Squirrel! Errr maybe…

I woke up with this in my head, but its also the effect of the information being bandied about recently in the fringe sites – we went from brick wall to utter confusion – as everybody scrambled to make sense out of silence.

I’ll bet that when the proverbial ‘shit-hits-the-fan’ after the elections in late Dec – Jan that, that is when they’ll pop the Alien Invasion on us. It will not be the benevolent to our way of seeing it aliens either, but, the world will stop long enough that it will put an end to the post election mini-wars, and a savior will appear. The ET’s with a decent agenda want to see us emerge as partners – not stunned slaves, so it will not be them.

I’ve spent the last hour trying to dig up that video where the gentlemen is explaining to a team of gov’t ppl that they are using DNA research to eliminate the god gene – number 8 (?) and I can’t find it, so I can’t be explicit sigh. But just imagine that combined with the CV vacc in the coming months… the world will go dark. It has also been said that the effect wears off as the genome heals it’s self, which is what I think is going on now, the same way the timelines eventually heal into their original intent. 

So, what if timelines and DNA are connected? Making the planet involved too – and what if every time they majorly mess with the DNA of the people, the earth goes through a cataclysm? What if the biomass of the people is important to the stability of the planet and its all interlinked? The fringe knows that DNA is a crystalline receiver and sender and if it started to resonate at a different frequency the planet might also. We live within the planet’s resonance chamber, its even got a name – the Schumann resonance. Being a part of that changes us when it changes, but we also can change it, being 7 million people. 

One type of information that is on the uptick lately, all of a sudden all over the place, again, is the Annunaki meme. Especially after the foia request to The U.S. Department of State web site 2019-02110 on page 470 turned up requesting documents related to the resurrection chamber of Gilgamesh, the location of his body and the location of buried Nephilim. Now they are being connected to every last little thing going on that needs a scape goat – from the 3rd or 4th force out there making the world dance on puppet strings to being total psychopaths and having reptile DNA to anything else that can be used to easily explain the ‘mess-du-jour’. Blame it all on them… There is an idea out there that they have been trying to identify their specific DNA by using airport scanners, DNA registries and CV testing. Its also been said that the mess in Iraq was for the express purpose of retrieving information on where to find the resurrection chamber itself. I think that the moniker, ‘Annunaki’ is being set up for the alien invasion by a competing 4th force…

Which, in truth, would make the elections and whatever happens nothing more than bread and circus, making the political candidates pretty window dressings and sock puppets. Really, anybody on, off, or in the planet involved in this current mess has, each and every faction, their own agenda, not counting the unfriendly agenda of our very own power-mongers which it isn’t ours, or friendly, to us who just live here and try to carry on. (eye roll, face palm, and sigh)

Who wants to run away with me?

But then, maybe I’m in the middle of a ‘SQUIRREL!!!!’ attack, one never knows….

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