Sleep-singing loudly at 3:43 am

I gave up and got up, needless to say. My husband has a great voice, but… As I sat to write, these thoughts came to me.

It has taken a long time to understand there is a distinct race of indigenous people living amongst us that are not what we have been trained to see as human. These people actually do not see us as equals, they see us as a commodity, live stock, or at best as pets. 

It’s taken a long time to apprehend that. Just like its taken forever for people to realize that aliens (visitors or what ever the new term is) walk amongst us too and that they look perfectly normal, like Valiant Thor or Adamski’s space brothers. And another long time to realize the other indigenous race here is NOT the same as the visitors and that there is more than one race of visitors!  

When a person first encounters the idea of visitors, because of the media programming, we immediately think “Wait, aliens are monsters, right? So this can’t be an alien.” It takes forever for people to accept the idea that most look just like people – they are people. Once people understand that, the next hurdle is that of intelligence and perception. Earth humans have half of the above turned off. So, it takes a while for us to notice and another while for us to grok the rest. 

We love our pets – at least I do, and yet, we struggle to communicate with them. We, at this point, are a planet full of pets. We notice the better we treat our beloved pets, the more they wake up – love and attention is the key. Like the more I use pictures in my head, the better my dogs understand, and with cats the more intension I use, the faster they can beat me to the food bowl. 

So, just as there are many modes of communication with other life forms on this planet, there are  – must be – many forms of communication with the rest of creation, visitors included. There are many stories about telepathic communication with off planet people, but I think to get us to notice, they end up having to yell loudly and slowly, to overcome the internal business of our minds so that we even notice. 

It’s also taken me quite a long time to accept that not all visitors care about humans. It’s taken a long time to digest that the other indigenous race living amongst us actually hates us. Thy actually want to kill us off as they see us as useless eaters, taking up their space and wasting their resources of the planet, especially now since the planet is mostly mechanized and they don’t need us as slave labor any more. 


Humans are now embroiled in a war with the other indigenous population, struggling for dominance. The world is as mess, the others own the media, the money, big pharma and the education system. 9/10’s of the humans don’t even know the others exist. Strategically this is a huge disadvantage for us. One of the easiest ways to identify an indigenous other is to understand psychopathy. They are psychopaths. To themselves they are not, because they see us as lesser life forms, they see us as pets, or commodities, worthy of being thrown away when they are done with us. They have no accounting or sympathy for anything once its past its usefulness to their own needs, they have no ethic. We become trash.

That is a fact that is very hard to accept and it has beaten me up for 60 plus years because of my dogged determination to see the good in everyone. However, that is like painting a target on your back, it attracts them like flies to honey. 

There is one attribute that we have that no one can get around, win over or use as a weapon. Our love. I’m a pretty good cook. This Thanksgiving’s meal was perfect, and yet I almost didn’t taste it. Then I realized this morning that, the point of good food and festive occasions is to be together. To be around your loved ones and feel such gratitude they are in your life, to laugh, to talk, to hug, to be family and enwrapped in the warmth of their company. I sorely missed it this holiday, even the meal with all the care I put into it tasted blah.

This cv-19 (it doesn’t deserve caps) is an invention of the others here, to demoralize us and break down the bonds of love humans have for each other. In every way possible we have been locked down because these indigenous others know our greatest strength is in the love, the bonds we feel with each other!

Most all of our traditions and celebrations are in accordance with that love bond. They hate us (?) for it and our art our music and our faith all make that bond stronger. They have a thousand ways to destroy it. BUT, they will never chase another soul down the halls of time, just to spend another life time with someone they love, they will never know the joy of meeting again, and the thousands of soul opening moments that two people will create together during a single lifetime. 

Because of that we will win this war, standing on love alone, through eternity. 

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