Hidden Forces

The state of the world is weird. Troubling. The thought that every weird scientific sci-fi plot ever thought of could not only be possible, but true is explosive. I have often wondered how much of my imagination made up my reality, seeing fleetingly my inner thought processes reflected in the exterior world. Its like I can almost feel the traces of the machine elves and perceive my inner curriculum, compounded by constant inner questioning, “Is this real?”

You know they are trying to kill us. All you have to do is look at David Ike’s video (https://t.co/XldMsVCLtx?amp=1) interview with Celeste Solum. She has the internet website pages to prove it,  pages right out in the open that will curdle your blood. (I found the pages, but not the specific information she was talking about.)

WEF talking links to the Pioneers of Change Summit 2020

Klaus Schwab: The Great Reset, Fusion of AI and Humans

Asilomar Conference: 3 meetings 1975 – 2018

Asilomar and recombinant DNA


AI 2018

IBOL: The Bar Code of Life

Mission to bar code all life

Owned by Rockefeller

Illuminate our bio-diversity

Deployment (military term here) of bio-modified species

CBOL consortium

Gen Bank

BOLD system

Barcode of life systems

Pandemic exercise in 2002 (with Johns Hopkins)

Philo Code

New classification of life on the planet including:

Hybrids between man and (could not find this or the 4 categories underneath)





Humans are thrown in to the phyla of dinosaurs, birds and arthropods (I looked, no, they are not)

Their goal is to have no pure life forms left, because you can’t patent and therefore own any natural life. (this is never said in this web site but is a well established fact being used as a terroristic meme)

OiE: Terrestrial Animal Life Code  (this site looks like it applies to veterinary however, I didn’t download the 1500 page manual to look and see)

1500 pages they up load new every May

UN management on earth

Divided into 2 parts Land and Sea

The published under classifications:

Manual of diagnostic Tests and Vaccines for terrestrial animals including humans

Manual: Procedures for disease eradication by Stamping Out

There are more, but I quit listening yesterday, unable to take any more in. I did, however, the next day try to find the sites, of which I found almost all of them, but the pertinent information was either well hidden (of course) or didn’t exist, or was a misinterpretation on her part… (or stupidity on my part! Lol)


Its like looking at an alien plan for the extermination of all natural life on earth – the play book. Its All out there.

One wonders if the only reason we can see it on line is because it is a demoralizing tactic in this war. But, from all I’ve seen lately, it could also be a real plan hooked to a real Society of People, who have real goals to actually wipe out all natural life on this planet by 2025. Everything: plants, animals, peoples, and replace them with their genetically altered creations. Some of us sorta knew there was an agenda like that out there but it was always a very nebulous idea. These websites show exactly how they plan to do it.

The crux of the matter:

The first step is to place a magnetic nano implant into us all with Covid testing. This nano is so small its at the atomic scale. They are the size of atoms. These nano will act like a bar-code in your body, making you easily trackable. (Frog Song – In the Mind’s Eye (wordpress.com)

I know this seems like Sci-fi, just a bit ‘jump-the-shark-ish’ but the number of websites Celeste Solum has found  –  the weight of it all… The preponderance of the evidence, unless numerous websites are hoaxed, which they could be as a stratagem doesn’t help in trying to ignore this as a hoax. We know just from odd bits science being published out there that they definitely have the tech. And using a corollary in the UFO field: What they tell us is 50 years behind what they really have…

To Quote Ida Mae Brown from’ Ghost’ “Molly, you in danger, girl!” And just like Molly we know nothing of the hidden forces pitted against us.


As if we didn’t have enough fear in our bones at this point, hell, let’s just add some more.

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