Make my day…

I finally had to explain to a friend about choice. He caught the tail end of a Kerry Cassidy and Miles Johnston interview. It was about portals, spiders, and black magic and the stupid games going on now. He said that if you look at the thousands of movies and stories out there about this… I said that since 1965-Star Trek we have been inundated with this type of info. But it’s about sovereignty and choice, not a freak out. We must wake up, declare Sovereignty – Stand up and say No. But we have to awaken to do that. If we keep our heads in the sand, we will become pets – worse, slaves. It’s the Choice between sleeping slavery and autonomy.

We must awaken to the powerful souls we are, our intent and willpower, our ability to create and dream and realize that, that is exactly what is creating our reality on this rock – we are Not powerless.

I’m a pretty strong individual. I use my will and intent with awareness. Should I die all that power will be let loose. That avenging angel will be free and I will find you. I know this to be me. So, go ahead, piss me off – kill me, Make-My-Day, see what happens then…

The rest of humanity needs to know what the human body cloaks. The powerful righteousness that lives within us. This beauty and strength must awaken.

We must awaken. We really are our own Saviours. My soul, each of our souls, are ancient, powerful, divine beings, glowing with light and power. We can not afford to ignore this any longer. The eleventh hour is here. No more waiting. No more hiding. No more programming or lies. It is over. It is time to be irritated enough to smack the ankle biters off and take action. Awaken sleepers!

It is time to face those at our backs with the fire of our immortal souls burning in our eyes and say STOP! You are done! Time for you to go, leave. We are kicking you and yours out.

We would stand so tall and powerful that just our awareness would make them shrivel in the light and scurry away under the terrible glance of our full attention, righteous fury and wrath.

So, go ahead, make our day – Awaken us…

Sleepers Wake:

“Sleepers wake!” A voice astounds us, the shout of rampart-guards surrounds us: “Awake, Jerusalem, arise!” Midnight’s peace their cry has broken, their urgent summons clearly spoken: “The time has come, 0 maidens wise! Rise up and give us light…”

Philipp Nicolai

For we are our own light – our own immortal souls are the bridegroom and it is time we re-member who we are.

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