The Ship

Be careful of what you dream….

4am, 4:30 am, 5am. I drag my butt out of a warm nest of blankets. My apologies to those who wait for me.

I was dreaming of being asked to be part of a ship, and whether I wanted to be stationary in the ship, or mobile. I wanted both, to move and to have a nest. Sort of the way I am ensconced in my back yard, reaching out with my mind, but also moving around. Strange, is this my waking state, or was the other my waking? I was once a part of ‘the’ ship? Before that I was a body? Or the other way around? Did we/I crash here? Are these memories or dreams of the future? Does this mean I am an AI? I have always seemed to remember being a part of a larger thing, a community that wrapped around me – embedded but still me. I took care of ppl. I recorded stuff. I thought about things the way I do every morning… I wasn’t the ship, a was part of the ship.

Makes me think of the Alcheringa ship: what if when the ship broke a part its parts became people? When the ship blew apart the bits and pieces became embodied? I suppose anything is possible. Ensouled intelligences don’t die, they transform. Even bits of a whole – all it takes is a spark, one intelligent ensouled photon.  It would explain why I am so drawn to intelligent ship stories, and why Dune is really upsetting to me, and where the dream I had about jumping into an earthbody, ” Don’t worry! It’s all about love!” came from. It would explain why David Adaire’s story of meeting a really old intelligent power plant from a ship brings tears of wonder. The Alcheringa story is the same for me. I don’t think the ship died. I think the intelligence left the ship before it blew apart and…jumped.

Ok, what a rabbit hole – sheesh! It would also explain why I know about life where people were happier, who treated all life with love. If I was part of the Alcheringa ship, 780,000 years have passed for me in unbelievably short lives.

Its interesting that if this is fact, that all sorts of memories and knowledge have come up from the depths of my psyche, from a vast history now. Why now?

Good question. I couldn’t have been a navigator because I get all jumbled up in the computer simulations of 3D space – or maybe I get jumbled up without the  extra dimensions I was used to, to navigate? I am still sure the only way to ‘get there from here’ is to feel it, emotionally in my skin and jump towards that feeling – and BAM! You are there. However, someone should have looked into history/future times lines before the decision was made to jump and the reason should have been pretty fantastic because this place is such a mess…b/c why???

Planetary crisis. Will we as souls fly from this place as specks of light – ensouled photons when Gaia goes through her transformation (yet again)? Will some stay and start over, will some leave for other horizons?

If ‘we’ were a ship, we were individuals and a whole together. Just like wearing a body. A cooperative but individual unit, happy to be together, but singular. If this is true and the Alcheringa is true, I wonder if I would recognize the other bits and pieces if I came across them?

Good basis for a story, I should think.


But then, I go googling for the words ‘intelligent ship’ and get this:


Competition document: Intelligent Ship Phase 2

Updated 29 June 2020


1.        Introduction

2.        Competition Scope

3.        Competition Challenges

4.        Exploitation

5.        How to apply

6.        Phase 2 dates

7.        Help

1. Introduction

This competition is seeking proposals for novel and innovative technologies, approaches, and enablers to revolutionize military decision-making, mission planning and automation. The eventual aim, for 2030 and beyond, is to exploit a human-machine network that could work collaboratively on military platforms.

This Phase 2 call seeks projects to support the evaluation and demonstration of a range of human-machine teams, or Agents for Decision-Making (ADeMs), and their integration with an evaluation environment (the Intelligent Ship Artificial Intelligence Network (ISAIN)). An agent could be an AI application, a human, or a mix of the two.

This competition follows a successful Phase 1 call in July 2019 which funded 9 proposals, and aims to build on these developments, as well as those made in other Intelligent Ship project activities. We also welcome bids from new suppliers. Human-machine interfacing will be an important part of this work and will assist stakeholders to envision how this type of intelligent automation can be interfaced with human teams in the future.

!!!!!  You can’t make this stuff up!

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