The space and time to live and love.

Does our ability to feel and carry pain make us human and real? Without pain, there would be no sympathy, no empathy. Without love there would be no recognition of pain in another and no impulse to relieve that pain from another. No want to carry that burden for a loved one. 

All anybody on this planet wants is peace and the space and time to live and love. We have already chosen to be spiritual, to have a heart and to love, we have since forever. Its part of the peculiar chemistry of the place, this planet – to feel the divine intelligence in everything.

Right now, each of us are experiencing a wait and see game, but what is important to note is that WE ALL VOTED FOR THE SAME THING. We voted for the right to life in the best framework we individually could determine, the right to love and improve our lives. That’s what we voted for. Not a person, and not a policy, but for the best way to accomplish the security that would allow us to create the space and time to live and love. 

There are many theories as to what will happen five, ten, fifty years from now, but I will say this, we ultimately will wind up on the side of love, because we have already chosen it. Its silly, but nobody realizes that. It’s a done deal. Its on its way and it is materializing from the roots up at this very moment. Who knows what the path will be, it will not matter. The end product has been conceived and nurtured in mother Gaia’s womb for about two centuries now.  She is very pregnant as we speak, and we are seeing the delivery of this ethos being born. 

As the unwritten laws of this planet go, birth pangs are difficult but ultimately prove to be wonderous. Born within the hearts of all (and I mean all) people who walk this realm at this time is a beautiful spark of transformation that cannot be denied. 

55 years ago, when I first learned of catastrophism (at twelve years old) I was destroyed, quite literally and then mercifully, I was given a vision of this earth shining with love, a beacon in our galaxy. It was so strong I knew it was real. Gaia will mature into a frequency that sings so strongly and beautifully that she will be known through out our sector of space for this quality. 

We are all a part of this birthing, simply right now in the throes of another contraction. One day, there will be a breathless silence just before the cry of new life is heard in all our hearts. So hold on, the work is hard, but the end product has been decided and we are the fortunate midwives to help it happen.  

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