Morning meditations

3:43 am 

GEE- is it crazy enough yet? 

I dipped my toes into some pretty insane stories last week. Including all the BS surrounding my birthday. This is twice “They” have tried to end the world on my birthday… Well, I know what I know, and all I know is what is in my heart. The world is still here. We all still wake up in the morning and life progresses as it always has. The majority of people are still looking for a scapegoat and push what they don’t want to look at onto others. But here we are. And this time all our inner fears have manifested on the outside for us all to see, hear, and experience so that we can DO something about them – heal them by looking, really looking at them. And…whether we think so or not, we have been pretty fearless about it. 

We have taken action, we have stood up and let our voices be heard, we have lived our agony and fear and regret. We have met ourselves well and truly. It is time to give Grace to it all. Time to see and recognize all this chaos and stammering fear in others as a reflection of our own self and forgive, extend understanding and Grace not only to ourselves but everybody else too.

It is time for a pause. A breath. A calling up of understanding from deep within. Because what is hidden now is actually our goodness. It has switched places with our dark side so that the unacknowledged part of ourselves could come out of the dark and be known. As we have all discovered in the last year there is a lot of strength in our dark sides. “Dark” is not evil, it is simply unknown, hidden.

Part of what was hiding inside us was great strength, and great knowing.

DARK SIDE (lights out): what you are not paying attention to.

LIGHT SIDE: what you are showing the world

These Two Interchange ALL the time. They dance like neg (-) and Pos (+) charge. The dark side is simply what you are either consciously or unconsciously choosing NOT to acknowledge and the light side is what you are currently doing in the exterior world.

Recent events have pulled most of our dark sides to the outside where we have become aware of our fears and what we hide from others and ourselves. We now see each other’s foibles.

We can identify with what we see because we all KNOW we have felt the same. We can shower upon each other the grace of our knowing & understanding because we all feel the same way. We can now extend ‘Grace’ to each other.

Extending one hand in common under­standing will cause that gift to bloom in whom you gave it to, and allow it to spread. (almost the same way the viral covid fear has spread)

Grace and understanding pass above chaos & fear. They always have, and they always will.

I suppose if there was any metaphor to be had from the shortest day of the year, it would be that the most tightly held, greatly feared aspects inside of us are seen and recognized, giving us the opportunity to shower them with grace and understanding. By facing our externalized dark pieces we free ourselves from their constraint.

• • •

It will be a new moment, a new world because when we face our fears, we can fix them and quit being driven by the chaos they create. I suppose, if we could do that, my birthday would turn into a profound moment of Grace and love, instead of the end of the world – again. Who could ask for better?

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