We Awaken


Vision in the in-between awaking and out cold: a lake house and not so much the house as the lake and my favorite spot to sit and write on a chair much like the one on my patio now. It & I sat on an incline down closer to the water. The grass was very green and the water so very beautiful. The trees were tall Oaks and Maples. This was my meditation spot. So pretty. There are other me’s, who have lived my inner desires and wishes, many who have amounted to something and who live in / on a better world. I have visited many times the one who lives in a brownstone in the city, but this is the first time I have visited ‘the lake house’.

Its weird that it always comes as a distinct sense of “place” and me in an environment. I never feel others around me. It only happens in flashes. I always look out of the eyes of the me who lives there, not a part from myself. But! I always know it is me because the place I am in is always so familiar. However, in this lifetime me, I had never seen the lake house before. (I hope I get to go back…) I’ve always looked at these as sideways universes as not better or worse, or higher and lower, just the consequences of other, different decisions in my lives. But, It seems I needed to be “awake” in this one – the center point from which all the others spread out from – the balance point. The crux. Almost like this is the one that the rest emanate from and the balance here effects the rest…? Maybe that is why so many souls have come here and now to restore the balance, that all else can go on. It’s almost like this place, in this now, must resolve just a bit over the line for the positive side for all the rest to continue, otherwise it is a slow slide into a true death where no memory of us ever continues, like our frequency winks out of existence forever.

If we streamlined the process to a single person, it would be that of choosing peace, understanding and grace over lust, violence & usury. See my post from Dec 7th. Its teetering in the balance, the decision must be made from the subconscious thru the conscious and into waking, peaceful right action for the journey to continue.

Somehow this planet is a focal point. A tiny instance where a great and momentous decision is made and the weight of all the souls who have sojourned here are part of the process. The emergence into the fullness of our waking awareness (the conscious awareness of our wholeness both light and dark) of our free will.

Some think this may involve loss of discovery and too much responsibility, but it is not so. It involves much greater freedom & creativity – it is the release of our souls out of the current chrysalis and into much greater possibility. It is a great birth of many souls into a wider sphere of experience. We are at the crux of deciding on a much more extraordinary journey. A much wider consciousness. 

We awaken.

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