Woo and more woo

So, how to describe this? Last weekend, there was a zeitgeist that was palpable, in that people were beginning to wake up, realizing that the political masking issue was just that – political and being used to identify basically whether you were a follower or a rebel. People were also getting vocal about the stupidcv being just that, stupid and a false flag foisted upon the people to reset the economy. They were beginning to question their fear and the overall feeling was that they were beginning to come out of it. I was feeling this zeitgeist, pressure was building as the weight of the emotions of it were building. 

Then, the President announces that he and the First Lady tested positive for covid. Those of us looking at the testing fiasco knew that the test could mean absolutely nothing. But then the President winds up at Bethesda hospital. Most of us fringers wondered what kind of op was going down, or if there was another attempt on his life in the actual White House and if so they needed an excuse to get him out. The nation held its breath for the President. 

Monday night as I going to bed and I turned on the TV which just happened to be on a channel reporting on the tweet by the president while he was leaving from the hospital to return to the White House. I saw about 20 seconds of it while tuning to another channel – an automatic thing – and I was shocked, so shocked in fact I had to turn back to the BBC report. The President didn’t look right – or sound right, I couldn’t put my finger on it I just sat there dumb founded thinking ‘something is very wrong here, where is the real President????’ I have learned that after a certain point daily that it is time to turn off what ever is going on in the world and simply be. So I put all the speculation on the back burner, as it was obvious that what ever the new game being played, it was going to be there in the morning and went to sleep.

When I was having my coffee the next morning I checked in on the zeitgeist to see where things were, how it felt, and it was as if where once there was a vibrant pulsing energy, there was now a void. It was completely dead. Or as I finally figured out today, maybe completely shielded. Tuesday morning, I was confused. I kept reaching out trying to connect and finding absolute nothing – not one ion of energetic resonance. I spent a day confused, not that I’m any good at the reach, but I can generally pick up on something! Especially when it involves hooking up with the general population… in the school I learned to remote sense/view you had certain ethical and moral values, one of which was you didn’t look in on a personal level at anybody unless invited to do so – unless it involved a child under the age of 16, or a person who had passed over. But it was perfectly fine to look at trends and eddies of social groups and complexes and things going on out in the world. I have always kept a finger of sorts on that just so that I don’t have to watch or read the news. Easy-peasy. 

So when I did that Tuesday morning and found a big fat nothing – which is in reality a something – I was confused, that is until I realized that the nothing was a something expertly disguised as a nothing. That made it a BIG FAT something. I know, it’s a bit twisted, but think of it as cleverly disguised cloaking – like the kind that makes you thing nothing is there by letting you see right through it. And I’m not talking about the cheesy predator kind, where you see a sort of outline around the void – no, this was just flat out NOT there. As a matter of fact, is was SO NOT there that it finally penetrated my dense skull that it had to mean the nothing was a something. Anyhow, the question remains:

Just What The Hell Is Going On???

I leave the answer to that question up to all of you because I still have a BIG FAT nothing in my face.

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