Sunday Morning Ruminations

I sleep somewhere in a normal world – where none of this current BS has happened, where JFK was never murdered, and life is normal. Every morning I come back and have to fight with the reality that is this now, wrestling my self back into incredulity and disbelief. 

Did you ever consider everything you’ve ever known as backwards or just a bit twisted because it is so out of place with today? What is ‘supposed to be’ vs, what is, or what you thought vs. what is, or what you remember vs. what is…? It wasn’t ever supposed to be what it is, not in my mind. Who knew the world would arrive here? There were so many choices along the way. Each time a glimmer of hope would develop it would be twisted, or killed. 

Dreams existed in the 60’s. The world had all the seeming impetus of going in the right direction. The world, it seemed, awaited for your emergence full of possibilities and life. There was so much goodness to happen – innovations in the sciences and the art, progress forward to inclusive policies, ending world hunger and diseases, there were no barriers to the human race developing into our full potential. In that same time frame, something happened, a (dare I say) external force took a hold on this planet that categorically inserted its self into every nook and cranny of any positive development occurring in human hearts and twisted it. Who could ever think the world would arrive here?

I can’t imagine what my grands think of this world, certainly not what I did at their age. I am grateful my parents are not alive to see what has happened in only 2 years since their passing. Here we are with every good thing twisted out of any resemblance of its goodness, staring down the maw of hell. Full Spectrum Dominance and Control is about to swallow us all up like a giant spice worm. Who could possibly imagine that we would be living an a bad B level science fiction novel? And the Idiots du Jour are dead serious about it! 

In the first half of the night I was dreaming about food in the normal world which is my dream world and I was eating the best, juiciest burger and fries ever – which I can’t do now because it makes me sick for days and throws my whole system off like I had eaten poison. The last thing I remember just before waking up was amazing. I was kneeling on one knee with by head bowed while my skin split on my back and I emerged as this powerful angel with huge wings that felt immensely good to unfurl and an angry glint in my eye – strong as the winds of hell that come at us. Some part of me is just not having this current debacle, and I think I am going to consciously align with it.


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