Of seed banks and Tesla

Could this planet be a galactic DNA bank? A place where the purest form, least evolved, most basic idea of every life form lives as a record in 3D – like a seed bank? The purest genetic record lives here? 

For what ever reason, it would explain a lot. 

  • Why aliens always look like the more primitive life forms found here, bugs reps etc.
  • Why if you need a quickly created body you use the form of a reptile or bug
  • Why there are records of chimera in history
  • Why the ancient gods had bodies of cattle and/or human bodies and the heads of cats, dogs, and birds
  • Why the destruction of the environment is always topic #1 of all the abduction cases
  • Why the invasion forces are trying to genetically modify us
    • we evolved and are ready to hatch 
    • We are not doing our care taking job very well
    • They want the earth’s stash of DNA

(I’ve always felt mother earth was a nursery, the master creator of DNA life)

  • Why each civilization that reached the pinnacle of their technology was either taken off planet or asked/allowed to leave
  • Why each time this has happened what was left behind was more and more ephemeral: todays buildings compared to monolithic cultures  – different technologies

(The earth will reclaim this time epoch very easily. All that will be left of us will be vast veins of rust and metal that run through the soil and a new theory about crustal deposits…)

Just like the ancients, nothing of our history or knowledge will be left behind because of the ephemeral nature of our record keeping except some orbiting car somewhere out there destined to be the next ‘Black Knight’ satellite, that is, before its destroyed by an asteroid or crashes somewhere…

Squirrel! Errr maybe…

I woke up with this in my head, but its also the effect of the information being bandied about recently in the fringe sites – we went from brick wall to utter confusion – as everybody scrambled to make sense out of silence.

I’ll bet that when the proverbial ‘shit-hits-the-fan’ after the elections in late Dec – Jan that, that is when they’ll pop the Alien Invasion on us. It will not be the benevolent to our way of seeing it aliens either, but, the world will stop long enough that it will put an end to the post election mini-wars, and a savior will appear. The ET’s with a decent agenda want to see us emerge as partners – not stunned slaves, so it will not be them.

I’ve spent the last hour trying to dig up that video where the gentlemen is explaining to a team of gov’t ppl that they are using DNA research to eliminate the god gene – number 8 (?) and I can’t find it, so I can’t be explicit sigh. But just imagine that combined with the CV vacc in the coming months… the world will go dark. It has also been said that the effect wears off as the genome heals it’s self, which is what I think is going on now, the same way the timelines eventually heal into their original intent. 

So, what if timelines and DNA are connected? Making the planet involved too – and what if every time they majorly mess with the DNA of the people, the earth goes through a cataclysm? What if the biomass of the people is important to the stability of the planet and its all interlinked? The fringe knows that DNA is a crystalline receiver and sender and if it started to resonate at a different frequency the planet might also. We live within the planet’s resonance chamber, its even got a name – the Schumann resonance. Being a part of that changes us when it changes, but we also can change it, being 7 million people. 

One type of information that is on the uptick lately, all of a sudden all over the place, again, is the Annunaki meme. Especially after the foia request to The U.S. Department of State web site 2019-02110 on page 470 turned up requesting documents related to the resurrection chamber of Gilgamesh, the location of his body and the location of buried Nephilim. Now they are being connected to every last little thing going on that needs a scape goat – from the 3rd or 4th force out there making the world dance on puppet strings to being total psychopaths and having reptile DNA to anything else that can be used to easily explain the ‘mess-du-jour’. Blame it all on them… There is an idea out there that they have been trying to identify their specific DNA by using airport scanners, DNA registries and CV testing. Its also been said that the mess in Iraq was for the express purpose of retrieving information on where to find the resurrection chamber itself. I think that the moniker, ‘Annunaki’ is being set up for the alien invasion by a competing 4th force…

Which, in truth, would make the elections and whatever happens nothing more than bread and circus, making the political candidates pretty window dressings and sock puppets. Really, anybody on, off, or in the planet involved in this current mess has, each and every faction, their own agenda, not counting the unfriendly agenda of our very own power-mongers which it isn’t ours, or friendly, to us who just live here and try to carry on. (eye roll, face palm, and sigh)

Who wants to run away with me?

But then, maybe I’m in the middle of a ‘SQUIRREL!!!!’ attack, one never knows….

Tell us what to dooo!

You can’t talk about facts, because people aren’t smart enough to understand.

You can’t talk about facts, because there is quite a lot of wrong information out there in actual science that is planted and wrong on purpose and to understand that you have to actually know some science. 

You can’t talk about facts because people’s eyes begin to glaze over.

You can’t talk about facts because you hit a brick wall of emotion – mainly fear and resistance to new ideas which would make that brick wall crumble.

This happens especially to people who trained in any higher education because of the time and money they put into their indoctrination. At some point after their education is over they stopped learning and refused to look at new information because they subconsciously knew that it would make null and void what they worked so hard at in the first place. Its almost as if they prefer fear, instead of learning.

What ever….

Whatever is done, whatever is said, whatever ‘science’ is presented by the experts is LAW. There is NO independent thinking. At this point, there is no independent anything! Because people need the “EXPERTS!”

EXPERTS TELL US what we should do!

EXPERTS TELL US how to behave!

EXPERTS TELL US what to value!

EXPERTS TELL US our purpose!

We need them to just TELL US!!!!!

God forbid we step off the beaten path and discover ourselves – because, FEAR! God forbid we go inside to find our spirit. God forbid we gather our own information and actually think about it or that we use that ability to be whole human beings – NO!


Because we absolutely can’t do it unless you  – TELL US TO!

In a way, we must grow out of our youth and into our teenage rebellion years to get us out of this mess we are in – or just stop for a minute and really think about things and if we don’t know then go find the information. Real information not opinion (like this blog) and decide for ourselves!!!


Nobody told us we could – so…

We have forgotten what it feels like to feel free in our very souls. On a very intimate level we have allowed others to dictate our divine right to think. We have lost our courage to act with integrity.

All because some expert has not given us the permission to be whole.

They didn’t tell us to….

Through a glass darkly

Through a glass darkly. It’s been a rather dark fall. The phrase: Through a glass darkly, just popped into my mind. I thought maybe I’d heard it somewhere, maybe connected to a magical kids story. So I looked it up and its from the apostle Paul. 1 Corinthians 13:12

For now we see through a glass darkly – but then, face to face. Now I know in part – but then shall I know even as I am known.”

(King James version)

Which is telling us a better reality is possible and because it is spoken of in the future, it has a possibility of happening.

To know only partially, to see only partially, to remember only sometimes and only just a bit. Which, always leads to conjecture which, unless you are wise and have accurate vision is always incomplete and has a 50% possibility of being…wrong. With all of the BS going on, we see only the tip of the iceberg. But because there is the iceberg, we know there is more. 

In our conjecture we show our true selves by what we guess. We don’t understand that those conjectures are a creative reach. The creation act (imagining) has a power to ‘make’ – to drop out of superposition and manifest. (to be biblical: when two or more are gathered…)The more people in accordance, the stronger the creation.

However: keep the people confused and rudderless, fearful and waiting and the creative force flows in confused eddies, directionless. Then you can usurp or overcome its power. 

The creative force only awaits direction. Confusion therefore, creates MORE confusion. When you are battered and abused all you can think of is what you don’t want, not what you do. So will the planet have to experience what we don’t want before we create what we do want? This is common when struggling to emerge from any type of darkness – before you learn the rules and make it simple. 

We are, right now, a battered and abused nation. We are tired of the bullshit. We are tired of the constraints. (we put enough of those on ourselves in order to succeed and provide) We are tired of the fear, stupidity, political lies, and those who would run this planet into the ground because they can’t have it, so nobody will. We are tired of the criminally insane being the ones in power running the house. Just done. Over it. 

I hope we are intelligent enough, adult enough, at some point to stand up in authority and say enough is enough (just like parents who let the kids run wild for a Saturday afternoon, but now its dinner time, time to wash up and act straight.) before things get anymore out of hand.

Its been a dark fall. A weirdly sad and somber mood is pervading all of us oddly pairing with the trees turning color and doffing their leaves. The rich and beautiful colors of fall bring a melancholy to me this year, almost as if I were seeing them through a glass darkly. Where are we?

Woo and more woo

So, how to describe this? Last weekend, there was a zeitgeist that was palpable, in that people were beginning to wake up, realizing that the political masking issue was just that – political and being used to identify basically whether you were a follower or a rebel. People were also getting vocal about the stupidcv being just that, stupid and a false flag foisted upon the people to reset the economy. They were beginning to question their fear and the overall feeling was that they were beginning to come out of it. I was feeling this zeitgeist, pressure was building as the weight of the emotions of it were building. 

Then, the President announces that he and the First Lady tested positive for covid. Those of us looking at the testing fiasco knew that the test could mean absolutely nothing. But then the President winds up at Bethesda hospital. Most of us fringers wondered what kind of op was going down, or if there was another attempt on his life in the actual White House and if so they needed an excuse to get him out. The nation held its breath for the President. 

Monday night as I going to bed and I turned on the TV which just happened to be on a channel reporting on the tweet by the president while he was leaving from the hospital to return to the White House. I saw about 20 seconds of it while tuning to another channel – an automatic thing – and I was shocked, so shocked in fact I had to turn back to the BBC report. The President didn’t look right – or sound right, I couldn’t put my finger on it I just sat there dumb founded thinking ‘something is very wrong here, where is the real President????’ I have learned that after a certain point daily that it is time to turn off what ever is going on in the world and simply be. So I put all the speculation on the back burner, as it was obvious that what ever the new game being played, it was going to be there in the morning and went to sleep.

When I was having my coffee the next morning I checked in on the zeitgeist to see where things were, how it felt, and it was as if where once there was a vibrant pulsing energy, there was now a void. It was completely dead. Or as I finally figured out today, maybe completely shielded. Tuesday morning, I was confused. I kept reaching out trying to connect and finding absolute nothing – not one ion of energetic resonance. I spent a day confused, not that I’m any good at the reach, but I can generally pick up on something! Especially when it involves hooking up with the general population… in the school I learned to remote sense/view you had certain ethical and moral values, one of which was you didn’t look in on a personal level at anybody unless invited to do so – unless it involved a child under the age of 16, or a person who had passed over. But it was perfectly fine to look at trends and eddies of social groups and complexes and things going on out in the world. I have always kept a finger of sorts on that just so that I don’t have to watch or read the news. Easy-peasy. 

So when I did that Tuesday morning and found a big fat nothing – which is in reality a something – I was confused, that is until I realized that the nothing was a something expertly disguised as a nothing. That made it a BIG FAT something. I know, it’s a bit twisted, but think of it as cleverly disguised cloaking – like the kind that makes you thing nothing is there by letting you see right through it. And I’m not talking about the cheesy predator kind, where you see a sort of outline around the void – no, this was just flat out NOT there. As a matter of fact, is was SO NOT there that it finally penetrated my dense skull that it had to mean the nothing was a something. Anyhow, the question remains:

Just What The Hell Is Going On???

I leave the answer to that question up to all of you because I still have a BIG FAT nothing in my face.


What if I am wrong? What if the trends I have noticed, the cycles and such are just in my twisted little conspiracy flavored brain? I don’t think I am but… (the first symptom of being insane is that you don’t know that you are insane – which makes you…insane)

I’ve watched the trend of the closedown of the economy since the 70’s in hiccups and policy that ultimately require the American people to eat the mistakes. Hell, I wanted my parents world back, where real estate was stable and interest rates were low and if you worked hard enough you could have a life, create a good world to raise your children in and expect good results. It was about that time that I could really begin to see the break down, but I didn’t know what I was looking at until 50 years later… Even then we were already well entrenched in the game 30 years in, or more. The game? 100 years or less to change the planet from relative freedom to slavery using technology – gone really wrong.

Do you meet your adversary toe to toe? Or, do you invade in a vastly inferior position from the bottom up and slowly reform your adversary to your plan of domination, using time as an ancillary weapon, especially when you have time on your side in comparison to the very short lived adversary. One day your adversary looks up from its doingness and realizes they are not themselves, or their values, or their hearts. Too late. But, wouldn’t it also change the invader? Time and this planet have a way of bringing unity and homeostasis – unifying and balancing things. How do you fight that?

Well, you would create an invisible control web that begins to weaken the adversary like electricity. This could happen relatively fast because of their short life spans, while you gradually electrify the planet thus nullifying its unifying effect on you and the adversary. While it initially creates an easier, better life for your adversary, allowing greater freedom and creativity, extended life span and growth, in its entirety it mollifies, sedates and separates the population thus weakening them with the end goal of creating a planet of zombie slaves and, before they notice it and way past being able to fix it, Voila! Its done. You win without ever showing your presence or declaring war. 

I recently listened to Catherine Austin Fitts 3rd Quarter review with guest Joseph Farrell and also Richard Dolan’s recent fireside chat (both require a membership fee) and what they have outlined, all three of them, is the nuts and bolts of the subsumption of the human race as I described above. The cash, the geopolitics, the science and academic shut down and the propaganda and out right disappearing of information from existence creating the slow warping of the values of the planet, the loss of the anchors of our values – the reminders like music, church, good relations, and their conversion into weaponized idealism to the point where they are unrecognizable.

Something broke the planet in the 60’s. I don’t know what, but 40 years later, because I am old, because I am frustrated from wanting to just live a reasonable life, because I remember ‘back in the olden days’… I have noticed. And maybe if I have noticed, I’m not wrong and I’m not insane but sometimes, I certainly wish I was.

I know, I am harping on a point and basically said the same thing yesterday… but…

Sunday Morning Ruminations

I sleep somewhere in a normal world – where none of this current BS has happened, where JFK was never murdered, and life is normal. Every morning I come back and have to fight with the reality that is this now, wrestling my self back into incredulity and disbelief. 

Did you ever consider everything you’ve ever known as backwards or just a bit twisted because it is so out of place with today? What is ‘supposed to be’ vs, what is, or what you thought vs. what is, or what you remember vs. what is…? It wasn’t ever supposed to be what it is, not in my mind. Who knew the world would arrive here? There were so many choices along the way. Each time a glimmer of hope would develop it would be twisted, or killed. 

Dreams existed in the 60’s. The world had all the seeming impetus of going in the right direction. The world, it seemed, awaited for your emergence full of possibilities and life. There was so much goodness to happen – innovations in the sciences and the art, progress forward to inclusive policies, ending world hunger and diseases, there were no barriers to the human race developing into our full potential. In that same time frame, something happened, a (dare I say) external force took a hold on this planet that categorically inserted its self into every nook and cranny of any positive development occurring in human hearts and twisted it. Who could ever think the world would arrive here?

I can’t imagine what my grands think of this world, certainly not what I did at their age. I am grateful my parents are not alive to see what has happened in only 2 years since their passing. Here we are with every good thing twisted out of any resemblance of its goodness, staring down the maw of hell. Full Spectrum Dominance and Control is about to swallow us all up like a giant spice worm. Who could possibly imagine that we would be living an a bad B level science fiction novel? And the Idiots du Jour are dead serious about it! 

In the first half of the night I was dreaming about food in the normal world which is my dream world and I was eating the best, juiciest burger and fries ever – which I can’t do now because it makes me sick for days and throws my whole system off like I had eaten poison. The last thing I remember just before waking up was amazing. I was kneeling on one knee with by head bowed while my skin split on my back and I emerged as this powerful angel with huge wings that felt immensely good to unfurl and an angry glint in my eye – strong as the winds of hell that come at us. Some part of me is just not having this current debacle, and I think I am going to consciously align with it.



The first on a Thursday. For some reason, fall and Thursdays go together. Maybe because that was the day that Star Trek came on when it first showed on TV. With real aliens. Real aliens – aliens that were more than cardboard cut outs and poster boys or boogie men, they were real people that spoke, had families and lives and philosophies… that’s when I realized that Star Trek told the truth. That’s when I knew there must be a way to get the planet and the human race there, to that future. There just must.

I had no idea what that path would look like, and how many times and how many people would conspire to knock planet earth off that course, but I had one hope. That hope was that for the first time in modern times literally millions of people had fallen in love with the same vision, and together, however we were capable, we would, in our hearts, hold that vision and work towards that vision.

As always, if there is a way to twist, screw up, change a path that would put us on a better future for humanity, there are those insane enough to want it. I’m trying not to be a gloomy Gus but it’s really hard. The stupidcv is a lie and it is not what is killing people. Our toxic environment, our food, our water, the chemtrails, the radiation poisoning, even if you try to stay away from it all, it’s so enmeshed in our lives that you can’t. Couple the toxic environment, our toxic bodies with toxic vaccs and 5G and you have a cocktail for disease and plandemics every time the good ol’ boys turn the damned machine on.

Every post I’ve made since about February has been either gloomy, angry or yelling… I don’t see any hope – and maybe that’s exactly what they want – is to take all of our last hopes and grind them into dust. A nap and a cookie is not going to do it for these folks absolutely determined for destruction. The playground needs to be shut down. (too late)

Today I feel like this little guy. Peering out over the world, wondering just how crazy it’s going to get and really not wanting an answer.

So, I will send to you all, The Great Bell Chant by Thich Nath Hanh may it help your hearts to remain open and receptive in this time, may it remind you the great teachers have known and been working towards this time forever, and may it help you stay the course.

The Great Bell Chant (The End Of Suffering)

Video web content titled: The Great Bell Chant (The End Of Suffering)