Of seed banks and Tesla

Could this planet be a galactic DNA bank? A place where the purest form, least evolved, most basic idea of every life form lives as a record in 3D – like a seed bank? The purest genetic record lives here? 

For what ever reason, it would explain a lot. 

  • Why aliens always look like the more primitive life forms found here, bugs reps etc.
  • Why if you need a quickly created body you use the form of a reptile or bug
  • Why there are records of chimera in history
  • Why the ancient gods had bodies of cattle and/or human bodies and the heads of cats, dogs, and birds
  • Why the destruction of the environment is always topic #1 of all the abduction cases
  • Why the invasion forces are trying to genetically modify us
    • we evolved and are ready to hatch 
    • We are not doing our care taking job very well
    • They want the earth’s stash of DNA

(I’ve always felt mother earth was a nursery, the master creator of DNA life)

  • Why each civilization that reached the pinnacle of their technology was either taken off planet or asked/allowed to leave
  • Why each time this has happened what was left behind was more and more ephemeral: todays buildings compared to monolithic cultures  – different technologies

(The earth will reclaim this time epoch very easily. All that will be left of us will be vast veins of rust and metal that run through the soil and a new theory about crustal deposits…)

Just like the ancients, nothing of our history or knowledge will be left behind because of the ephemeral nature of our record keeping except some orbiting car somewhere out there destined to be the next ‘Black Knight’ satellite, that is, before its destroyed by an asteroid or crashes somewhere…

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