This last month, my personal journal has reflected mostly a tight loop of anger. My sleep has been rotten and I have brain fog. These are all symptoms of mental abuse, just like being in an abusive relationship. Psychological Terrorism. You always wind up waiting for the next debacle, the next emergency. Therefore, you are always on high alert, never really resting, until you can’t stand it anymore and you do something about it. You take up your bed and you walk. There is no thinking you can you to get around it, no self correction you can make other than removing yourself from the situation. Seeing as how the current conditions are global, and it’s a year now that the shenanigans have gone on, it has become intolerable, with very few options.

Although the bravest of the brave are out there fighting – speaking to the world and the world is waking up, if we do not realize the full scope of the problem in the US, we will loose this WAR. There are EPIC, peaceful protests of thousands of people in England, and in Germany – every where BUT here in the US. Doctors are speaking out, advocates for real freedom and truth like JFK Jr. are touring the WORLD to speak out. But not here, not in the US. Here the invasion force would turn 30,000 people come to hear truth into a bloodbath. Yes Antifa and BLM are invasion forces led by the enemy, spearheaded to every protest that might make a difference, every city that might resist the common meme, to beat them down into submission. They all understand that this is a real WAR.

I just called it what it really is. It took me a while to find the nerve to see it that way. Jimmy Church gave the stated percentage of the population that had connectivity to the world wide web as: 4,833,521,806 or, 58.7% of the human population in the above link to the H Factor, episode 2. There are currently 7.8 billion people here on this rock as of August 2020. Those that don’t have access to the net, don’t even know there is a War going on. Those of us on the side of freedom in this digitized, electric War fight for them too.

Everybody who has access to the net is a Soldier, whether they know it or not, whether they want to be, or not. This is a psychological information War. We pick sides. We either help or hinder our own freedom by the thoughts of our hearts. We either show our intelligence, or what number the sleep setting is on our beds. Those that are fearful and refuse to seek answers, to make informed decisions are unwittingly and sometimes unwillingly – the enemy.

This is an information War via the internet. Just as the quote above says – that covid drew us even deeper into its sticky spider’s web, it illustrates what can be done with information or propaganda, what is currently being done with it. The UFO question is a perfect example of a misinformation campaign, one that is approaching its 100 year anniversary and we STILL can’t make definitive heads or tails of it. However, hopefully when you translate that over to a global population, at least 58.7% of it, and convince people to self hurt (masks and vaccines) sooner or later the population notices that something is incidiously wrong (hopefully).

There will be many out there who can dig into the research and find the facts, bring them out and educate some people, but just like any good misinformation campaign – like the giggle factor of the UFO – the enemy will use deception and twisted thinking to try to change the way people see those facts. They will demonize the people with the courage to speak out. They will jail them, if they have to, to keep them quiet. There are doctors out there who really meant their oaths when they took them, who are speaking out. There are scientists who are developing alternative therapies and looking at the ‘problem’ from other angles, who have much startling information that needs to be heard and digested, but instead they are vilified.

However, if this hadn’t been an information War, IMO it would have been another bloody battle – boots on the ground War. Because: This Is War! (But, it’s not. Confusion is one of the tactics in the treat bag of psychological terrorism) It’s all taking place in our heads, and in how we choose to act on the information being fed to us. The enemy are the corporations, the infiltrators (notice the word ‘traitor’ in that word??) the mind benders, the mask enforcers (mask Nazis). Masks have become the ‘Mark-of-the-Beast’. Luckily, YOU CAN TAKE THE MASK OFF… let that sink in because one day, you may not be able to. One day it may swim in your bloodstream. Right now it is a uniform of identity. A Political Statement.

Some wear masks because they have been thoroughly captured by the enemy – brainwashed. Others wear them like a spy in enemy territory. The masks in my eyes are evidence of the downfall of the political system of this country – because the system that governs us insists on the mask. What governs us, is harming us and therefore is the enemy. The enemy does not care about the science or the facts, the medicine, or the research. ALL the enemy cares about is control OVER the people.

I wear a string crocheted mask that does nothing – but so long as I have the ‘Mark-of-the-Beast’ on nobody cares, nobody notices and nobody has the wits to counter. I wear the mask, therefore they look no further.

This is broken thinking – or no thinking at all. The people who work are all under –Corporate Mandate– to wear the mask, held to suffering in silence or threat of loosing their income. They are their hostages. Treat them kindly. They have no choice. On the net, in the world even, there is a push back to every fact we present. This is psychological bullying (like I pointed out at the top) and monetary prison, and depending on the Nazis in your neck of the woods, physical punishment.

The enemy has sent raiding parties to all the major cities of the US under the guise of Antifa and BLM to incite riot and rage in any forum of protest that might be big enough to be noticed. We have been invaded and terrorized. We need to rise up, like Germany and England this past weekend. We have been invaded in the heartland of the US, in the minds and thoughts of all who live here and our ability to enjoy what this country once stood for, Freedom to Thrive, is all but gone.


(I guess I’m still angry…sigh)

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