A V8 Moment


I suppose its harder than one would ‘think‘ to try to get to the bottom of something when you don’t know how the others involved think (their motivation or societal structure) especially if they are far smarter and older and live in a different paradigm. I’ve been operating rather blindly, seat of my pants, fly by night. I have learned over the years that: confusion always presages growth if you just hang with it. And, you can’t solve your problems in the same state of mind you created them in. So, there needs to be a new understanding, an eye-opener. Because we can’t get there from here. We are missing information and context. The question is how do we go about getting it? Especially if we don’t know what we are missing???

Are we talking about inherent perceptive limitations or hidden information? Maybe both. This feels like just before a breakthrough – you are always at a dead stop just before the light goes on. Them boom! Chaos re-organizes and it’s a V8 moment.

Then there is the assimilation period where the new information organizes and self-integrates.

Then sometimes you must re-assess your self and be brave enough to realize you may not be the same person after integration. And you must be brave enough to work with that information. This all transacts within the privacy of your soul where the nature of this integration is decided.

It then seems like you step out of a chrysalis with new eyes.

Understanding blossoms and the most common question is,” How didn’t I see this before, because it was right in front of my nose!”

If you are lucky a thousand dots connect and a picture drops into your understanding. Coherence emerges and no matter the judgement, the insight, there is always a sense of settlement – a sigh of relief.

Then a path forward, a solution becomes obvious.

I feel like we, as a planet are right before breakthrough. At the highest point of chaos, just before the tipping point of reorganization–>integration–>coherence, a three pronged whammy.

We are on the threshold of a new world. One with many choices ahead of us. To be made 

BY us, 

not for us!

Time to grab the bull by the horns and get ready. This type of event always shakes out as either the best of times or the worst of times depending on: how you take it…

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