Chaos is a friend of mine…?

Is there such a thing? Google says yes. Like: 

“Chaos is a friend of mine.”

Bob Dylan

And that is correct, because today if it is not, you are embroiled with the rest of the world in this insane war that seems to have spilled into every unoccupied nook and cranny everywhere, every when, just like a Thomas’ English Muffin. 

It’s covid

Its elections

Its armageddon

Its ascension

Its this or that, this and that, its an excuse wait or an excuse to live. It’s a pendulum swing so extreme that it may go up and over. 

Whereas if it is a friend of yours, chaos becomes a loosening of rigidity, an opportunity, an opening to other ideas, a doorway, a chance recombination, a shuffling rearrangement of issues that allows you to see things at a 6 degree angle forcing you to see them differently. 

Chaos can be the same as shuffling a deck of cards to begin a new game with new opportunities, allowing everyone in the game a chance at winning by the luck of the cards.

It can also be a damned pain in the ass. It’s a matter of perspective, I guess. Somedays I’m in the what-is-new-camp and other days, most other days, I’m simply in the it’s-a-pain-in-the-ass-camp. It is interesting to watch how people have adapted, though. There are days when my brain just hits full stop, when all my F’s have flown the coop and I don’t have any to give. It has brought me to noticing the very small, but beautiful things, like how light hits a tree branch with ice on it, or how my cat snores, or my dogs with a new toy (yeah we figure they were as cabin fever bored as we were). 

You see, for me it will be a year on the 21st of December, the day my husband got his liver transplant. All procedures at home had to be as sterile as I could make them. It was 3 months before he could go anywhere except the hospital. Approximately 4 days after he got the ok to go out, covid hit and the world slammed shut. 

So, one year and counting. Our trips to Meijer are our great adventures. The occasional trip to Lowes (Big Blue) blows my mind and I’ve quit doing things like my nails and wearing makeup. My entire winter wardrobe consists of sweaters, sweatshirts, fuzzy Sherpa sweatpants and roomy sox. I watch the dogs sleep, George, George and George, the 3 betas, swim and the cat play with the dogs’ toys. I considered taking up watching the indoor plants grow. I can’t go see the grand kids, because they had one of them test pos for covid – they believe in that whole scam, so I’m not allowed to go visit.

I do write this blog, but there is only so many times you can restate the things I write, which mostly get me in trouble (this is not what I usually write about) and today, all I have is stream of consciousness, and it’s fading away…

a w a y…

a w a a y…

a w a a a a a

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