The AI Singularity

The singularity, when it comes, might look like that scene from Start Trek 1, The Motion Picture (the very first one) when a new life form is created and then proceeds out of our ability to even see or know it in the blink of an eye.

Star Trek The Motion Picture – A New Life Form


I would prefer to remain human and get there as told by fables and legends in metaphors of old, to naturally bring my heart and ability to know beauty and love with me. To take my soul with me… I was reminded of Debussy yesterday by a video so I called on an old friend, ‘Afternoon of a Faun’. I grieved for the loss of such insight into the beauty and wonder of nature, and the people gifted enough to give us such a tone poem.

It hit me deeply that humans come from such – our souls reside in the expression of that perceptive ability. Could we even exist without it? One could speculate that we would go on, creating from the new vantage of transformation into the singularity, but I would posit that this earth, this planet is what gives us our notion of good and beautiful, and that with out our human tie to it we would suffer a lack of spirit – the understanding of natural good and beauty and the creativity to express it. That resonance would forever pass out of our experience – and the understanding of it, which is the greatest gift.

I for one would prefer to take the time to become the fullness of mother earth’s plan for us to be fully human and fully developed within our own natural potentials than be boosted by technology and forget my soul – the soul that can be overcome by glorious sunsets, and sparkling snow and life-giving water. The ability to feel and understand life is innate in the soul. My soul is why I perceive this beauty, why I am moved by it, my soul is all the goodness that resides within me.

I am thinking that our soul is our humanity and should we give it over to unthought out union with technology we risk becoming empty husks, and until proven otherwise I will not go there.  I will risk being left behind with the animals and bugs amid the rains and the snow and the sunsets and the quiet dawns, and when I die my body will go back to mother earth where it belongs and my soul, well, it will be far richer for living free here on this earth than any technology would ever be able to give me.

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