Equipoise (equipause)

4:02 am

At 6:02 am, I will help Gaia. It is said She is ready to shift, I will add my voice to her help. 

The world is at a tipping point, poised. We have 4 days of the solstice, of pause. Of deep inner reflection. On the 25th, the daylight begins its increase. 

It is my hope that we tip into the positive so humans may have the chance to discover our best potential…

There is much promise we hold, much we can contribute. My wish is that we have the choice to discover it. We have all lived through so much darkness, most of us have come through shining with our best intensions forward.

In some ways I wonder if we made the grade, passed the test? We can’t fail in the 11th hour. We are known for pulling through, “MacIvering” it. Lets hope that talent holds true.

And if it’s true that our mother Gaia needs our support – may even the faintest Voice be heard in our chorus of support. I know she will hear us cheering for her.

It is Monday, the start of work- apropos because there is work ahead in the next 6 months.

By the summer solstice we should be well on our way to a positive future, and KNOW it.

And although speculation is rampant right now – It has already been decided. 2012 was the stroke of midnight on the vast, ancient galactic clock and we are closing in on Morning, the dawning of the light. And as sure as the sun rises, so will we. I feel it in my bones.

We made it through the long dark night and we -All of us- will eventually rise, shine and stretch our wings to a new day. It will be a glorious thing to see.

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