I was thinking about getting my Diesel’s toes clipped – a mani-pedi. It will happen soon, and I was wondering about whether his vaccinations were up to date – especially his rabies vaccine, because in this state, they will not touch your dog without it, and the thought hit me that we are becoming pets.

We can’t leave the house without a muzzle, and we will, it looks like, be required to be chipped and carry a tag of some sort attesting to whether our vaccines are up to date as well. If we go on a standard state supported income, we will mostly have free housing, some very small perks – treats, if you will, for good behaviour and well, the comparison stunned me for a minute while I was in the turn lane waiting for the green arrow. My mouth hung open, and I am sure the person beside me thought I was a particularly bad mouth breather. 

We love our pets, pamper them and cannot get on without them. But they have no say in what they get to eat, or even when they get to eat, when they get to go for walks and when they get to poop. They are neutered, they cannot reproduce unless we say so, and even if you have a nice house with plenty of toys for them, they are still confined.

I am sure you are seeing my point about now… and I refuse to go into the nitty gritty paralells, but there it is. 

Merry Christmas.


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