Pay no attention to the…

So, aside from the beta testing of the 5G satellite web causing me to feel like I am wrapped in cotton, kinda like Wellbutrin did when I used it to try to quit smoking (didn’t work – Chantix) and being annoyed by that, I finally woke this morning after another fitful night of sleep (because I had to chase off a somebody/something last night) realizing what a GIANT web all of the proceedings of the last month have been. The 5G cage is severely limiting my energetic travels at night. I go somewhere deep and healing, on purpose and I can’t seem to stay there very long lately. I even saw the limiter field sort of like a horizonal bunch of wavy lines with the color and illumination of something close to candle light.

The incursion into the sanctuary of my bed room – which I have highly warded (protected by energy) by something smelling like farts (seriously) caused me to re-ward the house, my hubs, the dogs and myself twice before the frequency in the room was high enough to lock out the debris. Which is interesting because night before last the repeating theme was to discover the consciousness behind what I think consciousness is.  (phew) what a thought! In fact the whole theme of last month has been perception/deception and LOOK behind what you think is there!

Finally, when I woke today I realized what I was feeling was a fake bubble of reality that we are all living in. These are REAL issues, but they are being engineered all together for a purpose…

  • UFO’s are real and are a real threat – not to mention whomever is piloting them
  • COVID 19 is a weapon in a silent WW3 – is real and is being used as a fear bomb
  • Masks and Memes are being used to socially engineer the us into silent obedience
  • Civil Disobedience is being fostered by China and Soros with a pending invasion

ALL linked to each other, all provoked, all a distraction and about 50% real and 50% lies.



It is now up to us to figure it out. We have a few events in the near future that could put an interesting spin on all of it like the election and what supposedly will be a 2nd wave of illness thrown at us. I mean why not a 2nd wave – we can’t get anybody interested in all the sex trafficking or political crimes – so it looks like the only thing that’s useful is if it is strictly personal – like you could die if you don’t pay attention. The UFO’s have always been there and have yet, after 100 years in the modern era, to invade us or anything else. So we know that they are being used as a ploy for more military money.  Let’s see, what else, China is invading us while we waffle around on the issue all while the global faction in various positions of power in the US are showing how easy it is to get Americans to cave in and willingly silence themselves. Have I forgotten anything? Probably.

For a better analysis of the whole mess watch this video – but beware, if you are not awake enough to know about some of the dicier issues and can be offended – don’t bother.


Shocking Revelations From FBI Investigator John DeSouza!



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