This Time

I want to know why ALL the history, the most ancient history, is always an underdog story – crashed civilizations, sunken and destroyed planetary civilizations, invaded civilizations, buried civilizations. I want to know why ‘the people of earth’ are always considered as sinful, bad, in need of repenting, needing rules, or just flat out too stupid for consideration? WHY is there always a big, big, bad wolf, invader, human eater, slaver? And most of all why on earth do we keep shoving responsibility for our messes off on a big, big, savior instead of taking the mess on our own shoulders? WTF?

I ran into another ancient history/prophet yesterday who’s story is much the same as Ashayana Deane. Her name is Sylvie Ivanova and she is the translator of a Russian prophet named Alexander Paramonov. Both of these people talk about a ‘fallen’ planet, a fallen sector of the galaxy. Deane says we have 200 years to get it together before this planet ceases to exist. Her language is very technical and new agey/physics. Ivanova says basically the same thing from a biblical myth, Russian and Indian Vedic writing point of view: there will be 200 yrs of tyranny and digging our selves out of the garbage pit that this planet was put in. They both use multidimensional frameworks, they both talk about interference on this planet by advanced life forms to our advantage and disadvantage. I have also read this same information in Theosophical literature and in the Alice A Bailey books.

Then there is a man named Bruce R. Fenton who talks about the exogenesis of the planet and has proof in the geological record of earth of much of his recounting of history. The one book that would explain the story from the migrating people of the Pleiades point of view by Valerie Barrow is called “Alcheringa: When the first ancestors were created” has been out of print for a very long time and costs over $900.00 when it can be found. It’s the larger view of the people who came here 790,000 years ago, who followed them and what happened after a treaty was broken. There is actual evidence scattered all over Australia called Australites of a huge explosion of a silica ship – er ah, asteroid.

It seems none of us and no history books have any recounting of any such past civilizations or history. Every shred of information has been eradicated or hidden…

Then there are very brave modern puzzle solvers with brains, beauty and mental brawn like Kerry Cassidy who has her finger on right now, geopolitics, exopolitics, global machinations, who has taken much of all the information both ancient and current, hidden and known, who doesn’t give a goodgodamn who will come after her for telling the truth to the best of her ability. People fear her for her innate ability to sus out truth. Her videos from years ago are now telling true, especially the ones that I listened to that made sense but were really far out there.

Which brings me to my point. Today. This time and whether or not we make it through a bottle neck that seems to have brought us to our knees about five times before this. Yes, it would be nice to know – but history is always written by the victors. So you have to ask yourself: does history/herstory really matter, mean anything to us finally getting through this bottle neck?

We simply need to stop the murder of the planet THIS TIME. To make it through, for once, on this earth. Retribution doesn’t matter because the buck has to stop here and we all know it!  It doesn’t matter what time line, which version, which root race, or who’s repeated history. It doesn’t matter who did what to whom, or how far back in history, how many worlds – systems – galaxies. It only matters that we WAKE UP NOW – THIS TIME!!!




(because what if it’s a lie that we are bad and fallen from grace….)

2 thoughts on “This Time”

  1. Right on! Enough with our supposed garbage heap of history and constant need to apologize for existing! No more screwing around with this species — the “big boys/girls” (whatever they are) can find somewhere else to mess with creation. They need to learn to play nice, preferably far, far away from here, regardless of who they think they own.

    Ditto re: Kerry. I’ve come and gone with her several times over the years due to her stretching my reality. But, I find myself coming back to her because she keeps reaching and hitting the nail on the head.

    By the way, from a long time reader, thank you for your posts. Today’s just really spoke to me.


    1. WOW! Thank you💗
      Kerry… Agree with you. She stretches you and later on you find its 100%. Amazing woman.
      ok, with everything else that is a lie, couldn’t the biggest one be that we are wrong somehow? I don’t feel wrong…
      Thank you for your open honest reply. it’s a rarity. 💗💗💗💗💗💗
      And thank you for reading!!!!!😁


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