thinking about this

Never in my wildest dreams, just five years ago, would this have come out of my round file (in my head where I hold possibilities) to actually need to be looked at, much less considered as a real thing. But here we sit. It’s becoming more and more obvious. The questions are being asked.  By now, we all sorta know that there is a big something behind Trump and an other something behind Biden and they are at odds with each other…maybe. That’s right, I said maybe.

This is simply because we all realize it just couldn’t be this ‘F’-ed up otherwise. So just who could be messing with the whole planet? Well, somebody already really entrenched here, that us ‘normies’ have no idea about. This somebody would be at the very top echelons of business, and industry – but even they would not move to mess up the economic world situation and themselves this badly, so they must be taking orders from somewhere…? For a payoff of some kind?

We, in the conspiracy theory bunch, talk all the time about “The They” (because we can’t figure out what the hell else to call them) and blame them for almost everything. Granted, ‘They’ (lol) deserve it – but we also have to look in our own backyards because we are also part of the problem. Sort of. Until we take direct responsibility for our part in this current debacle, we will never discover who the Who is, or the Who behind them, on and on for at least three more iterations. At each iteration, when we face them and our own complicity we will come up against the parties responsible and by changing our complicity, we will gain our footing and negate their power. I do feel, however, that the UFO/Alien piece to this puzzle is the crux around which everything else formed. It began almost 70 years ago in earnest, but much longer ago in academics and science in elitist circles where riff-raff and women were excluded. They did it so well that us normies just knew we weren’t smart enough to compete – before information was relatively free through the internet.

And here we are today – in the middle of the revealing, putting dots together, rather reluctantly, of a very weird sort and being surprised at how well it all fits. And should they tell us the truth that we have already been invaded and that UFOs and other humanoids are amongst us it will topple that finely tuned tower of lies that runs this place.

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