Game Over


Dreamt about someone offering something to me, the cost would be energetic shackles with no way out. I remember being horrified and backing away fast! 

Everyone is grasping at straws trying to make sense of what is going on. The virus is an AI nano tech tool being used to control the population and for numbers control. IMO, with the current emphasis on UFO’s and aliens by the deep state, the plans for the viral tool are for it to morph into an “alien” virus to scare the rest of the population into accepting the AI-deep-state-last-ditch-effort-at-controlling-the-people ‘vaxine’ before the revealing –  or it seems. Another thing, some the UFO groups are beginning to realize that most “aliens” are avatars. Artificially created, organic, AI interfaces for exploration. Sort of the way we consider our bodies for our souls. Maybe the trap here is that we have forgotten who we are and think our bodies are the entirety ourselves. Talk about a seamless interface.

Kerry Cassidy had an interview with a fellow who worked with the Yellow book and looking glass tech, who said that almost 8 years ago in 2012 that every time they looked, all time lines converged – no matter how many variables they considered, in all versions ‘The Event’ happened, where all the lies & bullshit become transparent to ALL people. He said it was like a chess game where at a certain point, the game is done even if there are moves left. You can play it out, but the winner is still the winner. Well, that was 8 years ago. Concession is not easy. So we are stuck in the misery till their last move, while the idiots with huge egos play it out… The interview was from around 2011. They’ve known for a very long time. (long for us…)

To them, we are just NPR’s (non-person players). All The bullshit we see before us is the end game chaos. We have to remember its a game. We have to stand back far enough to be able to see the moves and predict the outcome, and stay out of their way.

IMO, there are far more interesting games to play, and this one sucks. Just how did we get caught in someone else’s game anyway? There are so many layers, so many lies – something for everyone’s distraction, so we never realize the game. We may even fuel the game, all of us, such that all the rabbit holes, nooks & crannies are meant to keep us busy and so lost that we don’t realize it is a game. Because if we did realize the game, then free will – the key out of this insanity – would come into play and most of us would leave the game. (because it’s a really stupid game) I would. Its time for dinner and gathering and family and rest. Game OVER.

Well and truly over. Who cares about all of the intricate details and bullshit. I want to go home. I don’t like playing an adversarial game. I never have, never will. I have forgotten how it feels, what it would mean, how it is done, to be different. I don’t remember how to exist otherwise. Most of us don’t. What is THAT dream like?

What does wholeness, peace and creativity feel like? I don’t even have, truly, the words to even ask to question properly. I don’t have the skills to be able to bring the game to a stop so that I can even come back to myself and remember the truth… I can only hope that when the time comes, I still am able to feel it. I wonder why I thought this was a good idea in the first place? 

And I have forgotten the answer to that too.


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