IMO: because – Star Trek

The Galactic Federation: 

There is a distinct probability that it exists. If so, the idea was implanted by Star Trek via Gene Roddenberry who got his ideas from the ”9″. People since then have taken the idea and adopted it in many ways. The new age crowd channels them, supposedly, all the time etc. 

It has finally hit the” mainstream” (lamestream) news when an ex-Israeli official, Haim Eshed, put out a statement about it saying that we aren’t scientifically advanced enough for them to contact the people of earth. He even said that the US President knows and almost spilled the beans. Dr. Salas, then put out a video about how we are only a Kardashev level 0.7 and that we need to be at 0.9 or at least a 1 before the Federation feels they can contact us safely. However, being talked about in the mainstream news it must have had the go-ahead, otherwise it wouldn’t have happened. The new program, Star Trek Discovery (season three found on CBS all-access) has outlined in newer terms the meaning and ethics of  “The Federation” on their show. Bringing it front and center again into mainstream Media. 

The show most responsible for firing inspiration for the future on the planet has been Star Trek. If we are being prepared for contact from the Federation, (any federation for that matter) they have been at it since 1965. Just short of 50 years!

IMO, there are already certain factions of people from the planet in the Federation. However, right now, in the climate topside, it would be WAY too convenient for them to just appear and solve the covid mess. But if we don’t very soon there will not be a planet left worth admittance into the Federation.

And with the current state of affairs on earth where no one can trust anything; the “Federation” could be a ploy to get the planet to accept something we should be way more circumspect about because it is too convenient, if you catch my drift.

Courtney Brown seems to have a handle on that with his video on the RV message about the Federation’s request that they be considered EQUALS, NOT Saviors. 

To use another Star Trek principle, they are bound by the Prime Directive and we must ask with a quorum for their help. The Prime Directive applies particularly to civilizations which are below a certain threshold of technological, scientific and cultural development; preventing starship crews from using their superior technology to impose their own values or ideals on them. We could ask, and that’s all nice and dandy and could be accomplished, however, we are in such a state mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically that almost anyone could tell us anything and we would be unable to assess Truth. There is a large percentage people who would jump at an easy solution – the parental one, exchanging the old Masters for the NEW Masters – that would be a HUGE Mistake! Which, IMO, if its the real Federation it may be why they are waiting, and why we are required to fight our way out of the current bull-shit down here. We are fooled too easy – want the big pretty toy without the work, and we want it now – but we don’t quite yet have the brains or the brawn to determine just who we are asking.

I used to fight for this, when I was younger, before I understood how morally and ethically corrupt our people in power were, and how asleep the rest of us were. I hate to say it, but this “revealing” is necessary – the covid is the last ditch attempt of the most corrupt people on the planet to throw a monkey-wrench into the process. I often wonder if we had done the UFO secrecy scenario differently, if the whole series of events that became obvious with the murder of JFK and led us deeper into all this corruption wouldn’t have gotten so out of hand and we’d already be friends with the Galactic Federation?

We’ve slept in our beds, now we have to get up and make them.

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