In Thanks for the Great Dance

I wonder if anyone realizes that without the ugliest of uglies, we would never see the most beautiful? With out the great darkness the light would not be seen. With out the negative, there would be no positive. All would be in total balance and in no movement – there would be no life, no dance. Total light and total darkness are both a state of nothingness – entropy.

The universe exploded into life and movement with the first recognition of the great deity, the being this universe is, of self. At first awareness, it went from stillness to movement in a flash, and the great dance began. The gift this year of study has brought to me is the recognition of this dance and what a great gift it has been. We need to understand that it is the nature of movement – of spin, of attraction and repulsion in the universe that allows condensation into matter – us as we know ourselves.

These cycles of light into dark into light endlessly are what the nature of this universe is about. This eternal dance, this spin IS life and the energy to create more life. It is also what allows us to understand its nature for without its movement we would see nothing. Below are two articles that illustrate this. A dark one about resisting movement, and awareness, and a light post about the eternal cycles that keep us dancing and alive. Like all who are currently awake in this here and now, I have discovered my own inner torsion, movement, dance between the urge to light and the dark that haunts my soul.

But that is the gift given to me this year – a clearer understanding that this is the force of life – this movement. That, the understanding that this flow of life force, this dance, is its essence.

First the dark:

Useful Idiots and Tunnel Vision

Deception. Is. Rampant.

We still wish to find a truth teller to follow. There are many out there who would feed off our feelings of loyalty and sip of that energy from us. Loyalty sometimes requires blindness.

(Synonyms: adhesion, allegiance, attachment, commitment, constancy, dedication, devotedness, devotion, faith, faithfulness, fastness, fealty, fidelity, piety, steadfastness, troth)

The perfidy in the world today runs rampant over all of us. We don’t know who to believe and if we find one who is more powerful and seems to be saying what we feel – we follow. Why? Why are we like this? Perfidy means a deliberate breach of trust, or faith, treachery. Why should we be so blind to actually seek out this type of experience? And yet, so many of us do.

We do it with the stupid virus. We do it with government. We do it with UFO disclosure, we do it with our mates. We do it with the health of our bodies and our children’s bodies. We simply pass off the responsibility for thinking it through to another we have designated safe to trust. But why?

Had we actually kept track of what even our townships were doing politically, or what our own doctors believed, or anyone on social media with a platform, had we just watched how things played out with a wait-and-see attitude, we would not be in the current debacle we are all in.

This is not to mention that there are people and organizations out there who absolutely depend on this abdication, our passing off important decisions in our life to somebody else. They depend on us to be stupid about it so they can control us, and use our hard earned money for their ends – not ours. Use our loyalty to them to cover up their crimes. Use our strength of belief to keep them up and running – to siphon our energy and money to their uses instead of us using it to hold our loved ones together and safe.

Why are we so very stupid? We are useful idiots. They use our talent to their own good, not ours and they count on our tunnel vision to keep us bamboozled and too confused to see what is happening to us. We are idiots! And I know, because I am one of them. I’m trying very hard to unravel the programming that keeps me stuck in their suckiness – trying really hard, but its just one layer after another. You peel back one thing only to discover another thing underneath and it just keeps going. If anybody thinks we are at the point where we can stand up against the monetization of our beings, they are mistaken. This video interview by the Higherside Chats was the last straw, and another eye-opener. Alison McDowell | Human Capital Markets, Predatory Philanthropy, & The Gamified World

This goes far, far, far deeper than you can imagine and they already have the structure in place to monetize, not so much our bodies (that is a piece of it) but our souls. Beginning with our beloved children who’s behaviour is being monetized in a sort of betting system on how the child will develop, using computer interfacing at preschool levels to predict their future worth and then deciding how to monetize their behaviour for the rest of their lives down to what kind of prison system is needed and what kind of social service interactions will be required and what kind of medical intervention they can bank on, after they break the personality intentionally. THESE PROGRAMS ARE ALREADY IN PLACE.

DO YOU HEAR ME????? They are already trading futures in it! This is insidious and we keep encouraging them by our irresponsibility and passing off our decision making to somebody else. These programs and their intentions are all out there on the internet to read. But nobody except a genius few have the ability to put two and two together.

We are drunk on fear and confusion because of their game. We are abdicating our ability to stand up and say NO! To demand that they stop is impossible for many of us because we cannot see the wider scope of their game. And believe me, it is deeply UGLY.

Do I sound mad? Because I am.

Do I sound angry? Because I am.

This is my frustration that people wish to not see, take response-ability, (movement) on what is before their eyes.

Now the light:


Today begins the true return of light to the Northern hemisphere. Longer days culminating in the polar opposite of the 21st Dec… June 21st and summer. When the plants are in full awakening and the northern hemisphere blooms into life. I love the plants. They support life on the entire planet. Every bounty and benefit we have, they supply to us.

For centuries they have supplied our warmth in winter, our protection from the elements, our comfort in clothes and materials, our foods, our drinks our best medicines, our shelter, for that matter, the largest topside plants are our trees who support everybody. They give us all shelter. They are in Service to All life on the planet. They record history, tell us of the past. We live in their beauty and bounty.

That is what I live for – summer and the sublime wonder of that hum of life. Plants were first here on this rock. Plants supported all that came after.

Now we can welcome the return of that flow of life, slowly at first-for all of it depends on the return of light. Auspiciously we may be welcoming a larger cycle of light, one that will last 20,000 years. It will begin slowly, like the return of light yearly, but inevitably it will return in the great cosmic dance, the rhythm of all things.

I will not see its fullness in this body – I will only see the nearest beginnings of the cosmic spring in the 20 or so years of life this body has left. But in her millions of years of existence, this planet has seen it happen many times.

The plants may remember, but the humans do not. The earth does. She remembers in her bones, in her waters and her minerals. The story lives there. It also lives in the mycelium, the nervous system of the earth that covers the entire planet. Probably the oldest living entity on Mother Gaia. To them, it is only a night time rest as they slumber through the dark in this location. I am hopeful because just as with the rhythm of this place the return of summer and light is inevitable, just as it will be in the greater cycle. It is my hope that we fragile lifeforms can make it through to see the light too.

Rejoice in the dance, in the movement that illumines all life. And a Merry return of the light to you all.

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