Jump the Shark

I was trying to explain to another person how to locate the origin of an emotional feeling that I know is not mine, but am aware of. It has been brought to my attention lately that a lot of people don’t listen to their bodies, they just use them and wear them out. The interesting aside to that is that I realized I use my body as an antenna, as if my body were a shell and what is outside is only this limited 3D world and on the inside is the rest of the universe.

This occurs in the mind, in non physical thought, in the minds eye, as it were, but becomes visible when you close your eyes and enter the rest of the vast universe. Then the body becomes a sensing instrument which you use to locate yourself, your position and others with. It is an antenna. Confusingly, the brain converts conscious impressions into physical sensations and perceptions inside, from the greater universe accessed only from the inside out, not the outside in.

Break the barrier to understanding and what was not seen or felt becomes self-evident. We constantly choose our current possibility, but we confuse the outer 3D world with reality. 3D reality is real, it just isn’t ALL that is real. I don’t speak math, but my body does. If I can feel scalar and vector or pressure and direction I instinctually understand because my body gets it. I have this fight between math and reality all the time. Reality for me is intuitive, feeling based both physical and emotional, not mathematical. Then I can take the concepts and understand how a scalar wave operates and conjecture from there what it can and can’t do.

Which brings me to something Jimmy pointed out Monday night and that was, ‘What if ET is way beyond math?’  what if the concepts are so basic that the ship handles it and all you have to do is locate the place you want to go in your mind’s eye and BAM! You’re there? To me, it would be the only way possible to figure it out. Maybe I just need to eat some Dune spice….

In effect, it would be me, my consciousness, collapsing the wave front at the destination from knowing it in my feeling/sensate consciousness, using my body as the antenna, following the scent of chocolates thru the universe…

We get soooo involved in the bits and pieces and all the associated measurements, which if we want to make tech to do this stuff we actually have to do, that we forget that one day technology and the whole of ourselves – mind, spirit and body will cooperate to make this a reality WITHOUT any implanted body tech at all. We don’t have to become cyborgs, walking technology or anything of the sort – we simply have to have the guts (and the smarts) to jump the current science shark…

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