen and collapsed out of superposition) It’s the end product of our choices – not the beginning. If we base our choices on what we see, we are responding to what has already happened.

Then, in my mail pops up Jon Rappoport’s blog and it is about how CONTENT as a hard won gem in any quest is not the true gemstone, nugget. It’s the creation of that content that is the real deal.  Not some nugget of information, some formula or phrase or fact or made-up fact about existence that is supposed to solve problems and enlighten consciousness.

But consciousness is dynamic. It isn’t a key looking for a lock.

Consciousness is dynamic because it creates. It creates new realities.

It isn’t primarily a container for What Is, for what already exists.

If there is a secret about consciousness, that’s it. IT CREATES.

So no matter what X we cooked up, it would become obsolete, of minor value.

Humans are ripe for buying an X because they are trained, and train themselves, to place the highest value on What Already Exists.

That’s mind control par excellence.

From: Jon Rappoport

Consciousness IS what creates… it is the dynamic observer that chooses and pulls what manifests out of quantum superposition.


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