nuance (n.)

“slight or delicate degree of difference in expression, feeling, opinion, etc.,” 1781, from French nuance “slight difference, shade of color” (17c.), from nuer “to shade,” from nue “cloud,” from Gallo-Roman *nuba, from Latin nubes “a cloud, mist, vapor,” from PIE *sneudh- “fog” (source also of Avestan snaoda “clouds,” Latin obnubere “to veil,” Welsh nudd “fog,” Greek nython, in Hesychius “dark, dusky”).

Dec. 5th 2020 3:44 

First real blog post with this tablet. 

A friend called me. He had a life changing opening happen, a Reiki session. He’s in his 40’s. I guess this is what ppl are talking about, about ppl waking up and needing help. In 6 months he’s pretty much gone down the rabbit hole and come back out. He needs, of course, a broader perspective and he needed to know he’s not alone, a sort of reality check. It was delightful! 

• • •

So, if this tablet works I should be able to transcribe these notes directly to the computer. Still a lot to learn. (also print a hard copy for yet another 3 ring binder (b/c who knows about an EMP?) 

This tablet came from Norway, via China; I wonder about the back door into their AI? I have used paper for 40 years, and b/c of that I have scads of notebooks with all sorts of info that is not indexed and taking a whole bunch of space up. This system may work better. The tablet certainly is easy to use.

I know it’s another piece of tech-but used in this form its not connected to ANYTHING – and it does feel inert. Tech, IMO, is not bad when used correctly. 5G or millimeters waves can he resonantly, harmonically tuned, to not be fractious to life. (cell structure) It could tuned to be very helpful.

We could be so much more than we are at this point –

They want a split an either-or bifurcation of the timeline – BLACK & WHITE and I think, b/c so many are so asleep that it has to be big, obvious & loud. Such that even those in deep unawareness can see the question and choose – whether you know the whole story or not.

The whole world, united by the internet is being asked. All the issues have become black and white – ones and zeros neg (-) and pos (+) charges. The spectrum – or the grey space in the in-between the charges where real life and motion exist, are all but forgotten.

It has been said by Sacha Stone that the answer date is 12/21/20. Hopefully enough will choose by then.

• • •

And to the Galactic Federation:

1.) I, and others realize that we need help.

2.) The vast majority of ppl here would choose your help, if they knew it was real.

3.) We are in a very vulnerable state.

4.) There will be many misapprehensions (nuances) because of the “grey “area – we think on a spectrum-we always have.

5.) The great subconscious mind of the planet (made up of all the ppl here) might contain the history we need to awaken – but it sits like a dusty tome in a semi darkroom, never opened.

6.) In 2000 years, with short lives and the game stacked against us, we have never had the chance to, or the luxury to look. All the information is hidden and the history is twisted.

7.) We simply need the opportunity to learn.

8.) IMO, if ANY ONE of us really understood the weight, the importance of what we face, all of us would want to see that Star Trek future and asking for an intervention, a bit of help.

9.) To that end, I am respectfully ASKING.

 P. S. I know its a mess down here, be fore­warned. The programming we are all under is extensive.

P.P.S. the whole planet has been manipulated to create life that LOVES. It takes many forms here. Adulation amongst the variation. This will be regulated and smoothed out as we learn, change, and GROW.

P.P.S.S. Thank you for your consideration, for listening.

• • •

It is my fondest held hope that this is possible, for I have spent my whole life in readiness and my efforts in recognizing a vision of the future that is bright and holding that vision in my heart, while creating it. That, in this Place and This time, is all I have to offer.

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