We, the People


It is interesting as this all falls out. Interesting to watch who falls where… Who was targeted. Who made deals with whom. Affiliations etc. We are not perfect, we are human. 

It cannot be allowed to be business as usual. Not if you realize what is going on. We like to think we can be a lynch-pin. That one voice that can be of service and change a run-away timeline. We have hero stories about it – they’re a dime a dozen. 

But this is going to require a couple of million voices – not one. Its going to require a tipping point weight of souls, lots of people. We also like to think there is an easy solution to the future. But the moral of the story has always been: you work hard, then you die. There is no prize at the end except for the knowledge that you mostly listened to that inner voice of peace and followed it, the best you could. 

Life, in this place is set up to teach Karma. If you are here, you need to learn it. You can do anything as long as you are in line with your inner sense of self and right action, that inner sense that is always watching, the one that says, “Don’t do that!” or “Yes, this is a beautiful thing.” The way things are set up, right now it is ridiculously easy to know this. We have exteriorized the voice-because all that was inner is now exterior.

We can see, everywhere we look, examples to learn from. The only choice we have left is to be in line with our hearts. Our Greater hearts – the part of us that connects to divinity. Divinity being the voice of the cosmos. Yep – that BIG heart.

It seems the more you know and realize what is going on in the world – the greater the necessity it is to have awareness of that connection. It can create a still, quiet pool inside amidst the whirling chaos, where you can pause for a moment, take a breath and pull yourself back into unity.

IMO, divide and conquer is just as effective on a singular human as it is on a nation. We have been fragmented just as “they” are trying to fragment this country. To survive with ourselves intact we need a daily time to pause, to gather our various pieces back into our selves and be whole.

This is not just a war on a country – it is also a war on the people of a country. We ARE the country – not the land, not any other component –


are the country. We, who we are, inside of ourselves. If we can maintain our wholeness amidst the chaos, We, the People, will remain whole. The country that symbolizes this Union: 




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