Inaugural post on a new PC

Since the cyberspace kerfuffle of yesterday I finally realized that I had to go back to a PC. For all the Apple glitz and glory it was still wonky enough to LOOSE words in the netherworld of shifting ones and zeros, where thoughts go, never to return. I really didn’t know how much I was missing the ultra-organized, streamlined precision of a windows machine. I really, really didn’t.

Apple is great for creative work, for watching vids, for music, but when I want to slam dunk a blog post and because of a little attitude between PC and Apple there is no cut and paste from articles on the web that actually transports the URL with the copy, it takes twice as long, and then on occasion, it fluffs the URL (gets it wrong). I am back and forth like a maniac making sure that the references are intact and it takes double the time with less the accuracy. As of my last article and the great shake up over a paragraph I will never see again, (I was so mad about losing it, I couldn’t remember it) I made the hard decision to buy a new machine…again. I am retired and NOT made of money. However, I got twice the machine for half the price. Yeah. I suppose once a PC’er, always a PC’er. There it is. The apple is great and all, but it  operates for me only as an expensive toy. This new machine is a work horse. Shit stays where I put it. It doesn’t float away into the energetic cyber dimension of hell to be lost forever.

Call me old, I can’t manage to float out there in cyber space the way my grandkids do (actually you can call me anything, just don’t call me late to dinner – really). Come to think of it, I am old. It sort of happened one night when I wasn’t looking… I never planned on being this ugly. Really. Lmao. Or this ridged in my thinking, or I could have handled all the bs on the Apple, I suppose?

One thing though, with all this opining out in the media today – who needs references and links to support anything they say, it’s all original thought right or wrong (mostly wrong and angsty especially on what passes for the news). So there you have it. Maybe my writing will even straighten up and I will have many more posts that have facts and site real scientific white papers (eh? What are those you say? Well hang out and you’ll find out) in and amongst my unasked for pithy opinions… who knows?

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