A Dictation: President Kennedy’s speech notes, 10 days before he was murdered.

It is important and desirable  that people feel this way about politics and politicians in a free society. A politicians power may be great and with this power goes the necessity of checking it

But the fact remains that politics has become one of our most abused and neglected professions, yet it is this profession, it is these politicians who make the great decisions of war and peace, prosperity and recession, the decision whether we look to the future or the past.

Everything now depends upon what the government decides the magic of politics is participating on all levels of national life in an affirmative way, in determining whether, in Mr. Faulkner’s words freedom will not only endure but also prevail.

In 1964 my office will reach out to new generations of men and women, to lead and to encourage the citizens of this country to try harder, do better, and go farther. In our great nation, there are those who want to achieve ultimate control over individuals, eliminate freedoms, and change the basic values that we, as Americans hold truest in our hearts. This is inherently dangerous and cannot be sustained.

Our world is changing, and we must change with it I therefore am dedicating myself, while in the highest office of the land and with the power to affect change, to go forward with an immediate, systematic government reform to benefit the future generations of the United States. Following my efforts over the next four years, I see no better successor to this office than my own brother, Robert F Kennedy to continue this change and amplify do United States of America, and its people.


From: The Inheritance: Poisoned Fruit of JFK’s Assassination by Christopher Fulton & Michelle Fulton 2018.

 pgs 88-89

I can only say, that had he survived, today would look very different.

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